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Ergo and Orchiopexy

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Hello babywearers!


We don't have a car and my Ergo is a Godsend getting around with my 15 month old.  


Tomorrow he is having surgery (orchiopexy = lowering of his testicle) and I'm stumped as to how we are going to get around.  I wonder how long I should wait before carrying him in the Ergo.  Maybe I will have to use a lightweight umbrella stroller?


Just thought perhaps I'd ask to see if anyone has had this same experience.  Of course I will ask his doctor, but I almost trust you mamas better!


Any thoughts?



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Is he still small enough to sit sideways in the ergo? Or maybe with one leg tucked up? That's all I can think of I'm afraid. I hope he recovers quickly.
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I would probably try a wagon or umbrella stroller. My 10 month old was just given her cousin's wagon, and really likes it. We typically use a SSC or woven wrap for long walks around town. My DD prefers the wagon to the stroller. She starts to cry and get afraid in the stroller after ten or fifteen minutes. She's lasted much longer in the wagon.
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 I would not worry about it unless he is uncomfortable and in pain. DS was not uncomfortable and wanted to climb fencing. 

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