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Very early with red spotting

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I will be 5 weeks tomorrow with my third pregnancy. I have been spotting red very lightly on and off for several days now. At this point, I plan to call my family doctor's office tomorrow to get in for an appointment. I don't know how much reassurance I can get since an ultrasound would not show very much and I don't plan to pursue that at this point. But perhaps a blood test or two could shed some light on what is going on: namely progesterone (once) and hcg (probably need to be done twice to see if it increases as it is supposedly to).

Any suggestions/thoughts? I really dislike this feeling of uncertainty....
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I found having my HCG levels drawn 2x to show an increase to really help ease my mind, though I still am feeling all worried. Are you having any cramping?  Also if you spotted any with your first pregnancies it can sometimes increase with each subsequent pregnancy (especially if you are staying busy with care taking little ones.


And asking for a progesterone test seems like a good idea as well to know your body is functioning optimally. I had a friend tell me she spotted insanely every day for her whole pregnancy. It seems kind of crummy that the early signs of healthy pregnancy are also signs of potential miscarriage, so not really good for keeping healthy thoughts.




Hope you find out soon what is going on.

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Yes I have had spotting with each pregnancy. With the first it was around 11, 12 weeks. With the second, it was around 8 weeks. This time it is at 4 weeks. Oddly there is a pattern: a month sooner with each pregnancy.

Cramping? Not really. Just a bit of tenderness I would call it in my pelvic region but it could be that I am just being super conscious of any little twinge.

I made an appointment this afternoon with a doctor with my family doctor's office. My doctor is out of the office. Hopefully the doctor I am seeing will understand my anxiety....
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I had spotting with both pregnancies, and after taking my hcg levels with my second, I was even told I was having a miscarriage and to prepare for losing the baby. She's now a happy, healthy 2 year old. Anecdotal evidence, but I hope yours is nothing as well.

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Thanks for sharing, Dahlea.


Unfortunately the doctor I saw was not particularly compassionate. She did order hcg, both qualitative and quantative. I mentioned progesterone and her response was something like "we don't do that because we don't know what to do with it". We discussed ultrasound briefly which I agreed was not in order since we likely wouldn't see much. She stated that she felt a transvaginal ultrasound could upset a pregnancy. I found that very odd because when I had fertility treatments for my first, it was standard protocol to do transvaginal ultrasounds around 6 and 8 weeks pregnant to see the number of bubs developing, that the pregnancy was in the uterus and that the fetus was developing.


I felt she was a tad judgmental about this being an unplanned pregnancy and suggested better birth control (she might have a point there but it seemed like an inappropriate comment to me).

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Blood draw was on Monday and on Thursday I got a call to tell me that my levels are "okay". I am going in for the repeat blood draw this afternoon and as long as that comes back good, I am going to try to relax and start thinking about where to have this baby.

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Glad your levels are good. Also wtf that doctor suggesting better birth control! That's so out of line.


I had spotting at both 5 and 8 weeks this time around and was very worried. My hcg levels looked good both times and I'm now 25 weeks with no issues. Hoping the same for you.

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loveandgarbage - If I was in the exam room visibly upset about being pregnant, I would have understood the comment. Also if she would have prefaced the comment with something like "unless you are okay with being surprised again" it would have come across differently.

I had some red spotting again last night.
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I had spotting several times during pregnancy (and some cramping) and the end result was a full term baby.  


It really sucked every time it happened and was super worrying.  hug.gif Hugs to you and congrats on your pregnancy and hope the rest of it goes smooth.  I would consider changing ASAP doctors if I were you.  It can make such a huge difference! 

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Got a call from the doctor's office and my second test increased as expected. So looks like things should proceed. I was hoping to go to an open house at the nearby birth center tomorrow night but we are in the path of Hurricane Sandy. I guess it will have to wait a week.

Sol_y_Paz - That doctor is one of ten in my primary care doctor's practice. My doctor was out of the office. I will refuse to take an appointment with that other doctor in the future.
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