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Horrible deep cough

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3 weeks ago  I developed a really deep cough. I have it almost daily, and it could sometimes go on for 2 hours on and off. This week I got a very mild cold. NO fever or any other symptoms.


What can  I do for the cough - naturally? It wakes me up at night, disturbs conversations I have with people...



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How about slippery elm and licorice tea? One company makes a very nice tea called Throat Coat, which is just wonderful with a cough.


Any chance it could be pertussis?

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I'd look in to pertussis too! For regular coughs a ginger tea works wonders for me. Simmer fresh ginger, minced, for about 20 minutes, strain, add some honey, fresh lemon and drink like a tea. Elderberry syrup is also good. You can buy this premade, or make your own: 1/2 c. dried elderberries (I get mine from a local health food store), 3 c. water, simmer 30-45 minutes. Mash berries in the water, strain and add 1/2 the amount of honey as there is liquid left. Store in a sterilized jar in the fridge and take 1 T. ever 2-3 hours. Sometimes adding 1/2 c. organic dried thyme to the simmering process is great for a cough too.
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Cough drops are good to calm coughs, the kind with mint and eucalyptus in them. I like that because they're easy and portable. I've even seen a recipe for homemade eucalyptus toffees before. If it really is a deep cough you might want to resort to a little Mucinex to break it up, it's not well researched in pregnancy but a children's dose is better than bronchitis. If it could be pertussis lots of lots of Vitamin C can help neutralize the toxin that causes the cough. A goodly dose of Vit C a few times a day can help your body chase off any other illness you might have anyway, and zinc, d3, b vitamins, etc.

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