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Really Want to start ECing my 11 month old son! Did I already miss the boat?

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Hi ECers....


So I have always been interested in diaper free babies, and the art of EC. I am a babywearing fanatic and am a part time working mama, but have the awesomness of having my son come to work with me, where we watch other families children. My son is 11 months old, 8 months corrected age as he was born 3 months premature.


The other day I was carrying my son and he was obviously pooping, I can easily read his "poop face" I let him finish and then took him upstairs to change him, thinking...wow this is so silly....he clearly just told me what he was about to do and I just "ignored" him and let him do his business in his diaper, seems really silly!


So my question is...Am i to late to start ECing? If not, what are your tried and true EC ideas to start. As of now I am not super clued into my son's peeing...I'm sure he cues but since he is always in a diaper I miss it most of the time....is their a way I can encourage him to cue peeing? Pooping is pretty clear and at fairly consistant times of the day, after a feeding, etc. I should have enough time to get him to some type of potty when he starts to cue.


Sorry this is long winded and THANKS in advance!

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I started EC with DD when she was 11 months old. Really it was a way for me to get a chance to go to the bathroom lol. I can't help much with cuing pees but I'll tell you what we do. We started by putting her on the potty at peak times: first thing in the morning, after nap, before bath, before bedtime and of course anytime we see poopface. We live in an old drafty house with carpet almost everywhere so she is still in diapers full time but potty is part of the equation at each diaper change. we are not the best communicators but she uses the potty multiple times a day and likes it. We have many misses each day and I still wash lots of diapers but now at 18 months she is starting to pickup the words for potty, pee, poop and is happy to use the potty when the timing is right. Poopy diapers are rare and she is definitely not afraid of the potty so fore it's all been worth it.
Here's how I'd get started:
1: get a good potty - the baby bjorn potties generally are very simple, easy and well liked by most babies.
2: start with catching poops and add in other likely times one at a time
3: have toys or books nearby in case baby needs a little entertaient.
4: diaper free time is great to pick up cues but can be tough with a mobile baby. It's great if you can manage it.

Hope that helps for now, good luck!
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If you start letting your child have access to the potty with a naked butt things will happen. They want to grow up and be like big people.

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This morning I am doing EC observations, we had a poop face this morning, but it was a false alarm so now we are sitting butt nakey on the floor playing. This is pretty cool to do, because it makes me REALLY watch my son. Our those pauses just space outs, thinking/reflective moments or "hey mama, look at me I'm peeing." It has been fun so far, getting to know my son a little bit better :)

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Bummer...went into the kitchen to get a refill on coffee and the little man peed while I was out for 30 sec so I didn't get to cue/catch or observe. Did take a note that this pee was 1 hour after feeding.

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WE caught a poop and and a pee today joy.gif and cued for them both with a "psss". Never thought that sentence would come out of my mouth winky.gif How funny how mothering changes us. Just a question do most of you use the same sound to cue or do you use one for pee and one for poop? THANKS

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I use two sounds interchangeably. Shhh and a blowing raspberries/tooting sound. I like them both because one sounds like running water and the other can be said by babies.
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