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Chocolate Chip: The doggie is doing better. The vet mentioned that he is the right age for a seizure disorder. They took some blood to rule out anything, but he  seems better this evening. He was a little out of sorts during the day. 


I did fall asleep at my desk. Oops. If someone hadn't called with a wrong number, I wouldn't have woken up to pick up the kids for their music lessons. That would have been a panicky call from hubby when he went by the music building and didn't find my son. Luckily, they still go to their after school program before music and would have been there. Glad I didn't cut that day off of the day care schedule.

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You're welcome, Jodie!


chocolatechip - if this is your first baby it can take longer to feel the real kicks.  I don't know why, maybe you grow new neurons around your uterus? LOL.  I'm getting kicked all over now.  Big kicks, that I can feel from the outside if I have my hand in the right place.  Also, with your second you're not so worried about raw sushi and stuff and you may choose to eat it regularly.  Or maybe that's just me. :bag:


Chapsie - I am enjoying my little wombling now but I sense that within another month or so I will be counting down the days to my due date - once today I've had a good stomp on my cervix and it brought all the memories back of DD and how damned UNCOMFORTABLE she was - or I was - towards the end of my pregnancy with her.  And if this one is bigger... well, I'm trying to be grateful for every day of little kicks!


My ultrasound is tomorrow morning, bright and way-too-early.  I'm looking forward to it except the "drink lots of water and don't pee" part - although I'm not going to drink anywhere near what they say because I know I'll just be told to pee it out.


I had a moment of really intense nausea this morning - I woke up with a massive headache and tried to take a tylenol but I totally gagged on it, it was so gross. (somehow I keep buying the ones with sugary coating, I hate those).  Then I felt disgusting for half an hour after... which was probably exacerbated by not sleeping much and feeling all shaky and sleep-deprived.  But after I dropped DH and DD off I came home and slept some more then ate a really good breakfast and felt okay.  I'm fading now but I should be able to rock out some dinner before I crash completely.

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Going to try for a quickie run-by post! :)  I am going to bed in 10 minutes!!! :)


Spughy- Good luck at the u/s tomorrow.  I am excited to hear all about it! :) psht! drink shmink!  I only had to do that for DD2 and it was HORRIBLE!  To top it all off, the u/s tech took her good old time and I was in there for over an hour!

Chapsie--  Happy to hear about your growth and what God has brought you through.  I had two losses in a year (I actually lost the second baby on the due date of the first loss.  I am amazed at what I have been able to get through and am really enjoying my pregnancy despite some of the symptoms, but I have been bleeding throughout (See below) and it is causing me to go a little loopy.  How do you get through the crazy moments of doubt?


veganyogamamma-  Sorry for the DH's ex issues.  Sooo annoying.  Also, I don't think she can legally have her mother take over custody, but I am no expert.


maydaymom-  I have a snoogle.  It is amazing!  If you get any pregnancy pillow, look at that first.  It comes with my highest recommendation.


chocolatechip- Happy Anniversary!  Happy Anniversary! Happy Anniversary! HAAAAAPPYjoy.gif Anniversary!  I am glad the date was so nice and that you felt so special on such a wonderful day! :)


Everyone elsewave.gif


Melany- I am sorry for that rotten night.  I am hoping doggy ends up ok and doesn't have to deal with this on a recurring basis.


Sleep-  Mine is pretty ok... IF I get to bed early enough.  I wake up to pee at LEAST 4 times a night, but I try not to look at the clock and that helps me not lay awake counting how many hours until I wake up. ;)


Braxton Hicks- I've been feeling them for a while now. Prob since 12 weeks.  I agree they feel a little weird, usually.  But sometimes, I feel my uterus and realize that it is all hard and I am having one but not feeling it.  I wish that's how labor would go for me! lol.


Libido-  It's BAAAAACK!  lol.  1st trimester was the pits, but now that I am in the second trimester....I am ready to go broc1.gif.... Problem is that DH's work is making things difficult.  He was on second shift (2 pm- midnight) for a while and then went on thirds (8pm-8am) and then transitioned back to firsts which would have been great except that's when I decided to go to bed at 8 pm every night! lol. 


AFM- Ten minutes is up, but I have to share.  I had more bleeding this weekend, while I was visiting my sister in Detroit.  Talk about a fright!  After two uneventful full-term pregnancies with no bleeding or any problems, I have two miscarriages.  And don't you know it, the pregnancy that comes after the losses has me bleeding all the time with no apparent cause besides, "These things sometimes happen, even in normal healthy pregnancies." The sight of blood sends me reeling every time.  Luckily, I am feeling solid movement, now, so that is a little more reassuring than the bleeding in the first trimester.  Anyway, the day following my bleeding was my scheduled 20 wk u/s...Good timing.  I am happy to report a healthy and active baby measuring right on dates!  And I am officially Team Green (for the first time EVER!) because I didn't cave!  I had the strength (stubborness???) to stick to my guns and word about  not finding out! :)  Feels good for now, but I wonder how I will feel in a month or two! lol.gif


Well!  I hope you all have a great night!  I may chat more about my trip to my sister's tomorrow, but it has been 15 minutes and I have to go. to. sleep!!! :D

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Good morning everyone!


We were up bright and early for the us appointment this morning and thankfully everything went smoothly - although I didn't get the laundry done yesterday so DD had "no socks" (there were socks in her drawer, there were just vague things wrong with them) but fortunately my feet are very small and I wear mostly kids socks anyway so I stuck some of mine on her and she was happy. (And how sad is that, that a six-year-old can wear my socks???) Then of course after all our efforts to get to the clinic by 8 they were running late.  But the scan went well, baby seems healthy and all its bits are in the right place and DH decided at the last minute to NOT be told the gender, but he did look while the tech was doing the "gender area" - that term made me laugh.  Is it so hard to say "genitals"? Who says "gender area"?  "Ow, jeez, you just nailed me in the gender area" LOL.  Anyway, he said he couldn't make out a thing and still has no clue.  That makes me lean towards girl, but I don't know for sure.  The gender DOES go on the report to the midwife, so she'll know and she can tell DH if he gets spazzy about it later on.  I'm just happy that the baby looks healthy.


AND I got a good night's sleep last night!!! I realized that our ultra-firm mattress might be why I haven't been sleeping so well so I hauled out the hide-a-bed in our spare room, which is a foam mattress with two squishy mattress toppers on top, and slept there last night and I only really woke up once to go pee.  OH SO NICE!!!!  Even though I had to wake up half an hour earlier than normal I feel SO much better today.  I can put the mattress toppers on our mattress and they will make it much squishier so that might be the best long-term solution, although I have to admit that I sleep better without DH in bed with me anyway.  I so, so SUCK at cosleeping. With anyone.  I blame my parents - I was in a crib by myself from day 1 and never to to sleep snuggled up.  Although, I might have just been that way genetically because I remember I hated sleeping close to my sister when we were camping and I was really small.

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Sushi: I live in Vancouver BC, which has at least one sushi restaurant on every corner - down to the level of sushi to go at the 7-11 and other junk/fast food places.  I eat it at lest once a week, staying away from the raw fish.  I find the rice, vegetable, cooked fish - simplicity of it perfect for when my belly and super-power nose can't handle much.  


Sleep: I wake up at 4:00 and sleep fitfully from then on in. Blah.  I've been experimenting with an eye pillow - though I feel like some sort of ridiculous diva, it helps me sleep. 


Ultrasound: My ultrasound in in one hour:  I'm looking forward to seeing baby.  I'm really looking forward to being with my partner when he sees baby.  This was a very powerful point of connection  at the dating u/s.  I am thankful for Canadian health care: all my tests, midwife, hospital involvement everything is included in my citizenship.  I pay only half of massage, chiropractor, and pay in full for the Doula (not included in BC healthcare).   Not to go too deep into the political, but I can't recommend this enough.  We moved from Portland, my partner's home, back to my home, BC, in order to have and raise our baby, because I felt so scared with the insecurity of health care (and maternity leave).  


Libido:  mine too is missing.  I keep waiting for the sex drive of 2nd term I've heard so much about - I would love it, but with all the nausea.... I'm wanting to feel the desire, and the physical connection with my partner, which is so bonding --  but I'm not.  


State of mind: The last few months I've been in a pretty good place of clairty and calm (though puking most days).  I'm starting to feel stress: we're moving in one week and travelling down to Portland Or for a memorial on the weekend.  I've hired a truck and some teens from the school I work at to move us, and reduced my hours at work to only 20 next week, and we have lots of help, and a big part of the work is done, but I'm still feeling pretty maxed out.  I'm looking forward to our new place: much more light and great location and a second room to be a guest room for family visiting and nursery for when "EERF" (what my husband calls the babe) needs it.  People say much better now then later, and my mind knows they are right, but it's not much fun.  Up till now, I've been really enjoying the state of grace I've been in with the pregnancy.  The only thing I can compare it to is the clarity that can come with the devastation of grief, where on the other side it becomes crystal clear what to put your energy into and what is a priority.  I feel all that clarity without the devastation.  How have other's been feeling with regards to their state of mind?

I wish you all a great week. 
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Darnit! All this talk about sushi and I want some, again!


I had a wretched night, last night. Still, I actually remember one of my dreams, which is surprising because I have been sleeping deeply enough, when I do sleep, that I don't typically recall anything. And, of course, I dreamed that my baby had been born, at home, was happy, healthy and a girl... for whom we had no name picked. This is the second time this pregnancy that I've dreamed about this Bun being a girl. I wonder if it's a sign...

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melany, I'm glad the dog is doing better! It is always so sad when they start getting noticeably older. :(


jodieanneanton, I'm sorry you have to deal with so much bleeding all the time. :( I think I would have a really hard time with that, even if all other signs suggested things were fine. But how awesome that you had your ultrasound, and everything looks great! Hooray!!!


spughy, "gender area," ::snicker:: And hooray that your ultrasound shows everything looks good too! And that you got a good night's sleep. We have a memory foam mattress, and I think that's made a big difference for me. I'm finding more and more that the most comfortable position is on my left side, but I start feeling like my left side gets a little sore when I sleep almost entirely on that side. I can't imagine what it would be like with a really firm mattress.


SamSarah, totally jealous about your healthcare system. Not to get too political either. wink1.gif Good luck with the move, and keeping your stress level down!


As for sushi, I have to say, if it were just me, I would probably eat the raw fish. smile.gif We have a great high-quality sushi place we normally go to every few months or so, I've never had a problem with their food, and they do a really good job. Even my midwives said that if it's a place I ate at regularly and hadn't had problems, it was probably fine. But my husband has been so good and has been willing for me to make so many decisions about what feels right to me (home birth, minimal testing, some food choices, etc.), that I find myself quite willing to compromise with him on the couple of things he's finding himself particularly worried about. Like raw fish. smile.gif So be it!


More house guests coming in this evening - time to go make sure I've got things ready for them...

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Meh. Raw fish.  I eat grocery store sushi all the time, even now.  When we go to Hawaii next month I will probably partake of poke from dodgy places there too. My DH knows better than to question me on these things, LOL.  I drink raw milk too.  And have the odd raw egg in my smoothie.  The one I worry most about is deli meat - but I still eat that, too.  And I'll drink half a beer here and there as well.  Y'all can laugh when my kiddo comes out with three eyes like Blinky the Fish but the ultrasound this morning looked ok.  I think if it's something you were eating regularly before you got pregnant, it's unlikely you'll come across any bugs or whatnot that will upset your pregnant system, but pregnancy isn't the time to suddenly START eating raw fish or drinking raw milk. 


I think I need to go get me some sushi for dinner now. yummy.gif


And SamSarah - I completely agree about our health care system.  It is SO nice not to have any of that a worry or a concern.  We are especially blessed here in BC to have midwives covered for both home and hospital births and to have them have prescribing and hospital privileges - not all of Canada has that.  Here there are even basically ENOUGH midwives that it's not a fight to get in with one like in some parts of Ontario.  I wish doulas were covered, but in the grand scheme of things that's a minor quibble!

Cabbitdancer I had a dream that I had a baby girl too.  But she was shockingly ugly - protruding eyes and my dad's nose (on a baby's face, not a good thing) and crooked yellow teeth (yes, teeth!).  But I loved her all the same, I think... I like to think of dreams like that as preparing my brain for things that are worse than anything could possibly be in reality, so no matter what, I will be entirely delighted with whatever comes out...


ETA: I do worry, actually, that this child won't be as good looking, smart, or generally awesome as DD.  Does anyone else have those fears? Mamas with more than one child - is it hard, if subsequent children aren't as genetically well-endowed as the first?  Ok, YES, mama bias here... but DD did so well out of the gene-shuffling, I hate to think that her younger sibling might be shortchanged compared to her.   Seven years difference will no doubt help avoid direct comparisons, but still....

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spughy- I am a raw milk drinker, too!  :)  Wouldn't have  it any other way... except in the first trimester. lol.


When I was pregnant with DD2, I had those same fears.  How will the second ever measure up? DD1 is soooooo cute and soooooo smart and sooo well-behaved and soooooo.... the list went on and on. DD2 is also soooo cute and smart and it is awesome because I have seen how although they are very different from eachother, they are both "soooo..." of whatever trait.  Charlotte is sooo cute and Lucy is sooooo cute!  I love Lucy's curly hair and I remember thinking "If #2 doesn't have curly hair, she won't be as cute."  But you know what???  Charlotte is sooo cute and she has poker straight hair!!!  I can't even think of one whole child as better than another.  The only thing I can really say is that DD2 is soooo much better at sleeping than her big sister! winky.gif

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Oh you crazy sushi eaters make me feel like such a wimp. I went out with a friend last weekend but stuck to the cooked rolls & such. Maybe I'll get daring next time :)


I haven't had any baby dreams yet, and don't know if I will. I never had any with DS. I do worry about how my daughter will compare to my son. He is adorable & everyone loves him - handsome, good natured, fairly laid back. I wonder how this one will compare other than being a girl rather than a boy. I also hope that they get along. I know that there will be plenty of fights, but I really hope that they grow up close. I guess time will tell. I still wonder what she will look like. Somehow DS got my recessive gene coloring - blonde & blue in a family full of brunette & brown eyes on either side (I'm the only blonde haired, blue eyed kid in my family. DH has no blonde hair on his side, but there are some blue/green eyes). So fun to think about. 


Well, I'm patiently waiting for DH to get home and take me out for my birthday. DS is coming with, so I'm sure we're headed to a casual family place. Which is fine - as long as they have cake on the menu and I don't have to cook! thumb.gif

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Congrats to those who've had positive ultrasounds!! I'd love to see pictures if any of you would like to share thumb.gif.

I used to drink raw milk, especially when I was pregnant with DD. The research I did showed that the likelihood of there being a problem with the milk was low mainly because it was a small, local farm using humane practices. I would never drink raw milk, pregnant or not, if it came from one of those mass producing farms. I don't drink it anymore because we don't have the extra money and I don't know where to get it around here. I do eat a lot of lunch meat, though, which I've heard is bad during pregnancy but I've been eating it for years and I've never had an issue. I also buy good quality meat which I'm sure hèlps a lot.

We got DD a Halloween costume today! She's going to be cupcake lol.gif. I can't wait, she's going to be super cute and will have a lot of fun trick-or-treating. What are some other costumes in this DDC?
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I had to head over to Seattle for work yesterday and had planned on sleeping on my sister's couch. She called me up and mentioned that her fiance was having a jam session in the basement where the couch lives and planned to play until midnight. Wow, do I feel old. I drove over the pass and headed home instead, opting to not be in the office today. The doggie's blood work came back and the vet is concerned that due to the severity of the seizure he has a seizure disorder or epilepsy. He will start some anti-seizure medication which he has to take twice a day for the rest of his life. Poor guy. The part that is scary is if you miss a few doses it can trigger a seizure. One does missed in a month isn't bad, but if you miss more than that it can be dangerous. I'm not sure if I'm ready for that one. I forget to water my plants on a regular basis, how will I remember this? 

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Melany has your dog had seizures before this?  It seems odd that a vet would conclude seizure disorder or epilepsy from an (inconclusive?) blood test and prescribe meds right away.  Our vet said the seizures, while annoying and problematic to clean up after, weren't likely to be dangerous for the dog and she was reluctant to try to do anything about them until we figured out what was causing it.  When we went through tons of tests to rule out bacterial infections, allergies, parasites, genetic problems etc. and nothing turned up she still didn't prescribe anything.  It took us literally years to figure out what was causing them, the dog would have one irregularly - sometimes once or twice a week, then sometimes months between them.  But she is now 10 years old, in really good health, and they haven't caused any long-term damage at all.  The medicine sounds worse than the problem - and I'm not anti-medication, by any means, but you might want to get a second opinion?


Linnaea - you are lucky you can still put your DD in super-cute little costumes.  A cupcake!  Adorable!  Mine is older, fully entrenched in the Harry Potter fandom, and will be Hermione Granger for Halloween, along with a billion other little girls around the world.  Oh well, it's better than a "sexy pirate" or something equally horrible.  We were at the dentist this morning, DD was having her teeth cleaned and the hygienist asked her what she was going to be for halloween.  DD of course had her mouth wide open and a polishing brush and a sucky thing in there and was able only to say "gaa gaaa" and the hygienist went "Oh, Lady Gaga?" LOL.  I bet she did that just to amuse herself.  DD just pointed at me when she was asked questions after that.


Maydaymom10 how was your birthday dinner?

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spughy: She literally prescribed it yesterday after seeing him on Tuesday. He has not had seizures (that we know of) before. She was concerned and wanted to put him on medication sooner rather than later because of how long the seizure lasted. I am concerned with the medication because of the risks of missing a dose. My husband is picking up the literature on the medication. 

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Wow, I can't imagine going through that with my dog.  I am a bad dog owner as it is.  He's a good dog, I just don't have the extra energy to love on him like he wants.  


I had a horrible morning... we are all sick with colds, and because of that, my daughter woke up several times in the night and has been super cranky (she's 2).  I slept horribly because of a stuffy nose and then when I did sleep, I slept on my side funky and woke up to bad back pain.  My son (age 4) got up this morning and started throwing up repeatedly (from all the mucous from his cold... he refuses to blow his nose, so he just swallows it all and it irritates his tummy, sorry if TMI) and was crying hysterically. I tried to help him, but couldn't see well and my right eye was really hurting.  I realized that my right contact was missing (I have night and day contacts so I sleep in them) and couldn't find it anywhere.  15 minutes later, my eye was totally hurting in the corner by the tear duct so I looked in the mirror and saw part of it-- it had somehow folded in on itself in thirds and got lost in the back of my eyeball.  So gross!  haha.  I've worn contacts for over 10 years and I've never had this problem before!


Anyway... after some coffee, things started to get better.  :)


I had my anatomy scan this morning and the baby (still a girl!) looks super healthy!  What a relief!!!   I had been so anxious for the scan and my imagination was running wild on me.  I am a neonatal nurse and so I see and hear lots of crazy things and it is hard to not think the worst is going to happen to your kid, you know?  But she looks awesome.  YAY!


And then I came home and finally got the results of the lactation exam I took in July.  It took 3 months to get the results (they analyze the exam after we take it) but I passed!!!!  I am now an international board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC)!!!

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Melany, I would be getting a second opinion, too, if you can afford it. If he's never had a seizure before, and the tests are inconclusive, it seems like she's really jumping the gun on this one.


Congratulations, Chapsie! Hopefully, you can feel better enough to really enjoy it, soon!


Linnaea, I love it when they're willing to go for the more original ideas! My daughter has been a purple dragon and a superhero princess fox, the two years she's really been old enough to have her own opinion. This year, she wants to be princess Darth Vader. I really need to get to work on that, though, if we're going to have it done in time for Halloween. ;)


Last night, man... I crashed on the couch at 7:30 and was still tired when I got up at 7, this morning. I do feel better, though, for having had almost 12 hours of sleep. :P I suppose this is my trade-off for the lack of nausea in the first trimester--I get to be exhausted the whole time.


Have any of you seen the "Where Do I Come From?" video? I think it came out in the early 80s and is based on a book from the 70s. My daughter is utterly fascinated with it. (I have to admit that I remember being fascinated with it, too, when I was a kid.) It's utterly ridiculous. ;)

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Melany, my dog had a seizure years ago and then never had one again. So it is possible for it to be a fluke thing. Our vet said don't worry about it unless it happens again! I would definitely talk to someone else before starting medication... not to be all "conspiracy theorist" but I wonder if vets get incentive to prescribe certain medication? And I would have gone home too rather than stay up tip midnight - I'm lucky to make it to 10pm most nights. My late night partying days are long gone! Haha

Chapsie, congrats!!!

AFM I think we may have found a place to live! DHs old boss owns a condo that he's flipping. Most of the major work is already done but its taken him 5 years to get that far. DH is talking to him about making a deal for us to live there until the end of April in exchange for finishing what needs to be done. I said as long as there is a finished area that I can gate off so our DD has space to play freely, then I am on board. We are planning a cross-country move at the end of April (am I insane?!??) So we only need something short term. I will be ecstatic to move out of my MIL's apartment!!!! Fingers crossed.
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I called the vet. Since the seizure lasted over 15 minutes, she was concerned that this wasn't a fluke. We did see the dog breathing really hard while lying down about a week before the big seizure and Pete pointed out that this was a lot like how he was breathing during the big middle of the night one. We are theorizing that he has been having little seizures prior to the big one that we hadn't really noticed. Due to the severity of the seizure and his blood levels, the vet really wants us to start the medication. If he has another one that is as long, or longer, it could be very bad for him.

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Oh, yes 15 minutes is a very long time for a seizure to last.  My dog's seizures only lasted a minute or so.  I can understand your vet's concern.  How old is your dog?

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Melany - so sorry that you're going through that with your dog.  I remember when my cat was sick how scary that was.  Hopefully the medication works without too many side-effects.
Originally Posted by spughy View Post

ETA: I do worry, actually, that this child won't be as good looking, smart, or generally awesome as DD.  Does anyone else have those fears? Mamas with more than one child - is it hard, if subsequent children aren't as genetically well-endowed as the first?  Ok, YES, mama bias here... but DD did so well out of the gene-shuffling, I hate to think that her younger sibling might be shortchanged compared to her.   Seven years difference will no doubt help avoid direct comparisons, but still....


I totally have those fears.  DS is smart, happy, independent, and cute as a button.  But I'm sure new beb will be amazing in his/her own ways.


Feel for all those having sleeping problems, mine have been the opposite, for nearly 3 weeks every time I put DS to bed I nearly fall asleep reading him stories (I actually drift off in parts and he corrects me when I start talking gibberish), and then I almost inevitably fall asleep in the chair after stories are done, waking up 30 minutes - 1 hour later, completely out of it for the rest of the night.  Last night I actually managed to make it out awake, and stayed up until midnight watching Ally McBeal on Netflix and sewing wings for DS's dragon costume.


DP has been out of town for work all week and the dog has been acting up, eating all sorts of things she shouldn't be.  She has an iron stomach, and bad taste...  She ate the better part of a small pack of disposable diapers, ripped open the plastic bag with DS's wet pants from daycare, the parent's guide and acknowledgement form (I actually had to use the 'the dog ate it' excuse to get another copy.)


I'll be happy when DP gets home today.



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