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Pregnant without ever getting a post-partum period

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It feels like a little bit of a miracle to be honest.  And I'm thrilled.  I'm 19 months postpartum with my second.


My first two were born at home, and this one will be too.  


My concern right now is not being sure on dates.  I've been taking tests every couple of week.  I got a positive one on October 16th, very clearly positive, about a week earlier I had taken one that I *thought* had a very, very faint line, but it was so faint it was hard to tell if it wasn't just my mind tricking myself.  


If I count back 4 weeks from October 16th as a LMP date it gives me a due date of June 25.


Do you think it's safe to say that is my due date.  I really don't want to get an early ultrasound to establish dates...

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You just estimate you due date since most EDD are estimations. Congrats!

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if you think you got a very faint one about a week earlier, i would maybe count that one as about 10dpo and pick a LMP of 24 days before that.  


do you plan on any ultrasounds? if you do, i would go do one when you think you around 8-10w since around that time you get the best estimates since the growth has little variation at that point.  (20 week anatomy ultrasounds are notorious for misjudging gestational age!)


But since those measurements can be a week off either way, i personally would do my very best to figure it out myself and tell them right off the bat the date you like and then just use the U/S to confirm and catch anything that is way way off.

Depending on who you go to for care, they may not take your word for it unless you actually tell them you had a LMP, so i personally would pick one and stick with it unless the measurements were really off. (then they will just figure spotting threw you off or you O'd late depending on what way the measurements are off.)


i have heard way too many times around mothering.com someone being totally honest with their midwife or OB, because they were led to believe that they were not going to be fussy on dates or would take their charts, or their would have no problem if they when way late or whatever, only to change there mind later in the game or they had to transfer care and the next person saw charts and were stricter. I just mention this for those that say they to play it by ear.

i feel like it is always better to have the dates on paper that are the closest you can come up with and if they error, error just a bit to the side that mades you a bit earlier and gets you a bit more room at the end, but not too much, you dont want someone thinking you have a baby comeing too early and risking you out of options when that is not the case either.


good luck and congrats!!

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is there any one?

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fateme, what are you wanting? welcome to Mothering.com  please browse the various board we have and feel free to introduce yourself in one that interests you!

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where do I?

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help me pleasegreensad.gif

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please help me

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you can go look at all we have to offer by clicking here http://www.mothering.com/community/f/  feel free to ask if you need more help!

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I'd like to skip an early ultrasound.


I think when I interview midwives I'll just have to find one who is ok, with guestimating based on the two pregnancy tests I took.  I wouldn't be able to be dishonest and keep ita secret the entire pregnancy.  And I wouldn't want to either.  

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I was unsure of my dates due to a delayed cycle with a yeast infection. We put our best guess on the chart and watched for confirmations based on when we picked up the heartbeat on Doppler and on fetascope, nausea fading, BH contractions, baby kicks, and fundal height. As long as your care provider is flexible about due dates an accurate one doesn't matter too much, especially early on. Maybe if you had a history of preterm labor it would be important to know you were term when things got started, otherwise I'd trust baby to come when ready.

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