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Eczema starting at 3 years old?

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My lovely DD2 is almost 3, and about a month ago started getting eczema type patches behind her knees.  She got it about the same time I had a round of poison ivy, so i thought it was just that.  But now they're still there, and she showed me a small patch on the inside of her elbow of rough skin (not red, but looks like mild eczema) starting there as well.


Is it normal for something like this to start so late?  What would cause this?  We have a traditional foods diet, and I know that taking milk out has been key for so many of my friends, but she's recently cut WAY back on milk and it seems that that might be linked to the onset of the rash?!?  She was my 'veal baby' in that she lived on milk for the first 2 years of life (mine until 13 months, then mine and some cow's milk until 22 months when she potty-trained and weaned.)  We're gluten-free, soy-free, and most of our grains are brown rice and organic corn and quinoa.  We do eat some almonds, but not a whole lot, same w/ peanut butter.  


We moved in July, and she's sleeping temporarily a blanket mattress on the floor- i was wondering if dust mites/allergies to cats/other carpet things or mold could possibly play a role.


Any ideas, Mamas?

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Eczema can be tough for a child so young.  I have found that taking certain foods out of their diet really helps, combined with a great moisturizer can also be very effective.  I love to try new products and have found one that we as a family have been using for a couple of months. It's called CapriClear. It's all natural and is safe for small children, I wouldn't use it if it wasn't.  I love that it comes in a spray because as you know trying to get your children to sit still while you put stuff on them can be a bit of a challenge. So, you can just spray them on the run!  You can find it online only but it is definitely worth giving it a try! 

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Hi: yes eczema is an allergy to something and can happen at any age.  I was just reading through your eczema question and thought I would recommend changing your laundry detergent.  Typically when the eczema is localized to an area its something touching the skin that is causing the reaction.  If you are already using a baby detergent I would use 1/4 of the amount you currently use, no dryer sheets and no fabric softener and do an extra rinse cycle.   My website link for help. dianelai.com/faq 


Generally from my experience if its a food related allergy it occurs all over the body and is not localized to one area.


Next would be to use a natural soap and no soap around the irritated area.  


Lastly eczema and asthma are related an yes dust mites, mold and house dust can cause reactions. Stress is also a factor if you have recently moved and changed routines.  


I hope this helps and feel free to email me with questions. info@dianelai.com





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Not knowing all the details, I would say that it does sound like an allergy which can start at any time in life.


Our DS started getting spots behind his knees and elbows right around 2.5.  We finally did a prick allergy test and discovered it was most likely a combination of food and seasonal allergies.  Once we took egg out of his diet it completely went away. 


I guess I would change soap, bathe less, and get an allergy test and/or do an elimination diet (though to be honest our attempt at an elimination diet didn't help us narrow down DSs allergies since he had a number of different ones). 

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Thanks, Mamas!


I will ask Dr. about prick test for her next visit.  We did cut out eggs and grains at this point for a week just to see.  But i'm also going to switch laundry detergent as husband and i also have been having some mild rashes and husband can't handle fragrances on his skin.  Since my daughter's favorite clothing item is leggings, (and she was naked most of the summer) that also would concentrate the irritation behind her knees....


I had an outbreak of eczema when we first moved to our new house, and it was horrible and on my face.  It was related to wheat exposure both in our new house (kitchen/cleaning) and to going to friends houses (i'm that sensitive), but our friends went gluten-free (their son has eczema) and it cleared up when I went grain free for the last few months.   


Full disclosure, we don't bathe the kids a whole lot, and minimal soap, and 90% of the items in our house are all natural.  i even make my own facial cleansers and moisturizers and my kids aren't exposed to a whole lot of chemicals.  I usually clean w/ natural items (like baking soda and vinegar) but we have been using a different soap (lever 2000 someone gave us gave me a horrible rash, and husband too) and different detergent. 



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I use whipped unrefined Shea butter for my child. It works like a charm. It's also important that you are not over bathing your child (giving them a shower/bath everyday). Also keep in mind what they are eating and where it's going. For example when I give my LO oranges, and the juice drips on her wrist, I make sure to clean it well and put Shea butter back on that spot because the acidity agitates the itching more.


Most of the time child grow out of it, so it's not something to worry about.

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thanks, sweetpeasand!


we don't bathe every day.  cut out grains for one week, and it was healing at about the same pace as it was normally.  dairy would be next, except for it's all healing and she had only dairy for every meal for the last week...


so, here's for some healing and relief!  it doesn't really bother her and she's not scratching it.  i'll get some shea butter soon- needed some to make a body butter.

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How's she doing now? Did you try cutting out dairy?


We use soap nuts for laundry - it was the only thing that didn't further irritate my son's eczema. Shea butter is great, just make sure it's raw. Virgin olive oil is great too.

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