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Amanda that is soooo funny and cute! Love it!


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Hahaha.. amazing.. oh god i cant believe i have a real baby

<--------------------- look.. all is good except im a bit anaemic.. i even have + blood type hoorah!!

Yes.. i mite have a heroin addict of an ex but im nearly 27 lol :P in the end i did what a friend suggested  and sent my dad a moonpig card (LOL) i hope he likes  it .. i actually think its quite cute.. and got a pic of me n him on the front saying best batdaddys..  and then inside a pic of the scan, and then become better batgrandpapas.. lol im hoping he will like it :P its a bit weird to do it that way.. but it will give him a keepsafe and allow him to fall inlove with the baby before he thinks of the complexities!! (i hope) its the mother and gramps im a bit more concerned about but my sis said to speak to my aunty and let my aunty and mum tell my gramps when i do eventaully tell my mum.. just my bro now to tell.. eeeeeps better do that around the same time dad finds out!!

How early is that scan btw amanda? such a good idea :P

Thanks guys!


The scan was from 6 weeks.  I've seen the little monster since then last week for a few seconds when the midwife couldn't find the heartbeat on the doppler and had me jump on the ultrasound but she didn't print any pictures or anything so this is the most recent one we have.  Hopefully I'll get one that looks like an actual human soon.