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Omg is this really going to be my delivery story? :(

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Oooh god, this time around has not been easy! let alone a dreamy pregnancy... I am scheduled for c-section October 30th( ive had to have 2 previous c-sections so i have to have one this time around) and I just found out my insurance changed my plans without notice last week! problem? my OB doesn't take that plan!
so I was told I could either make an apeal (which I did that same day) and see IF they approve the appeal ( and till this day they havent!) Pay cash for the entire delivery! or only other choice is to wait until I am in labor and show up to the hospital as an emergency patient for surgery! I am stressing out... I don't have thousands for a c-section delivery. and I didn't want to just show up at the hospital in labor and have some emergency dr do surgery on me!!! greensad.gif
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 I don't know about these things, really...but I'm just wondering is it too late to meet another OB that does take your plan? I know it's not ideal and you won't get to see them very often, but at least you would be able to have somewhat of a choice.... I'm so sorry that you have this big stress happening this far along into your pregnancy... hug2.gif

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With only 10 days left in the pregnancy including weekends, I'm not sure id even get into another OB for an appointment... I just don't know what to do. I feel like just not dealing with it and wiping my hands and giving up but I know that's not an option since I can't forcefully keep this baby in lol! aghhh!
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Have you asked your OB for advice?  Many OBs are connected with their colleagues in the same town.  Perhaps he/she could refer you to someone and call the new OB to explain the situation.  Good luck!

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Asking your current Dr for a referral is a great idea. Failing that I would get on the phone and start ringing doctor's surgeries. Explain the situation and see if anyone can help. They may not have appointments for just any new patient but they could have some emergency slots.
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I agree with the others, ask your OB for a referal and ask if he would call some people to see if they can take you.


And don't stress about the 10 days thing, the new OB may schedule you into the first week of Nov which is not a big deal :) I know it's stressful, but you'll be alright!

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I agree with the others, ask your OB for a referal and ask if he would call some people to see if they can take you.



Agreed. Also see if your OB can work something out with the insurance company. 

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Oy, what stress. Having had a similar story with our first baby (our daughter was born and our insurance company rejected most of our claims, we had initial bills totalling $125K because of the section, her ICU 10 day visit, and visits to the pediatric cadiologist, neurologist, and whoever else. It was SOOOO stressful and we managed to figure most of it out. That being said - no one wants to go into a delivery KNOWING that stress as it should be an amazing day, not a stressful one. I agree with PPs. Talk to your OB and explain the situation. He/she should be able to help out and let you know someone that they can connect you with. Keep us posted, what a thing to deal with in the next 10 days. Thinking of you!!
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I'm so sorry you are having this major stressor at the end of your pregnancy. greensad.gif hug2.gif


However, it's very important to clarify that having had two previous c-sections is not a valid medical reason to schedule a third. There are lots of mamas who have had safe and successful vaginal births after having had 2, 3, 4 or more surgical births. The reasons for the previous c-sections is what determines if more are necessary, not simply the number of c-sections.


The reason I bring this up, is because at this point you are looking at completely changing your birth plan. Why not try and find an OB who will support you having a vaginal birth? Have you looked at ICAN's OB directory? http://ican-online.org/community/ican-professional-subscribers


Here is an article on women who have had a VBAC after 3 or more Cesareans: http://vbacfacts.com/2012/09/13/thoughts-on-vba3c-vbac-after-three-or-more-prior-cesareans/


Find an VBAC supportive OB by state: http://vbaccommunity.com/wordpress/


Did you also know that it is illegal to force you to have a surgical birth? http://www.ican-online.org/vbac/your-right-refuse-what-do-if-your-hospital-has-banned-vbac-q


Good luck mama! Sending safe and happy birthing vibes your way! dust.gif

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Thank You ladies... I'm going to get on the phone early Monday morning!
and whaaaaaaat????? I didn't have to have c-sections just because I've already had one?
I had to have my first c-section bc my baby was breech, then a year later I got pregnant and she told me I had to have another one even though I begged her to let me try on my own... and this time she said she wouldn't even talk about it bc " after two c-sections, they wont even give me an option!"
Something seemed fishy when I went back this pregnancy and she kept questioning why we did the second surgery.... I had thought she told me that I meeded the second surgery bc it had only been a year and a half after my first one... lol though I could be wrong bc its been seven years since!
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oh wow, that's what I get for trying to read while I have munchikins in the room with me.I missed that part of the post! NO! You do not have to have a repeat! However you have to either A: find a hospital/doctor that has the insurance that will cover them doing so. Around here there is only one hospital (the teaching hospital) because they have a surgeon on premisis 24/7 or B: showing up at a hospital unannounced in labor and either standing your ground or not being totally honest about your history :)


My first was a c/s, I have had two successful VBACs, one 17 months after the c/s and another 17 months after my VBAC. You can do it!! Maybe that's why all this happened so you would find out this info and be able to find an OB that will support you!!


(haha edited to add my other 7.... how does one give birth 1 month after a c/s? :p)

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Ack OMG! I mean, I realize it's kind of late at this point but NO you do not have to schedule a third c-section because of your previous ones! Some good info has already been posted but I just wanted to chime in, as I am currently planning a homebirth after two previous cesareans (with no previous vaginal births btw). It's just your OBs policy, not medically necessary! Best of luck mama, keep us posted!

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it is a bit late in the game that's why I feel dumb asking now lol but maybe I should try?? I've allllways wanted to try on my own and considering this is most likely my last baby.... it would be great! I'm just scared now bc its this late and I'm scared of what could go wrong if it did.
I should also mention I'm suuuuper tiny... and height wise I'm only 4'9 lol could that be an issue?
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Size is absolutely NOT an issue!!! Your body will not grow a baby you can't birth, unless you have diabetes that is uncontrolled during pregnancy. Which doesn't sound like it's the case for you. smile.gif


My Nana was VERY tiny and petite and about 4' 11" and she birthed nine children, all naturally, without drugs. You can do it!!!


One technique that a lot of VBAC mamas use is called "Show Up Pushing". It means they labor at home as long as they can. Like until they either feel like pushing, or they truly can't "stay on top" of their contractions. Then you go into the hospital and basically deliver right away! The staff does not even have any warning or time to prep for a surgical birth.


I've got to get the kids to bed, but I'll be back in a little while. Please check out the links I posted if you have the time. There are a ton of ideas and suggestions and success stories to help you on your way. And remember, NO ONE can force you to have a surgical birth. Here is a quote from one of the links I posted for you:


Q: What if the hospital refuses to admit me unless I consent to a cesarean?

A: The federal Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA) requires hospitals to admit women in active labor and to abide by their treatment decisions until after the baby and placenta are delivered. The act was originally designed to prevent hospitals from "dumping" patients who couldn’t pay but has since been widely used to hold hospitals accountable for violating other patient rights, including the right to refuse treatment. If your hospital threatens to perform a cesarean despite your refusal, notify them that they are in violation of your rights under EMTALA and that you plan to file a complaint. To find out where to report an EMTALA violation, go to MedLaw.
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I also wanted to add quickly that in most cases, repeat surgical births are generally far riskier and deadly for mama and baby than a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean).


Stats about the safety of VBAC, and greater risks of multiple surgical births are listed on ICAN and other VBAC links I posted above. Just wanted to point this fact out since you asked about safety, and since it is an important consideration. smile.gif

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Originally Posted by Thyme Mama View Post

...in most cases, repeat surgical births are generally far riskier and deadly for mama and baby than a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean).



Can you provide a source for that specific bit of information?  I'm intrigued.

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Originally Posted by rnra View Post


Can you provide a source for that specific bit of information?  I'm intrigued.


I already provided several sources, listed above. smile.gif  The OP stated she was worried about what could go wrong if she tried for a VBAC, it was important to point out that *unnecessary surgical* birth poses far more risks and risk of fatality to mom and baby than a healthy mom who has a VBAC. Having a third surgical birth *just* because you had two others (or insert numbers here), constitutes *unnecessary surgical* birth.


But, here's the cliff notes version of facts: http://www.ican-online.org/pregnancy/cesarean-fact-card


Here is a more detailed version, with links to studies at the bottom: http://www.ican-online.org/pregnancy/cesarean-fact-sheet


According to a study published in the June issue of Obstetrics and Gynecology, babies born via vaginal birth after a prior cesarean section (VBAC) have lower rates of respiratory morbidity and intensive care admissions compared with babies born by repeat cesarean section.

The retrospective cohort study was comprised of 672 women with one prior c-section in a singleton pregnancy at 37 weeks or more gestation, and compared both neonatal outcomes and monetary costs of the procedures.

Researchers found that babies born via repeat c-section had higher rates of intensive care admission and higher rates of oxygen supplementation for delivery room resuscitation than those babies born by VBAC. Read the rest of the synopisis at Midwifery Today.


Jerusalem doctor describes c-section risks

Dr. Glazerman, a doctor located in Jerusalem, describes the risks involved in elective c-sections and repeat elective c-sections:

Damaging other organs during the operations, greater risk of hemorrhaging and infection, maternal death rate is 2.5 to 3.5 time higher than natural birth, dangers associated with anesthesia, chance that internal organs eventually adhere to one another due to membrane damage, 20% increase in extra-uterine pregnancies after a c-section, increase chance of miscarriage after a c-section, increase problems with placenta in future pregnancies after a c-section, risk of uterine rupture in future pregnancies, babies born by c-section are more likely to have respiratory problems, and problems bonding with baby after a c-section. Link to original article


For more articles that link to studies and medical journals:





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It's only scary because we have been taught that it's scary. There is not a significant risk over any other woman going into birth. I remember being incredibly stressed with my first VBAC. Third kid I knew I could do it and seriously considered a HB. This time I'm not worried at all because I know the facts, but given my history of kids with cords around their necks UC makes me uneasy and the HBMWs around here are an ARM AND A LEG! Read the links thyme mama posted and they will put your mind at ease.

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Umm, hate to say it, but this might be a good thing.  Two CS scars alone is NOT A GOOD ENOUGH REASON to scheduale a third. The ACOG even agrees with me on that one,



Ask your local ICAN chapter for recommendations. You can probably email them and tell them your story, they could find you either an educated OB or birth center or hospital midwife group or even a homebirth MW.  I'm on my first VBAC, (DD was breech) and ended up with a homebirth midwife because it was the only truly supportive option I could find.  FYI, I went through 5 hospitals first, and I am so thankful that I didn't stop looking until I found someone who will support my choice to labor for this baby (although, if I'd listened to my ICAN friends, there would have been alot less looking around!). 



If nothing else, going into labor is healthy for your baby, so in that sense you have nothing to lose by trying.  Its quite a head turner at this stage, I'm sure, but please please consider VBAC.  

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Here's another helpful article on VBAC and risk: http://midwifethinking.com/2011/02/23/vbac-making-a-mountain-out-of-a-molehill/.  If for whatever reason you do decide on a repeat c-section, there is actually a great thread (that I can't find!) on here that talks about some of the benefits of NOT scheduling a c-section and just waiting until you go into labor.  Maybe you or someone else can find that thread...

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