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7 weeks and high HCG....

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When trying to schedule my first appointment with my OB, we were told the policy was: before the doc will see you, first you need 2 HCG blood tests, then you'll wait 2 weeks and see the doc and get your ultrasound then. Strangely, seems to be independent of how far along you are????


Anyways, I got the first blood test at exactly 7w0d. Went in today for my second one, and they said, "oh, we don't need to draw it again, your result was >80,000. But the doctor wants to see you Monday for your ultrasound." So that's the next office day, and I already have the u/s scheduled for two weeks from now. At first I kinda freaked, because them TELLING me to come in Monday sounds like something "could be" wrong. But then they said, 'oh no, everything is fine, you are pregnant!" And then they showed me the bloodwork results, and the doctor wrote, "Great!!!! Have her come in Monday for u/s." And she knew I was 7w0d.


I am not sure what to make of this whole thing, how to feel. Lots of thoughts going through my head. The "great" seemed to conflict with "come in Monday." I think (after googling) she just wants to rule out molar pregnancy since it can happen with high HCG levels. Or twins, etc. In the office, I just got the feeling the were "ruling something out" on Monday, so that is why I started googling.


I can't decide if this is much ado about nothing....or what. But can't stop thinking about this. OMG, could I have been completely wrong on my dates, and I'm really 11 weeks???? (and what I thought was a period was just bleeding). It's funny how a blood result that's abnormal makes you think so many things. Technically, it is still normal. I need to just go to bed!


The sense I get is that getting this bloodwork done just creates more drama than it's worth. dizzy.gif   Either way, I just feel blessed that my numbers were so high! I should feel lucky.


Dear Lord, please help everything to be okay!!!! Thank you. Amen.

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First off... Congrats on the pregnancy! Second, try not to worry. It sounds like your level is perfectly normal. They probably just want to see you to check your dates because you are probably further along than most moms who come to them right after they get a positive pregnancy test. Here is a site that tells normal ranges : http://www.babymed.com/hcg-level-in-early-pregnancy. In your seventh week it is normal to have ranges in the 80000's. Good luck!
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I think with people getting that BFP early at 4w+ and having the low/questionable hcg, the doctors prefer for them to wait until they get to the point you are before they come in. Since you are 7w and have such high hcg you are exactly where they want all those early bfps to be before coming in. Does that make sense? 


Congrats on the pregnancy! I wouldn't worry at all. 

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Well, I went in today, and to my surprise, the baby is measuring at 1 week larger. And there was a heartbeat. :) So good news!!! The doctor admitted that she had me come in because she was curious with the high values. The blood was drawn on 7w0d, today (ultrasound) should have been 7w5d, but we are now estimating I'm 8w5d! This makes sense, because the only day of the month we had unprotected sex was day 7, and I had been wondering how I even got pregnant. Who ovulates on day 7?!? I suppose I should have been "temping," or whatever its called.....  Life works in mysterious ways? :) :)


I am still just a little shocked and trying to wrap my head around the pregnancy. I feel blessed, but after having two miscarriages which involved quite a few depressing ultrasounds, I didn't expect to see a heartbeat, let alone the fact that I didn't expect to get pregnant this month, as we were trying to wait until after I got some nasal/throat surgery. You would think at 8 weeks +, I wouldn't still feel shocked, but I do. dizzy.gif Maybe that is normal with all first time mothers.

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Bobcat - I also am having a surprise pregnancy. Unprotected sex on day 8. I am guessing I ovulated on day 12 and at least one sperm was hanging around just where it needed to be. I have read that in theory sperm can live up to 6 days inside a woman's body but never quite believed it.
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Yes, that is what I was thinking happened to me, that hubby's sperm must have survived a long time.....but then when we realized that the baby was measuring 7 days too large, we knew that I actually must have (likely) ovulated on day 7 or 8, as in, sperm meets egg, because that normally happens on day 14-ish (and baby was 7 days larger than expected). Even though measuring the baby may not be an exact science, maybe if you get an early ultrasound you will figure out when ovulation happened, based on how early the baby measures (like is it 2 days ahead of schedule, or 6?!?). My OB's exact words were, while giving the ultrasound...."Are you sure on your date?" (me: "yes") Well, this baby is measuring a week ahead of that. You must have ovulated early." That is what really blew my mind!!!! :)  Because I thought, wow, what a strange cycle....it almost makes the baby seem meant to be.


But other than all that technical stuff....CONGRATS!!!! How are you doing with the surprise pregnancy? I must admit, because I am a control freak, I have had my days where I feel....not ready. :( Some days I am joyous and beaming, but other days I think about the things I wanted to do first, for my health, and it has been a little hard. Not to bring it down. Just having a rough day I guess.



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Early ultrasound does tend to be much more accurate than later ultrasounds but they still aren't perfect. With my first son, I had fertility treatments so my ovulation was "triggered" when the follicle(s) looked good. They knew my ovulation within 24 hours. I went in for an ultrasound when I was nearly 7 weeks and my son was measuring 4 days behind. We did a follow up ultrasound two weeks later and he was measuring just 1 day behind. Just something to think about....


I am doing okay about the surprise. I actually was somewhat hoping for a baby this coming summer but we had some financial issues we wanted to iron out before thinking about another baby. Hopefully things get squared away before the baby is born because it is really the main thing keeping us from being joyous about the news....

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