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Chica, I also feel HUGE all of a sudden. Huge and slow and awkward. None of my maternity jeans are comfy, but I have a dog (Belgian shepherd mix) who sheds like crazy, so all of my black comfy pants get covered in fur within 10 minutes of changing. :/ And apparently I've begun the waddle, as several people I see in passing each week have finally seemed to notice this huge belly. TWO different librarians at the library today asked me how close I was. (um, 2 months to go, thanks.) I got looks of pity at the Trader Joe's down the street while picking out a couple of pumpkins for the boys to carve. 


I can't remember if I congratulated you, kateadelle. In case not, CONGRATS on the nuptials. You both look so happy! :) 


...I'm bored and killing time before my midwife appointment in about an hour. I had forgotten to eat decently today, so just chugged a huge heavy-protein/low-carb smoothie in hopes that it will help my pee stick results, lol. Hopefully she'll talk about birth kit stuff today (32w appt) so dh and I get a fire lit under us about that. An acquaintance from church offered me her leftover Chux pads yesterday, so that's pretty cool. My mw has LaBassine pools for her clients at no extra charge, but I'm still dithering whether I want the soft sided tub or a rigid stock tank like I had with DS2. (they run about $100 at farm supply stores.) I also kind of don't want to use our extra/old towels this time since theyve become the dog's bath towels...kinda blech. I mean, they're clean, but they probably have residual fur in them that doesn't come off in the wash. (seriously, if you don't like shedding animals, do NOT get a freaking shepherd mix! UGH, he is getting on my everlasting nerve lately.)


And I did finally get diapers. Got a big lot of infant (33) and premium (22) sized prefolds with 6-7 covers for only $75. I never used newborn pf's before, just folded the infant size sideways, and I *think* this is what I need for the newborn and medium sizes since I have size small fuzzibunz. (and it will be good to have backups for when I get behind on diaper laundry!)


ETA: My 32w appt was nice. This time my mw measured me (past couple appts were her assistant) and I measured right at 32w...she seemed to start the tape a bit higher than her assistant, but babe is REALLY low, so maybe it'd be the same if her asst measured me. :shrug: I have been having the hardest time figuring out this girl's positioning, and so did my mw tonight! That made me feel better--she's basically straight up posterior, with her torso kinked to the left (head is centered and like I said--really low). At first, she had the same inclination as me--wondering if she were transverse, but of course her head is not, lol. Her legs are just crossed or really stretched out or something. I wouldn't be surprised if she's a really long babe when she arrives. Like I said, it makes me feel better that I'm not just a dimwit who can't figure it out despite feeling elbows, knees, feet, at times! We made our appt for 2 weeks from now (at a time that dh can make it just before he leaves town *again*), and our 36w home visit! O_O 

Oh, and I asked what her GBS protocol was. Since the results can be so transient, and some women are carriers without having an overgrowth, she doesn't test unless requested. If risk factors present, she will recommend an external (labial) hibiclens wash via peri bottle every 4 hours (as supported by research studies in Europe), but nothing more. It made so much more sense to me, especially given how quick my labors have been (no time for the "proper" iv abx dosing protocol anyway). We also discussed how each of us would prefer to proceed if I did happen to go into labor with an active HSV outbreak, and she said (which my research supports) that, barring additional risk factors, water birth is contraindicated, but cesarean isn't statistically safer (due to other risk factors to baby from c/s). For anyone else having to make similar decisions, the march of dimes website has some great information. She and I are also of the same mind regarding tearing--that moderate-minor tears will mend themselves, and further trauma from sutures isn't necessary (but she will suture perineal tears if reqeusted; I assured her I would not do so, lol). I feel way more comfortable with potential birth scenarios now. 


...if only this damned cold/cough would go away before I start dislocating ribs from coughing...

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holy crap, my apologies for the effing novel. 



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Yes, feeling big here too! My belly and boobs are just so round and plump! It makes me feel so womanly! thumb.gif
I noticed last night what appears to be a stretch mark on the under side of my belly so yea....definitely plumping out!


As far as this positioning thing goes I have just had to stop thinking about it. My others were all head down and ready to go by now but this little guy flips on a daily basis. One day I can feel hiccups down by my bladder and the next day hiccups up by my ribs....same goes for feet and his head. He seems to be having trouble finding his spot. Either that or he is just having WAY too much fun doing acrobatics to worry about settling in! orngbiggrin.gif


I just got an email that our order of birth supplies has shipped! It all felt so phenomenally real at that point! This baby is coming and we are almost ready for him!love.gif

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Any tips on drinking all the pregnancy/RRL tea? I'm supposed to be doing 4 cups a day which seems like a LOT. I'm thinking I should brew it like iced tea and just keep it in a pitcher in the fridge. 



That's what I do. I brew enough for my 1/2 gallon container and let it sit overnight. Then I strain it, refrigerate it and drink it throughout the day. I actually try to keep myself from drinking it all in a day because I do notice it tends to give me more ctx but I LOVE the stuff and find myself reaching for it before my water.

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I'll have to try making the pitcher of ice tea - that seems like a great way to get it all in and get more fluids in me - I'm terrible about drinking enough water. 


My midwife appt went just fine yesterday.  I'm in every 2 wks now and it kind of seems like too much since I have what the midwife described as "a textbook pregnancy" - I thought about switching to every 3rd week instead, but it's probably good to check in regularly, just in case.  I measured 31 wks again yesterday, at 29 weeks 2 days.  I asked her if it was a bad sign that I hadn't grown at all in the past 2 wks and she said no, baby might just be in a different position.  But she felt babe and she's still in the same position, so even though I'm still measuring 2 wks ahead of course I'm worried now that I haven't been eating enough or that baby isn't growing as she should be.  sigh.  There's always something to worry about, right?  So anyway, one of my resolutions for the day is to sit down and figure out what I'm eating and be sure that I'm covering all my bases.  I keep reminding myself, too, that this is a different partner and we may just be having a smaller baby than the 9-10 pounders I'm used to!


So, needless to say, I don't feel huge right now.  But I definitely have quite a belly and it's great to still be able to feel good about the way I look this far into the pregnancy - not a usual occurrence for me.  The best thing is that this babe moves around a lot - I feel her on the hour at the least - and she's super responsive, too.  All I have to do is rub my belly and she kicks or pushes out at me.


Well, I better start the day.  It snowed here for the first time last night and now there is all the winter gear to find, plus having been gone all summer the house needs a ton of work before this babe arrives.  Yesterday I organized the tea cabinet - haha, priorities, right? - and we went to the thrift store looking for halloween this and that for costumes.  My 6 yr old found a giant afro wig last week and is being a disco dancer, the "twins" are being Charlie Chaplin and a circus performer, and Dave and I have switched from Mary Poppins and Bert, to Die Antwoord - this really theatrical rap/rave/etc duo from South Africa who do some pretty wild stuff.  I've kinda got the hair for it and it's going to be pretty hilarious fun. 

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Chica - first, I am SO happy you have created a way to have your homebirth :-) I promise there is NOTHING like snuggling into your bed an hour or so after baby is born! re: carpel tunnel: I have had HORRIBLE carpel tunnel each pregnancy, and luckily (knock on wood!) have not had it this time around. With DS1 I literally got 4 wooden rulers & 2 ace bandages to splint my hands at night. not very sexy ;) but just doing that helped SO MUCH. If you can get some basic wrist splints at a drug store, those are better, of course, but I didn't have the cash for them the first time around!


Feeling huge here, too. Christy when you posted about wearing DH's clothes, I was like, DUH - I have a whole wardrobe of shirts that belong to a guy a foot taller than me... Most of my maternity shirts are 1)short sleeved, and 2) getting too short for my ginormous belly. This morning I pulled out one of DP's thermals, and I feel so cozy! It rained like CRAZY last night - literal torrential downpour that woke me several times - and so the cool fall air has set in for real. And, for whatever reason, I have always felt cozy wearing my partners' clothes - even when that partner was a woman my size, there is something comforting in it for me. Swimming in this gigantic shirt feels nice :)


I had another update, but I think I am going to post it in the 'hillariously glamorous pregnancy stories' thread. It's kind of graphic, and some-what funny. ;)

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Hi ladies.


I, too, am feeling huge. Of course it doesn't help that every single customer who walked in today had to make a comment about the size of my belly. It usually doesn't bother me, but today was kind of excessive. There is a douchey guy that works next door who, while placing his lunch order, made no less than three hand gestures indicating that I am huge. Idiot. I don't really mind the feeling huge, but I do mind the feeling slow and out of breath all the time :( Also, the stomach acid thing has hit me full force over the past week and has now become a pretty constant companion. And I am not sleeping well like everyone else. It seems like there is a different reason for it every night - but there is always something that interrupts my sleep. Ok, complaining over.


Thanks again to all of you for your kind wishes on the wedding and also for sending me those placenta moving vibes! I jokingly told DP that I was naming my placenta Helen in order to help facilitate a better working relationship between us. It seems to have stuck and somehow giving her a name seems to be helping me with my daily movement visualization. Go figure.


cieloazul yes, all the poking around I have done on google also seems to indicate that the protocol for a low-lying placenta is trial of labor. I hadn't read the c-section rates, so thank you so much for sharing them. At this point, I am planning on chances being that one way or another I will be able to birth vaginally. My next midwife appointment isn't until next Tuesday, but I will hopefully get more answers to what the plan would be were I to plan on being in the hospital. One question I have is how long I should plan on being able to labor at home. My last couple of ultrasounds have been transvaginal since the baby's head is in the way of viewing the placenta any other way.

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Hi Everyone -


I'm so bad at the personals, but I want to say I just read them all!


I had a crazy experience last night - and I debated about posting in the hilarious pregnancy stories, but it actually wasn't so hilarious. Last night I got up to pee as usual about 2 am and back to sleep. I woke up again around 2:20 with the urge to pee again - but of course when I went to pee a few drops. But while I was sitting there, this pain in my side and back developed. I went back to bed but couldn't get comfy - the pain got worse... I kept getting up feeling like I had to pee, with nothing. Sounds like a UTI, yes... so I'm focusing on that, thinking the pain might be a kidney infection. I have had no UTI symptoms at all leading up to this. By this time hubs is up trying to comfort me, looking things up online. Then I get nauseous, back to the toilet - urge to pee, then I'm sure I'm going to vomit - hubs gets me a bowl quickly enough. Then back to bed - still can't get comfy and the left side/back pain comes and goes. I start noticing that I'm having a lot of contractions so start paying attention to that. We call the midwife, she gives some tips and says to wait and see what happens. Then I have some painful contractions, but more spaced out than the other ones. I mean I had to moan and breathe through them. Back and forth to the toilet, can't get comfy... and more vomiting... unfortunately this time in bed and while I had a bowl, I had nothing to protect the bed from the pee which leaked every time I heaved. I couldn't even communicate it to my hubs so while I'm back on the toilet hubs has to change the bed. The funny part is that we did some cleaning and donating to good will last week and apparently, the spare bed pad and sheets went with it. We haven't purchased any more. So he had to get a pad/sheets from the spare bed - which had baby stuff piled high on it - all the things we haven't gotten around to organizing! So he piles it on the floor so he can get the sheets and pad.... Eventually, I start feeling better and no more contractions... and we get to sleep around 4:30 or 5. I was sure I was in labor. But I'm glad I wasn't. I'm just a few days shy of 35 weeks, but this baby needs to stay in longer KWIM? Besides we can have a homebirth at 35 weeks and it would be a bummer to have to go the hospital just because I was a few days shy...


I've been feeling totally normal today, maybe a little low energy. No sign of anything from last night continuing. But we both stayed home sick from work today and have been trying to take it easy. We of course started to work on that spare room and organizing things, but we tend to have different opinions on what to keep and what to get rid of (there was more than baby things in the spare room) so that ended up being fairly stressful... but we've moved through it and we're back to relaxing...


Thanks for listening...


In response to some of the other posts - About tearing, it seems a bit odd, but I'm not worried about that, more worried about transferring to the hospital and needing a c-sec. After last night, I'm a little worried about the pain. I'm sure the pain I had with those contractions was nothing... I'm sure I'll make it through, and if I'm not in a place of feeling afraid like last night...


I also feel huge and if I don't wear the super tall belly covering pants, my belly hangs out with almost all of my maternity shirts. I bought some new fall/winter clothes, just a few at Old Navy last week - what they have for maternity shirts/sweaters are super long, so those who want some clothes check those out. I really need a jacket, but I'm pretty much resigned to just deal with the crazy old man sweater that I've been wearing with my silly trenchcoat & an umbrella when it rains.


I can't remember who said it about the baby flipping between breech & head down - mine was doing that until probably 3 weeks ago (32 weeks ish). Now it just moves between left and right - almost once a day back and forth. I guess there is still a lot of room in there!


Well that's probably a long enough post for today!

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Lulu, I totally understand about the early labor concerns. I'm so glad you weren't in labor, but I hope you feel better quickly. Being sick and being this pregnant is the worst. All of our babies have been full term, but the labors have been earlier and earlier each time. Our last son was born at 38 weeks, so I just want to make it to 37 weeks with this one. I've been going a lot slower than usual this time, because I've already noticed lots more BH contractions than with my previous pregnancies.


I also found that the pain with my first delivery wasn't nearly as bad as I was expecting. Previously, I had really awful menstrual cramps and that's exactly what my first stages of labor felt like. The hardest part of my first delivery was the pushing stage, because I didn't expect it to take so long. Otherwise, it wasn't too bad. On the other hand, my subsequent deliveries hurt far worse. I think because they've each been faster. If I could somehow get back to the six-hour labor I had with DD, I'd be thrilled, but I suspect this will be another fast and intense one. 

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Did anyone notice that this thread is currently the 2nd most active on the MDC?! Funny :)

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Lulu - how strange! I had a similar experience last night. After finding out that I'm effaced and dilated at the doctor yesterday, I awoke at 2:30am and had contractions, cramps, backache, diarrhea, nausea and racing heart. Holy crap - I'm going into labor at 30 weeks. And then by 9am, I felt pretty regular again and have been pretty okay all day. WTF? I guess it was a stomach virus or something, but I was sure we were having the earliest preemie we've had yet.


But YAY!! I was so relieved to feel better today, and not be in labor. Still taking it VERY easy though, with the effacement  & dilation.... had beta shots today and everything, and I started packing my hospital bag, just in case.


I am exhausted! But we carved pumpkins tonight - one catbus from my dh,  and one Tardis pumpkin from my dd. Nerd alert.....

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Ah I can't believe that we are so close to the end that we are getting labour scares!

For those of you who have been having contractions etc I hope you are feeling better and taking things extra slow. We want some well cooked babies in our batch pretty please smile.gif

Things here are exhausting. I sleep ok at night (my hips sometimes wake me up) but by the time it gets to 11 am I am LITERALLY crying for exhaustion. DH told me I have to "be like a baby kitten from now on. One morning nap, one afternoon nap to get my strength up to take my long night time sleep."
Nawwwww lol. But is annoying. Especially because I get so emotional when I'm tired!

Still having a million BH contrax here. I'm drinking constantly, have upped my magnesium intake, and have started taking some herbs my MW gave me that will hopefully calm them down.

Do you think having so many BH contrax has anything to do with labour? Lol someone please tell me that I will have a fast labour because of these HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA yeah wishful thinking much?!?!

The more pregnant and ungainly I become the more i start thinking that a 38 weeker sounds good lol. But I really just can't imagine going early! I imagine seeing in the new year with perhaps a giant bump, not a tiny baby. And I'm not expecting any action before Christmas. I'm "due" the 21st so who knows?
Anyone wanna make some predictions for me?!?
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Lulu - how strange! I had a similar experience last night. After finding out that I'm effaced and dilated at the doctor yesterday, I awoke at 2:30am and had contractions, cramps, backache, diarrhea, nausea and racing heart. Holy crap - I'm going into labor at 30 weeks. And then by 9am, I felt pretty regular again and have been pretty okay all day. WTF? I guess it was a stomach virus or something, but I was sure we were having the earliest preemie we've had yet.



Sunseeker--if you had a vaginal check and then these symptoms I would suspect it was from the check. Is there a reason you are getting checked at 30 weeks? It seems rather early even for OB standards. I would give pause for any further checks until you full term! Every one has a different body and some are way more sensitive than others--it sounds like you may be one of the sensitive ones.

I learned something new today That I found exciting {and hopeful!}. This pregnancy has def. been WAY different than with DD--namely that this kid is already low {feels like I am sitting on baby head at times} and I have been feeling lots of movement and lots of warming up pulses and such. Anyways, I rarely get traditional cramps before with my menses, however, I do get a distinct feeling of heaviness and achiness in my uterus and in my thighs and in my lower back a day or two prior and usually the first day I am bleeding. It is VERY distinct. Anyways, I have been feeling this over the last week very much and when I asked my MW about it she mentioned that it is likely my cervix being dilated! YIPPEE!! She explained that those menstral cramps--the ones that are down low and around the back and in the thighs are typically the cramps that dilate the cervix to prepare for menses and that the cramps in the later stage of menses are the ones responsibile for emptying the uterus and that is the different sensations many women feel. Many women don't feel their cervix being dilated, but some do. SO I am REALLY excited at this prospect because I was slow to dilate since DDs head wasn't on my cervix for the first 24-30 hours of labor and I had scar tissue to contend with. While I will not get vaginal checks this time around, even during labor, I am still excited to think that I am walking around a bit dilated already! This birthing time is going to be SOOOO different--I can certainly feel it. Under 24 hours would be lovely <3

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Do you think having so many BH contrax has anything to do with labour? Lol someone please tell me that I will have a fast labour because of these HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA yeah wishful thinking much?!?!
The more pregnant and ungainly I become the more i start thinking that a 38 weeker sounds good lol. But I really just can't imagine going early! I imagine seeing in the new year with perhaps a giant bump, not a tiny baby. And I'm not expecting any action before Christmas. I'm "due" the 21st so who knows?
Anyone wanna make some predictions for me?!?

In my experience, yes, having all those ctx in the months leading up to birth made a big difference and I have had pretty quick labors (#1 was 7 hours from first ctx to birth and #2 was a bit under 2 hours)! However I will say that it made no difference in the length of my pregnancy... #1 was 2 days past due date and #2 was 2 weeks past. 

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OH, since we were on the topic of tea I just had to share this. Today I had made a batch of simple syrup (equal part water and raw sugar warmed in a pan until dissolved) but I decided to throw in some vanilla beans sliced down the middle to let all the yummy stuff out into the syrup. I decided to add a bit to my RRL pregnancy blend today....OMG! It is so yummy. I would not recommend this with every cup because it is certainly a lot of empty calories in the sugar but as a way to treat yourself (or drink it down when you aren't in the mood) it is delicious!


I am thinking you could also just throw a vanilla bean in when you are brewing the tea to give it a hint of vanilla flavor w/o the added sugar!

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I agree. The more work your body does before actual birthing time has begun the more prepared your body is likely to be, that being said, a malposition or short cord could definitely lengthen labor despite all the BH in the previous months. I didn't have ANY BH with my DDs pregnancy and was in birthland for 70 hours! So, getting warmed up before the big deal is certainly preferable! However, be careful what you wish for--I hear those short labors are just as INTENSE! I couldn't imagine having a babe in 4 hours or under! That would be insanity to me! We all do it the way we need to in order to get it done though ; )

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Yeah, the thing is that your body essentially has to do the same amount of work whether your labor takes several days . . . or several hours.  I would not say that any of my labors was any easier than the others - I've had 22 hours, 6.5 hours, and 4 hours.  And had to do the same amount of work in 4 hours as in 22 hours, which was WAY more intense.  On the other hand, the advantage of shorter labor (IMO) is that you don't miss as much sleep.  So I was a LOT less tired after DD's birth which was all daytime and 4 hours than DS1's, which was most of two nights and the day inbetween.


I had a horrible night - up at least every 1.5 hours.  Not for any particular reason, either.  But I am going to the chiropractor this morning, finally (still don't know where the money to PAY the chiro is coming from, but we'll figure something out - something's got to change) so hopefully I can start getting my pelvis stabilized.  Wish me luck having patience with my kids today, though!


I'm actually surprised we don't have any babies born yet!  Not that I'm wishing a true preemie on anyone, but I think the other DDCs I've been part of have had a few.  So I'm happy that none of you who think you've had PTL have gone all the way into it so far.

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Yes! Two-hour labors are awful. Of my three, I only caved on IV pain meds with our two-hour delivery, because it was just too painful. This time, I'm trying to prepare myself for a fast, intense labor and I've been reading lots of info about breathing and birth positions for fast deliveries. After all that, this will probably be the delivery that takes 12 hours or more...lol.

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Now see? I LOVED my 2 hour labor. I thought it was perfect (minus the second degree tear). I would not have wanted to change a thing about it. I felt totally in control during labor and amazing when it was over (I can't say the same for my 7 hour labor). I was on such a high....all I could think for weeks afterward was how badly I wanted to do it again! 

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