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Posterior Tongue Tie

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Hi! My little guy was diagnosed with a posterior tongue tie at 2 months. At the time both my doctor and the lactation consultant said not to clip it because he was nursing/gaining fine and it was much more invasive then a simple clip. After bouts of extreme fussiness, acid reflux and sleepless nights, I am back to the tongue tie. My doctor said at his 4 month appt that he was not gaining enough weight. He is a pretty big boy, but his weight had slowed down and she suggested my supply was getting low. I spoke with another lactation consultant who said that all his problems were caused by the tongue tie and that I should get him to the ENT ASAP. He wakes at least 5 times a night to nurse and with a 2 year old as well I am just exhausted. Has anyone had experience with the surgery for a posterior tongue tie? I am wondering if it is too late to get him clipped. My doctor is against it and has told me stories of babies not returning to the breast post surgery. I don't have sore nipples, but my left side hardly produces now. Thanks!
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I would join "Tongue Tie Babies Support Group" on Facebook...4 months is not too old at all. The group has a list of reccomended providers, because not all ENTs/dentists etc are skilled at diagnosing and treating posterior tongue ties even when they think they are. It's not always an immediate improvement, but, you will probably notice some soon after and then continued improvement over time. The procedure itself is just minutes, and if done by a skilled provider will not be done with any type of sedation or anything.

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Ditto joining that Facebook group - they're super helpful.

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ceceb, Did you join the facebook group?  They have a recommended provider's list of professionals who have a good reputation for treatment outcomes (the 12 month old had no anaesthesia snd the 5 yr old had local only).  A posterior tie should be treated by laser with NO anaesthesia, so the latch and nursing can be assessed right away.  

Just had both my kids lasered (lip and tongue) by a dentist with good results.


check out this resource:  www.kiddsteeth.com  

And don't ignore the lip tie!!!

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