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Transverse @ 34 weeks?

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I just got back from my last mw appointment. The baby is transverse. The midwife isn't too worried yet, but I am. I see a chiro regularly and made an appointment for acupuncture. I have the spinningbabies website bookmarked and will try their methods as well. I had a pretty dramatic c-section with my first daughter and want to avoid it again at all costs. What else can I do to get this baby to turn?

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Crawling on all fours a few minutes a day?
This must be stressful. I'm sorry! But you still have time!
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Don't stress too much. Sounds like you are spot on with your plan for encouraging a flip. I have a friend whose babe flipped the day he was born. Do what you can, but try not to stress about it as hard as that is.

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Agreed - I think you're doing all you can. From a chiropractic perspective (I'm one), transverse is definitely the hardest to help flip, but keep the faith. You've got enough time for that to happen so keep it all in check. I'd add visualizations too. Anytime you can take 2-5 minutes to yourself a day, visualize your baby turning head down. Talk to him/her and let it know exactly what you would like him/her to do. The power of thought and intention can be unbelievable. :)
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Thanks ladies. The thought of spending my whole pregnancy fighting for a VBAC only to end up with a planned C is on my list of nightmares. I know that sounds melodramatic, but the thought of another section makes me hyperventilate. And I'm not the panic attack type... I just can't do it again. 


Oceans - I can't wait for labor for the baby to flip - even my beloved midwives would wheel me into an OR before that. 


Bmorefarmgirl - I have a 2 year-old, so crawling (to get toys, cups, whatever off the floor) is something I do anyway. I hope it helps!


abouttobe5 - I'll try the visualization/requests. It didn't work with my DD1 (she was posterior) but hopefully this baby is a little more open to listening to mama!

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Just don't sell yourself short. You can always tell your MWs to shove it you're going to do what you want to do ;) My first was a c/s and I felt the same way when waiting for my second to be born. I totally understand where you're coming from. Just remember it is your birth, you get to make the decisions and no one can force you into anything. You have to decide at what point you are ready to concede to a c/s, they can recommend till the cows come home, but it is YOUR choice.

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Babies flip during labor too! It's more common the more children you've had. It sounds like you have a great plan and resources (chiro, Spinning Babies). And you have 6 weeks to go, right? Don't stress and just do everything you can do.


And please just don't forget, babies turn in labor too!!! My third turned from a standard presentation to a posterior forehead presentation when I was about 7 cm dilated. So, for me it was negative that my baby turned mid-labor, but if the baby is already transverse, the position honestly can't get any worse! At least a breech baby will come out! thumb.gif


Also, if you've had a kid or kids already, a subsequent baby will often not settle into birth position until labor actually starts. So you have that on your side. I mean, worse case scenario, you go into spontaneous labor with a transverse baby, baby doesn't turn in labor, and you *truly* need a c-section. greensad.gif At that point, you know you've done ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING to give your baby a chance to turn. innocent.gif


One last thought, often times babies who present transverse or breech at *labor* have other issues going on. Issues that may not be a problem in utero, but will be a problem once they are earthside. An unusual presentation is often a signal that a baby will need extra care or attention at the birth or soon after. It could run the gamut from the baby needs a simple chiro adjustment or their frenum snipped to nurse properly, to having jaundice or needing a little extra oxygen at birth.


I'm sure your midwives have mentioned all these possibilities though! smile.gif 

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I don't really have any advice but I just wanted to say in in the same boat as you. I will be 34 weeks tomorrow and this baby has been transverse for at least the last 6 weeks. I have felt her move into a breech position once or twice but I'm not sure if she's ever been head down. oops.gif My midwives also said if she doesn't flip I will also have a scheduled c-section. Apparently due to the risk of a cord prolapse if I was to go into labor naturally. The doctor they work with is supposedly very good at doing versions though so I will most likely try that if it comes down to it.

Have you tried acupuncture yet? I'm going to soon. I've also been doing all of the positions on spinning babies but so far nothing.

I hope your baby turns soon for you! Best of luck.
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It sounds like you're doing all the right things to encourage the little one to go head-down...I agree with MommytoReagan that acupuncture can be of help. The acupuncturist will likely show you points for home acupressure that you can pair with visualization. 


You and your little one are in my prayers; head-down, sweet baby, that's the way to go!

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I second Spinning Babies and chiro care if you can. And TRY not to worry. Hope your LO turns soon!
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Oh yeah, I forgot that moxibustion can also be a beneficial treatment for getting babies to turn. This is an acupuncture treatment that involves warming an acupuncture point or region with the herb Artemisia argyi (Chinese artemesia)--it's rolled up into a cigar-like shape and ignited, then waved around near enough to the point or region to create warmth but not close enough to burn the skin. (You also give feedback to the practitioner throughout the treatment so he/she moves the moxa before it gets too hot for you.) Moxa comes in different forms, some smokier than others, so if you're sensitive to smoky odors, you'll want the low-smoke kind (as I prefer). Some practitioners prefer this low-smoke type because the loose herb smells a lot like marijuana when it burns, and people who share their office space (or other patients) might get the wrong idea! 

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My baby has been ROT every single appt she's checked. Almost every morning, he's transverse on the top, under my ribs. Then he'll be on the left, then back to the right.... And yes, STILL doing this. I'm going to be 39 weeks tomorrow. She's not concerned though. Neither was the substitute I saw for my 36 and 37 week appts. Hang in there Mama, and yes, do Spinning babies! I do the FWD Inversion nearly daily and hubby's helped me with the leg hanging off the edge thing. I want him to Rebozo or whatever it's called too but my MIL is trimming my longest material to do that - a sling. AND I have to wait on that.

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