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Help! Diaper rash/irritation solutions and/or thoughts

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I think I'm a bad mommy and don't change diapers enough at night...so now the baby has an irritated area around his anus.  It doesn't appear to be painful at all, so not sure it's considered a rash... 


I'm just wondering several things...


Are you guys changing diapers with every feeding all night long?  He had been getting up to nurse every 1 1/2 hours and I was too exhausted to change him every time.  And I hate waking DH up since he is doing everything around the house while I follow my midwives direction to stay in bed/on the couch for 2 weeks with very little activity.


Are you using diaper cream with every change?  If so, what type do you find is best? I'm using an all natural one, but maybe it's not effective? (Nature's Baby Organics Diaper Ointment)


I know most of us are cloth diaper users, but this is my 1st time using CD.  I have been using mostly disposables though b/c I was too overwhlemed to start the process of learning how to use CD.  I started using them the other day after my sister helped me-- they are huge bc we only have thirsties size 1 and not newborn size.  But, they seem to be fine and not leaking.  Now that he has this irritation, I feel like I should keep him in disposables since they stay drier--- thoughts on this??


Also-- maybe I am eating something offensive?  I did eat some "medium hot" salsa the other day....



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I check every feed but she goes 2-4 hours at night. Aria actually looked a little red there too one day...i wondered if she was irritated from wiping. its gone now and i didnt do anything dif or use any cream.

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is it a red ring around the anus?  you mentioned intolerances, so I'm sure you are familiar with them, but it can indicate food intolerances...or at least a food that irritated. 


I am only changing ds 3 times a night...he is sleeping for 3 hr stretches at night and I try really hard t oremember to get up and change or have dh change him...but ocassionally we miss a change, too.  maybe give him some air time for time in only a non water proof die fitted or pf first thing in the am???

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Dannic- I've thought of the food issues...but hoping that isn't it since he's not spitting up and is not fussy at all....trying all other options 1st. It's not a red ring ring. There were red dots and a small raised patchy thing.

I did one session of diaper free time, but I'm afraid he's going to pee all over his umb cord stump...

He poops a ton- every couple feeds....I need to change him every feed at night (yawn)...

I'm using washcloths with water instead of wipes...maybe that doesn't get all the residue off?

Thanks for the advice!!!
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My sister's nurses told her not to use baby wipes for the first month because they are irritating...maybe try some olive or coconut oil?  I'd think water would be better than wipes. 

My baby doesn't poo at night, lol.  I changedd him twice last night. 

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This little guys lets a little poop out with every diaper. I use only cloth wipes and water (coconut oil or natural bum balm with calendula) and he still got a red rash (it's not around his anus, just on the outer part of his cheeks. Older DS had intolerances and his rash was way different) I'm switching back and forth between cloth and chlorine free disposables for now


It's definitely from the roughness of the new cloths I'm using and how often I have to wipe away poop (every change!) So I'm changing how I "wipe" and just patting, gently swiping and it's helping. He's not bothered by it and isn't fussy otherwise, so this should take care of it I hope.

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Thanks everyone! 


I had been using washcloths with water exclusively, but then this irritation appeared and so I was afraid the water wasn't cleansing enough...so I went back to wipes. I'm starting to think that the area that I was mainly concerned about is starting to look like the rest of his skin that is peeling.  Maybe it wasn't even a rash?  Anyway, it is almost gone now that I am changing his diaper with EVERY feeding at night.  Last night we woke every 1 1/2 hours-- fun fun!!  :)


Spring- I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one with a newborn that has irritation-- I feel so negligent!!  Jack had been pooping with almost every feeding, but today it's been a lot less.  Actually-- funny story-- I'm practicing EC without even meaning too.  He has pooped and peed all over the changing pad 3-4 times since 5:30 this morning.  And I mean projectile pooped-- last night he sprayed my legs and the bed....  Luckily DH and I were able to laugh about it.  The 2 creams that I have, contain calendula.  The Nature's promise is very yellow in color and his testicles were dyed yellow and it 1st it really freaked me out!! 


Dannic-- no poop at night??  LUCKY you!!  :)  DH keeps asking when he'll start pooping less.  I keep reminding him that it's been 6 yrs since our last was born and I do'nt remember!

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CD are definitly the answer to preventing diaper rash for our baby.  We are completely using CD now and even when I don't change them as soon as he poops (he poops all the time...day and night) we have no rash.  My theory is that the wet enviromment from the CD is beneficial b/c the poop doesn't dry and stick to his skin.  With disposables, the poop dries and sticks-- and I think tht was causing the rash.


YAYY for cloth diapering!!!!  Not to mention they are SO much cuter!!

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