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Using medicaid or experience with medicaid during pregnancy

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Hello!  I'm applying for medicaid (just have to get proof of pregnancy) for this pregnancy and was wondering if anyone else out there has experience with it. I'm slightly irritated already because my only choices for places that they accept proof from are my care provider (who I wasn't planning to see for another couple of weeks) or one of the pro-life emergency pregnancy places.  I really don't want to set foot in or support those places in any way but I would like to get the ball rolling as I've heard medicaid can take a while to come through.  

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I've had it for a while now... was actually hoping to get off it, but now that I have the surprise babe on the way, it looks like i'll be on it longer.  It can take a while.  However, they will back date it to either when pregnancy started or when you file your paperwork.  I don't remember how it worked when starting up.  The time it takes totally depends on where you live.  I've lived i 3 different counties in Ohio and the one I'm currently in is proving to be the most annoying.  However, since mine was a transfer it didn't take as long as others. 
I do know regardless of when it's approved, they'll back date it from when paperwork is turned in.  I think there is stuff written on that in the application packet.

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I was on Medicaid for my first and will also be with this pregnancy. I actually had a great experience--I was able to use my midwife and the paperwork was processed relatively quickly. There's a low cost medical clinic here (NM) that does free pregnancy tests, and although it wasn't a very pleasant experience, it was quick and easy (and I didn't have to go to a pro-life place--sorry about that!) 


Any reason you want to wait and see your care provider later and not right away?

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That sounds great!  I know that medicaid will pay for my midwife but not the 'facility fee' at the birthing center, so I'll have to come up with about $2000 eventually for that.  I have an appointment on the 3rd, I just wanted to get rolling on medicaid before then. 

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I went to a pregnancy care center for my Medicaid test. Was a weird experience. Took way longer than I wanted to and I thought of all the best answers for thier unnecessary questions after leaving there. The funniest loophole is they didn't even administer the test. I peed, I tested, I counted lines. I signed a form stating that I did it. They gave me a certificate of pregnancy. My 5 year old son came with me and when she asked if she could pray my ds said mommy do it and so I did. A couple of weeks later he came up with a spontaneous prayer for peace and mommy and the baby.
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I used medicaid for my second child and it was no big deal. We were in college and I had to have a repeat c-section. It cost me $11 for my entire pregnancy and birth :). It was fabulous when we didn't have any other option in college. This new baby we are going to have with insurance will cost us about $3,000.

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