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For several months, I have had mild swelling in my hands & feet. It feels like when you are pregnant and they get stiff and tight feeling. I get creases on my hands/wrists from it. I have some numbness on the exterior of my foot/ankle that has spread from a small patch a few years ago to both feet and a large patch. My doctors did some tests and said the RA test was negative, I have hypoglycemia and hypotension, but they worried about Addison's disease because of my symptoms and some other test. I forget now! But that test seemed to be negative, too. My heart and kidneys are fine.

The swelling went away last month but has come back. I haven't made any changes. I take Zoloft for ppd, Omega 3 Mood fish oil, and probiotics. I cut a few supplements out to see if it would affect the tightness-Vit D, EPO, and methylfolate which helps my zoloft work. I take Natural Calm magnesium when i remember. I was taking Floradix iron & herb, and I think that helped, but I can't find the kind I did have and the new stuff doesn't seem the same. The swelling went down with the old kind.

I eat gluten free and rarely eat processed foods. I drink more than enough water and I eat TONS of salt, but due to budget issues, I eat less fresh fruit/veggies than I should. I was thinking maybe it is vitamin B6? Does anyone have experience with this? Any idea what is an ok dosage while breast feeding a toddler? Are there any other nutrition related reasons this can happen?