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Possibly moving to Austin area

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My husband has been in the same band for 19 years.  They have basically outgrown the area we live in and are considering moving to the Austin area.  We need to find a neighborhood to move to that would be a good fit.  Since a couple of our families have young children (1-10 years old), we are also needing a nice place for kids, including good schools (preferably with arts/music), parks, bike friendly, natural food stores, etc.  We are moving from Northern Colorado and I love it here, so it's going to be a tough move.  Plus, in the 20 years DH and I have been married, this will be our first out of state move.  Also, I BW, BF, AP...


Can anyone give me some suggestions on where to move in the Austin area?  We would most likely rent for the first year, just to get a feel for the place before we buy.  Our rent max is around $1500.

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I'm bumping up your post. bump.gifAnyone have information or recommendations to share?


I hope your move goes well!

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Thanks, HHM!  


I'd also like to add that I graduated a couple of years ago with a degree in Elementary Education, and it would be nice to get a teaching job in the same school that my kids go to, if possible...if not, that's ok.  :)

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I have not been here long enough to really know much, but I have really liked living in Round Rock the last few months that we have been here. 


I homeschool so I really do not know anything about local schools, but we have really great parks and I see people biking all the times.  The only natural store that is really close is sprouts, there are a few Whole foods in the area.  

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Thanks, ancoda!  I've looked at that area a little online and it seems pretty nice.  Is it easy to get downtown Austin from there?  I've also been looking at houses in Cedar Park, Circle C and South Austin.  The area seems like there are so many houses in such a small amount of land!  It would/will be a big change from where we're at now!  But, after living in CO for so long, a change is much needed!

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During rush hour nothing is really easy.  The new toll roads are not used much yet, so people use them to get places faster during rush hour.  Other then that I takes us about a half hour to make it to downtown. 

I do like the look of Cedar park also, we looked at a couple of houses there before choosing the one we did here.  We have not really been into the south side of Austin.  My DH works on the North side of Austin, so we only looked around that area.

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I'm in Cedar Park and love it.  Outside of Austin proper, parenting seems to trend more toward the mainstream, but if you look hard enough, you can find likeminded people.  I agree with the PP--you can't get anywhere easily around rush hour (about 7-9am and about 4-7pm), but outside of that, it really doesn't take long to get anywhere.  Round Rock ISD and Leander ISD are both districts with great reputations.  Eanes ISD is the most well regarded, but it's also (unsurprisingly) the most expensive area to live in.  To the south, Dripping Springs ISD and Hays CISD are good too.  Austin ISD is mixed, with some fantastic schools and some not so great ones.  I'm not aware of any schools here that don't have art and music programs.  Leander ISD has art, music, and theater arts starting with kindergarten.  Teaching jobs may be hard to come by due to recent statewide budget cuts, unless you speak Spanish, work with special ed, or are skilled in math and science.  There are great parks and hiking/biking trails everywhere, but in the summers you'll have to stick to pools and splashpads, because it's unbearably hot here.  Allergies are intense here too.  And while most areas are bike friendly for recreational bike use, you'll be more limited if you'll be more limited as to where you can use bikes as transportation.  It's a really spread out area.  Also, there are just so many months that it's insanely hot here that biking during the day can be miserable.  There are lots of farmers markets, a couple of local farm/natural food delivery services, and a few natural grocery stores (Whole Foods, Sprouts, Natural Grocers, Sunflower) depending on your location.  Also, the major grocery store chain here has a surprising amount of organic and natural products due to the demand here.  There's a huge AP community in Austin, and nursing in public is pretty common (at least for the first couple of years).  There are lots of great La Leche League groups too, including a couple of toddler meetings.  Babywearing is very common.  It's a beautiful area with a lot of great people, and most (although certainly not all) people who come here never want to leave.  (Hence the horrible rush hour traffic.)  Also--I'm not sure what kind of band your husband is in, but you may be surprised by the diversity of live music venues.  There certainly are a lot downtown, but there are also a lot in the surrounding areas too.  It seems like every other restaurant features live music playing on the weekends.  Good luck in making your decision and in wherever you end up!

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I live halfway between Leander and Georgetown. We have lived here since 2002 and we love it! My kids are in the Leander school district. My oldest started in the first grade and she is a junior in high school now. My second daughter is in second grade. The schools are fantastic! Like a previous poster said they start art, music and theatre in kindergarten. My oldest has been in dance since she was little and is on the high school dance team. Her team is one of the best, if not the best around. She has had many opportunities that she would not have had if she had been in another district. She also got the highest score on the PSAT her freshman year for the entire district! We are now waiting for her scores for this year.


There is a fabulous birth center in Georgetown. I have had three homebirths and planning my fourth one in the Spring. I am also a certified placenta encapsulator and have more clients than I ever thought I would have. There are great farmer's markets in the area and lots of people have chickens in their backyards.


Good luck with your decision and let me know if you have any other questions about the area.

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Check out Allandale and Crestview.

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Try Westcreek in southwest Austin (north of Circle C). It's ten minutes to downtown outside of rush hour, and not too bad during rush hour. The schools are good and the elementary and middle school are within walking distance of most homes in Westcreek. We have Whole Foods within walking distance and Central Market (our local health food market) less than a ten-minute drive away. It's a nice, friendly neighborhood with sidewalks (not common in Austin). I think you could easily find a rental for your price range.

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we live in south austin...  it's older and less "suburban" than round rock, g-town, and cedar park.  there are also more small streets to allow easier transit during rush hour, since 35 is standstill much of the time.  there are numerous good schools south of downtown, also.  have you narrowed it down yet, or still looking at all?


fair warning... this is one of the worst places to live for seasonal allergy suffering.  just google "cedar fever".  if it affects you, expect to scrape by on high potency meds at least 1/4 of the year, because nothing mild or natural can seem to stand up to that nasty juniper (cedar) pollen.  even heavily medicated, many people still suffer, just not quite as badly.  it is unlike anything i have ever experienced in my previous residences (kansas city, maryland, seattle).  perhaps you should plan a visit between mid-december and february to see if you or your family react.  can you tell i'm in the throes of it right now?  :)


good luck!

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