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Has anyone used scholarship software?

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I've spent the last few semesters going on pure pell grant (after learning that student loans are evil, sadly about 5 years too late). The problem is that I changed my major a couple of times (and got my associates at a different school in a totally different field where the hours didn't transfer to anything useful for my current degree), so I'm almost out of pell grant available to me. I called and they said that I have enough for next semester and then I'm on my own. 


So we've started saving and plan on saving taxes, but it would be great if I could get some scholarships. Since I don't go full time (too hard with two kids), none of the ones through my school are available to me at the moment. I will be going full time for my last year though because I have to for my education classes (biology teaching major). Anyway, Dave Ramsey mentions in his book that a spoke with a lady who got some sort of scholarship program and applied to a ton and ended up getting quite a few. I don't need to get a bunch, but if I don't have to pay for my schooling out of pocket, it would be great. 


Has anyone actually used one of these programs? Was it a ton of work to apply to them all? How many did you end up applying to and how many did you get? Which one did you use? Did you pay for it? 


Thanks in advance!

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I have applied to about 100 scholarships over the past year and was awarded one... It was through the school I hope to start next year and goes straight to tuition.

I have used the scholarship search websites and usually feel like there are soo many people I don't stand a chance or that the website is fishy and I'm being scammed. See if there is a forum for people in your major and network on there to find scholarships that people have won in the past.

Another thing to try is to find another school with your major and see if their fin aid page has any scholarshps listed that are open to students in any program. Sometimes alumni offer scholarships for persons going into a specific field but do not require the person to be attending their program.

Good luck!

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I used a popular scholarship website and applied for a buch when I was attending college a few years ago. I did not get a single scholarship but I did start getting tons of scamy emails to signup for loans and all kinds of junk. I had a 3.8 GPA too.

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I had MUCH MUCH better luck with local scholarships.  They are harder to find, but easier to get.  I suggest talking with the financial aid/scholarship office at your school.  They often have information regarding scholarships offered by local clubs, organizations, business groups, etc.  Other than that, Google is your friend.  Use the key word "non-traditional student" when searching.  I would never suggest paying for scholarship applications/submissions--too scam-y.


Here's a few ideas to get you started...


http://www.danielsfund.org/Scholarships/Index.asp (look at the Daniels Opportunity Scholarship)




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Thanks everyone! I'll try talking to my financial aid office about local ones. I know that any that go through the actual school you have to be full time, but maybe there are local ones that I don't. 

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I wanted to mention that even if you don't get a Pell this semester, you may still get grants from your school.  This semester I didn't get the Pell as I had last semester (I imagine since our income increased significantly) but I did get a public grant from my state as well as a grant from my school.  I was covered to attend without any expense to me.  I also applied to all of the local scholarships that applied to me (found through my school) and didn't get anything.  Good luck!!!   

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