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VBAC MAMAS!! Are you ready?!?

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I'm having a hard time keeping straight who all is expecting to VBAC this time around.  Are you VBACing?  Is this your first VBAC?  Where do you plan to deliver?   I am hoping to rally us all and for us to share our positive (and should we need to, negative) stories, thoughts, ideas...  It's almost time!

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I am VBACing for the first time, at the hospital, which is 10 minutes at most from my house.  So I plan on laboring a while at home.  I want to make brownies while in labor, to help bribe the nurses into not fighting me on my birthplan.  Not that it's crazy, I just would rather start out as friends.  My DD was breech, so that was the reason for my c/s.  This baby is heads down, thought posterior.  I'm not real worried about the posterior, I have been going to the chiro and walking a lot, sitting on my birth ball, and will try some more hands and knees.  Honestly, I'm not going to do much more until labor begins.  Anyways, I think I have a good OB practice, just 2 docs who are supportive, and my best friend is a doula.  My other homebirthing best friend will be there, too, I think.  So I'm kinda excited for this!  38 weeks today!

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This will be my second VBAC.  I had my DD last February at the hospital.  This time around I am MUCH more relaxed.  I am anxious about the work of labor and getting through it, but I know I CAN do it so that helps. 


I suppose that is the difference between my first VBAC and hopefully what will be my second try.  This time around i am not so much concerned about actually getting my VBAC it is more about the mental prep of just going through labor and birth.  I am fortunate, in that the hospital I attend is supportive of natural birth and does not have a problem with VBAC's.


My first VBAC experience was certainly different than what I had read about.  I thought I would have to fight for it at the hospital but found the opposite was true.  That was a tremendous relief and allowed me to really focus on the work at hand.  I had a very empowering positive experience.


Good luck to all of us!

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I am a VBAC hopeful, though my hope took a beating this week. I apologize in advance for the dark post. 


I posted about this, but DD2 is currently transverse. If she stays that way, I have to schedule a section. I just read that on another site, moms with transverse babies may have to have a vertical scar, which eliminates the possibility of VBA2C in my area. I'm scared and sad and ticked off today. 


If (please, G-d) she flips, this will be my first VBAC. I'll be in a very supportive hospital with midwives that have the highest success rate in my area and a doula that is the self-proclaimed VBAC Queen. (FWIW, she deals with VBAC almost exclusively, and in her 10-year career, had two clients not have vaginal births). I see a chiro regularly and am waiting for a call back from an acupuncturist to see if they take my insurance. 


Good luck and to us all!

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Hi! I am on my 3rd VBAC :) I didn't have any problems with my previous two VBACs. Like all other first time VBACers I was seriously stressed when I went in to have DD2. Honestly, I was so stressed it probably contributed to it being such a long labor. My advice is focus less on the "What if I have to repeat?" focus more on the "What am I going to do to get through this labor and birth?" Put c/s out of your mind as hard as that seems. Focusing on that is not going to help, go into it saying "IF I repeat it will be when *I* say I'm ready for it." I wish I had focused more on labor when I went in for my first one. Second time my only focus was pain meds after being foolish and using some home methods to get labor to kick up I was in a serious hurt. This time I know to let things happen as they do and see how long I can go without pain meds, hopefully through the whole thing, but if not it's not the end of the world :) Each birth has been progressively better so I'm hoping that trend continues! Last time I had hoped to have a UC, but when the pain got bad enough I opted to go to the hospital. In the long run it was a good choice, turned out her cord was wrapped around her neck three times and I know DH would have freaked. The OB freaked on me when she saw her coming out that way and started yelling at me not to push. That makes all three of mine with cords around their necks (my #1 was around her neck and arm, but that had nothing to do with her c/s). I'm sure it has to do with my low placenta (every blasted time) so I didn't even consider HB this time. HBMWs are too expensive and DH couldn't handle it on his own :p Plus we moved about 45 minutes from the hospital and EMSA doesn't come out here so I'd be in deep crap if things went south.

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 My DD was breech, so that was the reason for my c/s.  



Highly motivated first VBAC-er here.  This round, I'm actually feeling more relaxed, and more comfortable with my plans.  Our HBMW is really reputable, and could do breech if it was a frank breech, so praise G_d that's my one worry covered.  At the moment, mainly my plan is to get to 35 weeks and then try to get labor started alright already because I am so excited to meet this new one.  I'm hoping for a November baby, but if I go late, I'll be cool with that too, I feel like I could wait until the Super Bowl if I had to, I just want to hold this baby FIRST. 

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Vbac hopeful here too! My first was severe pre-e, failed induction on magnesium, c-section at 33 weeks. Because of the mag, I couldn't see my son for 24 hours. I'm at 37 weeks tomorrow, so that in itself is a huge deal for me. I've been having contractions all day today and had a bit of mucus come out this morning (sorry tmi), so I'm getting really excited that I might actually get to do this!!! My c-section/birth experience was pretty traumatic in itself, but I think it was even harder being steeped in natural birth culture for my whole life. I grew up on a small family farm watching kittens, calves and foals being born. I was at my sister's two unmedicated births. I was planning a home birth for my first. My motto was "pregnancy and birth are not diseases." And then I got a disease. greensad.gif and every birth intervention you can think of.
I think I've had every possible emotion about this birth. Dread, excitement, even resigned to the possibility of getting sick again. I'm very "in my head" about all of it, and I just try my best to stop my thoughts from getting away from me. Just trying to take it one day at a time. And when labor comes, one contraction at a time. Lean on people for support when I can, and make the best, most well-informed decisions that I can.
I feel like I'm in good hands with my midwives and the hospital I'm going to. Their vbac success rate for the first half of this year was 85%! That was really awesome to see. I'm hoping the odds work in my favor when it comes to my turn.

Fayebond: I'm with you on the holding baby first!!! I put in my birth plan that I want to help catch!!.! smile.gif
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I'm on my second VBAC, possibly 2nd VHBAC. I have to say that unvofrtunately my first VBAC wasn'T the healing experience I had hoped for. I had a very long labour and an exhausting and very violent 2 hours of pushing without ever having the urge to push.

So this time around all odds are off again. I would love to finally get the natural birth at home I have always believed my body to be capable of. But if we end up transfering to the clinic to get a little help if needed, I will come to terms with that as well ( I am still far off from accepting that it might be another c/s though. I just realised that...). It's just weird for me not to know where the baby will be born. Of course you never do, but the last two times we had planned a HB and this time we are kind of planning a HB with a 50% chance of transfering halfway through. I will definitely start labor at home though.


Tomorrow I am going in for another U/S, which wasn't planned. I have never had an U/S that late in a pregnancy (latest to date was at 20weeks and I am almost 38 now), so this should be interesting/weird. The reason is that my mw has learned there is a new hype about making sure the placenta hasn't attached to the scar tissue from a previous cesarian, because that can possibly cause problems (i.e. premature detachment or difficulties to detach after the baby is born). So since we are likely to go to the clinic after all, we have to make sure this is not the case with me, bc they will want to know.

I don'T mind getting the U/S but I am a little shocked about this latest trend. Apparently they are promoting that women who are getting pregnant again after a c/s should have a first screening in week8-10 and in case of the placenta having attached to the uterine scar tissue they are recommending termination jaw2.gifWTF? seriously?! because of a slightly raised risk of complications later on? I can't believe how sick the world has become. My mw too said she couldn't sleep the whole night after this new information.


Originally my EDD was Nov 6th but due to a long cycle and the fact that I went 5 days late with both my previous pregnancies we have pushed the date to the 11th so we buy some more time and don't have to get stressed about being given a hard time at the clinic if I go considerably over.


Anyway - good luck to us all! May we all have healing and empowering birthing experiences goodvibes.gifpraying.gif

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Not a VBAC candidate here (c-section) ... just sending you all good Vbac mojo and good birthing juju!!!! You can do it , Mama's!!!!

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I'm planning my first VBAC in the hospital where DH and I both work. Everyone there has been supportive so far but the main thing is who is on when you go in in labour so we'll see.

I am 38 weeks tomorrow and wasn't feeling very confident that thinks would work out but in the last week I have discovered that my cervix is shortening and softening and, for the last 3 days I have had some painful tightenings while feeding my toddler. Not much to go on but more than I ever had the first time when my cervix was long and hard at 42 weeks *after* cervadil and my BH were never painful. So now I'm thinking maybe I could go into labour by myself - yay!

All the best to everyone else. I'm looking forward to hearing our birth stories soon.
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