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Hello World.

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Hello everyone! I'm pretty new to forum type places like this,

so, I'm kind of going out on a limb here.


I live in Maine, with my boyfriend, and I am 34 weeks pregnant with our baby.

He will be arriving Nov 27th, (maybe a week late if I have any control in the matter!)

and we are very very excited!


We are interested in medication free birth (I've gone my entire pregnancy without

even the cold/pain relievers doctors allow), opting out of vaccinations, exclusively

breastfeeding, and an all over natural, wholesome, and educated life for our family.


I really like the looks of this website, and can't wait to see what

all you other mommas have to say about all the

facets of parenting!

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So nice to see you here!! Congrats on your upcoming birth plans! Hope all goes as planned!

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Thank you so much ^.^

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this is a awesome community welcome.

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Thank you so much :]

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