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So who else is past your due date?  How are you coping, and what are you doing to pass the time?  What's your plans? Does baby have to come by 42 weeks or are you allowed plenty of time for baby to come on their own time?  Have you had any extra monitoring?


I'm 11 days past my due date, and I'm a 100% sure my due date was correct.  It's really hard waiting. I've tried acupuncture, mowing my lawn, raking the yard, walking, and letting my 3 year old nurse all day. I've had contractions that go every 3 minutes for several hours two days in a row, but nothing more every develped, and they went away at night.  I've decided that nothing that I try is going to make baby come before he/she is ready to come.  I've been very worried that at 42 weeks my midwife will risk me out of homebirth, but she told me to stop worrying that she's not going to force me to go to the hospital at 42 weeks.  She said she's only had one patient go to 44 weeks, and all others have went into labor by 42 weeks.  I'm frustrated because I don't know what's taking this baby so long.  I'm so constipated and it's hard to pee, so I've even thought maybe I should try an enema as uncomfortable as it sounds.  I haven't had any extra montioring other than on Thursday my blood pressure was good and baby's heartbeat was 150. The midwife thought that I'd have baby by Monday because things seemed so much like labor such as the baby's heartbeat location and my uterus being so firm, but it doesn't look like I will.  Baby's been moving a lot today.  I haven't felt this much movement in one day for several weeks....not big movements, just the usual kicks.  I keep hoping maybe it's baby getting ready to make his/her way into the world, but who knows.



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I'm 9 days past my last (of 3 possible) EDD's and I'm so right with you mama.  Nothing I do seems to be getting it out, but DH and I were just talking about taking  the next 2 days to see what we can do if anything short of castor oil, acupuncture and having my midwife strip my membranes.  If baby's not here by my appointment on Wednesday we're going to ask her about those specifically, though I might call to make an acupuncture appointment before that.  I doubt my midwife would make me just go to the hospital right at 42 weeks...I think she'd give me a few days more at least but, with the GD history she'd probably be more insistent on the NST and the ultrasound tests she's offered as options but we've decided not to do so far.


This babe has distinctly dropped lower 4 times in the past 4 weeks.  The last time was a few days ago and I was really certain I was in labor and that the baby was coming then....but no luck.  I went to bed that night after the baby dropped and the contractions totally stopped.  My doula keeps reminding me that my body is doing lots of good work ahead of time so when labor does hit there's less to do.  It's still discouraging though and I'm just starting to feel emotionally and mentally drained.


Today I've felt  like I have had the worst PMS of my life....my back was aching terribly, I felt crampy  and nauseous (but no contractions), and I was just in the worst mood ever.  My patience are just totally gone with everything and everyone and I've been on the verge of tears all day...not to mention that I've slept and slept and I'm just exhausted.  I am almost hoping that it's just a sign that my body's gearing up for something big.....but at this point until the contractions are huge and massive, I'm just not getting my hopes up at all.

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I'm 40 + 6 and really struggling. I am planing my 2cd UBAC so I can't be risked out but last time around I really wanted to do it before that 42 week mark so at 41 + 2 I had them do a stretch and sweep and he was born the next day.  

I was going to do the same this time around, figuring I'm giving him a good long time to do it on his own and then just see if we can't get it started but I've never gone into spontaneous labor... my first was a planed c/s due to a birth defect, and the 2cd we did the stretch and sweep so my babies have never really been able to pick their own birthday. 


 I woke up this morning all angsty about it... 42 weeks scares me but at the same time I just want to know what the surprise of the date feels like, kwim


I think it doesn't help that I dont get braxton hicks, or bloody show or ANYTHING to indicate that labor might start. I'm either in labor or I'm not. No lead up at all which is actually really discouraging. 

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Just posted in weekly chat then found this new thread.


41w 2d and done. I luckily don't feel too bad physically. Just emotionally I'm done. I'm a bit crabby and impatient today but I think that's just because I am 41w 2d!


I'm over trying anything on my own to get baby out. (Done homeopathy, walks, sex, EPO to prep cervix.) I also have no idea what my midwife's policy is on 42w +. My best guess based on her other policies and demeanor is that she probably takes every pregnancy on a case by case basis and also incorporates the mother's comfort level. I do have an appt with her today to check on baby and I'm going to ask her about a membrane sweep and/or just an internal exam. 


I've had some light blood discharge since last night and had a few crampy contractions last night but that's it. The discharge has no mucus in it though, just dark blood staining similar to end of period. Feels like I'm going to be pg forever even though I know I won't.

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I'm now 13 days past my due date.  I ended up having a good cry about it this morning too. I'm so sore that I can barely walk at this point.  I've tried everything....breast pump, nursing 3 year old, acupuncture twice now, evening promise oil, and 3 mile walk last night.  Nothing works.....All it does is start false labor contractions that end once I go to sleep.  I ended up contacting my midwife this morning to ask her if she thinks there's something wrong with my baby and that's why he/she won't come out.  I'm just so frustrated at this point.  If baby doesn't come by tomorrow, I have to go for an ultrasound to make sure baby's okay. I'm officially scared to go get that ultrasound (worried it will lead to an induction and then c-section). 


I decided to do a trial run of the birth tub this morning to see how long it takes to fill it up, and then I'm just going to get in before emptying it for the heck of it to do some hands/knees time.



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Originally Posted by roses25 View Post

 I have to go for an ultrasound to make sure baby's okay. I'm officially scared to go get that ultrasound (worried it will lead to an induction and then c-section). 



Bring a support person with you and remember you can just say No. if they start talking c/s you just make sure they have ACTUAL cause and it's not just because you are 42 weeks. If you need to get a second opinion before consenting to anything dramatic. hug2.gif

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Looks like it's time:) At MW appt today I requested an exam and she stimulated my cervix a bit. Not sure if that's what put me over the edge but I think it helped. Started early labor around 15 til 8. Tried sleeping around 10pm but couldn't. Feels like active labor now. Contrax about 5 minutes apart and definitely picking up. Excited to meet baby!
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Yay grateful!!!!! What a relief for you!! Cannot wait to hear news that baby has arrived!!

I would bet under is in labor too!!!

Rose- I did a water enema to stimulate labor bc my water had broken and labor didn't start for 19 hrs. The enema was not bad at all-- no discomfort or pain. Try it!!
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ugh, had some no so fun but fairly short contactions all late afternoon yesterday and at bed but they seem to have slowed way down. some mucus this morning so heres hoping things might pick up again.

I have to admit that labor is really not my favorite thing to do ever and i'm a little randomly scared. I'd like to just skip ahead to the adorable baby part kwim?

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I have to admit that labor is really not my favorite thing to do ever and i'm a little randomly scared. I'd like to just skip ahead to the adorable baby part kwim?


Oh yeah! I had actually forgotten how labor was "not my favorite thing to do ever" since it had been 5 years since my last birth. During pushing phase this time I looked at dh and said, "Did it hurt this bad last time? I don't remember it hurting this bad before!"


I don't think that this is scaring you off of going into labor, though. If every woman who didn't feel that labor was her favorite thing never went into labor we'd have no babies! It'll be time when it's time.

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baby came wed night. transition about 530pm  dh came home at 640 baby was out at 750 :) birthstory to follow at some point. :)

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Congratulations Onyx!  And welcome to your little one!

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