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new babes and sick season...

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can we all post how we are planning on keeping our families and babies healthy this fall/winter?  dh is a bit anxious--our toddler has a cold...dh and kids were with his fam all day today and bil announces he has strep but isn't contagious since hes had abx 24 hrs.  but his kids always come down with whatever they have...this onehanded typing is killling me , lol...

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I plan to avoid people.... That probably sounds crazy.. But no one seems to Care of they bring colds over! My school age kids have o wash their hands and change their when they get home
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forum, that is what my dh wants to do. 


He took the kids to mil's and church and they all got sprayed down with essentiarl oils, changed clothes, and wash hands up to the elbows.


It's strange, because we are generally careful but not paranoid, lol.  But this time, I am feeling like we need t otake extra precaustions and apparently dh is too.


We are buying a juicer.  We are using SA vitamin C daily and using essential oils.  Working on plenty of rest and plenty of healthy outdoor time.  Diffusing oils...


Not taking baby back to dr. unless he needs it.  Dr was actually really good about our not vaxxing, but gave us pretty severe warnings about rsv and pertussis.  Still, even if we did immunize him my understanding is that he wouln't be immune til all the doses are given and that would be 6 mos, right?


anyone else?

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I also give probiotics to my kids and myself daily. It seems to have made a huge difference over the past year, but it could be that they are 6 and 10 yrs old... I am also pretty psycho about hand washing. I do vax, but planning on doing dr sears delayed single shot sched.

Plus, exercise and plenty of sleep! Possibly emergent c...
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silly, I've been looking for a good probiotic..what one do you use? 

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Probiotics for all, extra Vit c, CLO, VIt D. Exercise, fresh air and sleep for sure. We are strict handwashers when you come in the door here - it's part of DS's routine too.

Lot's of fresh fruits and veggies, no processed foods and NO sugar. I've been sugar free anyway so it's not that hard for me. When I make school snacks or other snacks for DS I just use fruit or raisins or the occasional chocolate chips as the sweetener. He's not used to really sweet stuff anyway, so he doesn't complain. Sugar is a huge suppressor of your immune system, so if you can avoid it then do. Although halloween is coming.....


If I feel like we've been exposed to something then a saltwater gargle or tablespoon of ACV might go down. Plus I've added more farmers market fresh garlic to our meals.


I'm another avoiding people too. DS has a couple of classes and school and we will do the occasional trips to the grocery store and that's  all I"m doing as far as crowds go for now. I've also asked visitors to forego the kissy kissy thing they do with the kids (you know those relatives that are all over your kids...) I blamed it on the midwife saying she preferred the baby stay away from kisses from others for now, and I extended it to DS since he always gets smothered.

Maybe overboard? I don't mind what people think, I will do the best I can to keep us healthy and try to not stress about what I can't prevent. 

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Dairy care is a probiotic that I have found to beTHEbest... Taking that, it's available online.... ... I'm bf a newborn... I want to get that essential oil antibacterial stuff whole foods sells, idontwantanyone holding the baby other than my DH but that one is hard with his family... howdo u tell ppl nicely thebabyisreally young and extra extra careful? We have everyone wash up before holding her... I am member of AA andhavent gone tiny meetings since baby because Idont wantanyonebreathinginher face orwantingto hold her,etc... So man ppl know me and my husband she will get a lot of attention when we finally reappear...
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