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Maternity clothes

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Where do you buy them? I'm in the middle of nowhere and  will need to be purchasing some online. Reasonably priced of course. I do have some to get me by but am needing a few things to update my wardrobe. The ridiculous thing is, this isn't my first baby, but what used to fit with my last pregnancies doesn't seem to set right this time. The shirts are too short or the pants ride funny even though I weigh the same as I did with my others. Oh what babies do to the body. :) So...where are good places to shop online that aren't going to fleece my wallet? 

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I have really loved GAP Maternity shirts, and they've been running a bunch of sales (30% and 20% off of everything) so I've gotten several shirts for $16-20 a piece. The "pure body" long sleeved t's are amazing, and all of their stuff is great quality! I even got a couple sweaters I love. For pants I love Motherhood Maternity's jeans. This is my 3rd pregnancy, but I'm 30 lbs under my start weight from the first 2, plus I will be mostly pregnant in the winter this time, whereas my first two were warm weather pregnancies.. so I have had to buy a whole new wardrobe! Another great thing to do-- get a couple long tanks, I love the ones they have at Target, or maternity tanks, and layer with an open cardigan and scarf. The other great thing about that is they are great for nursing after baby is born!

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I bought most of my maternity clothes from Old Navy.  They have great dresses that are super comfy and the shirts were attractive and everything was reasonable priced.  I didn't try pants mostly because I was pregnant in the summer and didn't wear pants at all.  Old Navy also almost always has pretty big sales on their maternity stuff, so if you check in once a week or so you can usually get stuff for 20% off or so.


Gap also has cute nursing shirts, I've just discovered.

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