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Help with junk food cravings?

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So, I'm about 12 weeks pregnant, and before I got knocked up I'd been eating mostly primal (including dairy) for about 6 months. I was never super-strict, but I did pretty well. My main pitfall was just going over to other people's houses and not wanting to have them cater to my diet. At that time, I couldn't even stomach fast food. 


I haven't been throwing up much, but I've pretty nauseous the past few weeks. Like, the thought of food will just turn my stomach...until all of the sudden I'm craving fast food burgers. Or Annie's gluten-free mac'n cheese, which I've unfortunately run out of. Part of the problem is that cooking creates more dishes, which I then have to wash, and I have NO energy. 


Any suggestions on how to keep this from happening? I've tried making and freezing meals ahead of time...but I wasn't able to stomach what I'd made. Coconut curry chicken soup? No thanks! Creamed kale and broccoli soup? Uh-uh! I'm turning into the picky toddler I never was... 

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If you can find a few staple meals that you can tolerate I would just eat those repeatedly as much as you can handle. I am 15w2d right now and went through the same exact thing for a few weeks. I say be lenient on yourself and cave when you need to but try your hardest to keep it as close to primal as you are able to. 


Can you try making bun less burgers at home? You can make a bunch to save for the next days lunch or whatnot and top them with all sorts of goodies. 


During those weeks I just ate whatever I could handle and sometimes that meant a lot of the same things. I'm sorry I'm not more help but hopefully this passes soon for you!



Also try looking through some paleo recipe websites like chowstalker, paleomg or the like for inspiration. Maybe seeing some of the pictures will make something appeal to you. I've actually found a ton of delicious recipes through pinterest of all things.


Good luck!

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I went into "harm reduction" mode and ordered more Annie's Gluten-Free, lol. Prepregnancy, I used to make burger bowls on a regular basis, but I'm having trouble stomaching that many raw veggies (especially leafies and onions, but even tomatoes are iffy). I'm thinking of maybe making stuffed burgers, with shrooms and spinach and cheese on the inside, this weekend. I could throw those over some white rice or potatoes and be almost okay. (yeah I know, white rice isn't primal or paleo. But I can eat it right now. ) 


I've never had a problem digesting wheat, but I think I'm mildly allergic to it- it does unpleasant things to my skin and my joints. Cruel twist of fate that I'm able to stomach it right now, lol. 


Thanks for the suggestions! 

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I have found that pregnancy is really hard on Primal. When I was first pregnant I tried to be primal but due to lack of energy and sickness I just ate whatever I wanted. at about 15-20 weeks I was able to go back to mostly primal and be fine, in fact once I stopped eating grains and crap like that I stopped needed to eat a bottle of tums a day and it was great, now I am at 30 weeks and I feel like I am STARVING all I crave is junk food and candy. I am eating tons of eggs and meat and veggies and I am even eating a ton of fruit, most days I eat an apple, some grapes, a pear, a few little oranges, a banana, and also a 1/2 cup or so of nuts a day and I just dont feel like its enough for me at this point, I have been allowing myself some candy (but only at the end of the day after I have eaten everything I can to try to fill myself up), I try to make my own (usually I make dark chocolate almond butter cups or haystacks with dark chocolate) but when I really want something sweet I have been letting myself eat one serving or so of store bought ice cream or a half of a candy bar. So I guess in my not so helpful post I am just trying to say do the best you can, but pregnancy is really hard on your body and its better to eat something than nothing at all. Just try to make sure that you are getting good foods first and if they dont work for you, then eat the less than stellar foods after that. 

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Thanks for the reassurance! 

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a tablespoon of coconut oil helps when the sweet craving hits.  I agree, pregnancy is very hard on the 'primal' pregnant lady :)

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