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Headaches anyone???

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Hi I am Sarah I'm 9 weeks today I think :)

the past 2 weeks i have had the worst headaches- on 2 occasions turned into a horrible migraine (which i normally get v v v infrequently).

The headaches that i have been getting every day do ont seem to go away with paracetamol. Not enjoying them very much at all.

On the plus side I have only been sick once :) but i have had nausea on and off for 2 weeks.

Are any of you the same as me ?

Hope this message finds you all well today

Sarah (excited and scared)

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I've had horrible, horrible headaches twice now. I've never had a migraine, but I can't imagine a headache feeling any worse than that!


The pain was so bad I got nauseous, and I had tears streaming down my face uncontrollably.


Tylenol didn't help for me, but eating a nice protein-rich meal did. I noticed I got the headaches on days when I wasn't very good about snacking.


I hope this stage passes quickly for you!

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ive had really bad headaches from about 7 weeks.. annoying things!! at 11w2d im doing a bit better with them but urgh when there bad its horrible, and i used to take baclofen and migraine meds before preg which i cant now.. damn headaches.. if there really bad talk to your dr.. some meds are safer in the begginning and others are safter at the end.. ive discovered (having chronic health probs) that its a bit of a balancing act getting meds at the right time ;) ..

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Thanks guys :) yeah i think i will have to go and see my gp. im really hoping this isnt a long term symptom. I will just get through day by day :) x

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