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Sutemi help please!

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A friend of mine (Hi Maria! ) loaned me her Sutemi to try out. I've really been wanting a way to carry Isabella on my back when I'm trying to do housework. We love our Zolo, but it just doesn't seem really secure when I wear her on my back.
So anyway, I went to the Sutemi website to see how to wear it. I got it on fine in the front position, and found it to be surprisingly comfortable.
But I'm having trouble wearing her on my back! The website says you need someone to help you get the baby in this position, but is it possible to do it on your own? If not, then a carrier like this is pretty worthless for me. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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Yes! I've used both the Bed Method and the Hip Method (my preferred method) to put the baby on the back in the Sutemi by myself.

For the hip method, loosen the waist straps first (a bit hard on the Sutemi, I know). Once you have the baby on the hip (for this purpose, on your right hip) with your right hand holding the baby's back & the outer body of the carrier, take the left shoulder strap with your left hand, and in one movement while bending forward, use your right hand slide the baby & carrier onto your back and your left hand to pull the shoulder strap onto your front. Buckle the left shoulder strap, bring the right shoulder strap to the front & buckle, and tighten the waist band.

BTW, I've also posted a tip for putting baby in the Sutemi front carry that may be useful.

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Thank you SO much! That was exactly the kind of thing I was looking for!
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