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Hello. I was just wondering if any moms had children that experienced any voice changes such as getting hoarse or a raspy during teething. My 9mo is teething tough with 4 coming and one just breaking through last week. However, we are also battling thrush as well which appears as though we're winning. We are using vinegar diluted for cleaning - just swabbing around the mouth with a couple q-tips after eating and before bed. Also I am swabbing his mouth with some diluted grapefruit seed oil as well. I'm hoping that isn't the cause of his hoarse voice. Then again, he may have picked something up. I've been feeling a bit sore in one of my glands in my maybe we are coming down with something. Any other ideas of what it could be? Also, he's not fevering and was just checked up at the Dr yesterday because he was yanking at his one ear a lot. They say his ear looks perfectly fine and proceeded to tell me the yanking on his ear is normal baby behavior though I'm not convinced seeing how he seems very uncomfortable with it or in pain. Has anyone had any of these experiences?