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The blister popped on its' own (probably while nursing) before I saw your response Cindy and you are right it really felt immediately better.  Thankfully the big nursing sessions are getting shorter too (half hour to an hour as opposed to two hours) and she just likes little snacks in between.  Much easier on the nipples!

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My girl's nursing really well, but for the past while we've had the extremely fussing evening which are starting to wear on me.  And by evening I generally mean from about 7 p.m. until midnight (or last night - until 3 a.m.!)  Sometimes I wonder how it's even possible for her to be up that long.  I feel like I shouldn't complain, though, because when she finally does go down, she sleeps for 6 hours.  It's just hard to have her fussing and unhappy for so long.  :(


I tend to not take help from my husband because she just wants to nurse off and on so there's no point in me going to sleep just to be woken up 40 minutes later for another feed.  I can tell she's gassy.  For awhile, i thought she was reacting to me overindulging in chocolate, but now I think it may just be the typical cluster feeding scenario (especially since she sleeps so well after).

Mothering › Groups › October 2012 Due Date Club › Discussions › breastfeeding