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Tall, slow growing belly maternity clothes ideas

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I normally try to buy good quality clothes that last, so maternity clothes are tricky for me, since I will only be pregnant for another 5.5 months. And I really am having a hard time with this new body. I am 18 weeks pregs, 5' 10" and somewhat narrow hipped for my height. I packed on the pounds in the first month or two. (we went on a road trip in Quebec and Ontario and ate a lot of poutine for a few weeks!) so I am thick around the middle, and just thickening and not popping out at all. I don't look pregnant, just kinda thick. I am not sure what to wear or what to buy to be more comfortable, but my jeans just don't fit and I can't seem to find much that does. I bought some Gap maternity jeans with the demi panel and then just fall down. Since there is no belt, they just slide down my bum! 


So far the only thing that feels comfy are skirts and dresses, but I prefer pants most days. Any suggestions as far as pants go?

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I am having trouble right now too. I guess my belly is sitting higher now than in past pregnancies, but my maternity pants are just falling down, but I know I started wearing them prior to now in the past (or maybe I stretched them out too much in the past). I have several pairs of regular pants two sizes larger than what I usually wear from my postpartum days with the others and I have just been using a Bella Band to hold them up if I can't wear a belt with them and longer shirts. I will be 20 weeks shortly and have barely worn any maternity so far. I also do not like spending much money on clothes I wont wear long, I have had good luck with consignment stores and borrowing from friends.

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The rubber band trick?   I can still slide into my "transition" pants (just regular jeans a couple sizes bigger than usual from my postpartum days) with a rubber band around the button and button hole to give me an extra half inch.  I will wear a tight undershirt or a bella band to hold it up.  It is very frustrating to feel like your pants are constantly falling down!  

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I've had  incredible luck with some old navy full panel jeans. I have some old full-panel jeans that didn't work until recently because the panel is huge, but the newer styles are tapered at the top and the panel is thinner material, which is nice. They have been comfy for months now. I've also had luck raiding my own wardrobe and my husband's, as far as shirts. I was surprised at what I owned that I didn't consider as maternity worthy, but worked out fine since it wasn't fitted. I do have a bin of hand-me-downs and I've picked up some things from a local consignment shop. I've had the best luck with the consignment shop because I can buy higher end clothes without spending a ton. I even found a winter coat, which I was really worried about. It was snowing here today, so I'm thankful for that find.

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I've been having pant issues as well, although my guess is that I'm showing a bit more than you from you description. I also have Gap & Old Navy demi panel jeans. I finally broke out the belly bands and they have been helping to hold my pants up. I ended up wearing them full panel, but you can also fold them down so they don't ride up your belly. You could try full panel jeans, but in my experience they just slouch down until you have a decent belly to help hold them up. My best success has been yoga pants - both maternity and then regular ones that are a size larger than what I normally buy. You might also look at maternity cami/tanks under your shirts. They can add a little length to cover "things" if your pants are slipping. 

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I love full panel compared to demi, but I think you need to try them on to see what kind of fit they are.

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I second (third?) full panel pants. Old Navy in particular has a good many that come in both petite and tall sizes - which since I am on the opposite end of the spectrum from you at only 4'11" is very important. I haven't worn anything maternity yet, but I need to start, my ON jeans should be here by the end of the week! And Old Navy's pricing is far more affordable than Motherhood's IMHO.


I also want to find some decent long skirts, but that's hard when you're short.

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Thanks everyone. I think I am going to stop by Old Navy on the way home. Do they usually carry maternity in-store? I think because of my relatively narrow hips, the full band may be the way to go, although I initially thought it might be over kill. And I am going to try the belly band. AND the rubber band trick. I really appreciate all this help! Cheers.



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It varies by store - whether maternity is carried in store or not.

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Originally Posted by akind1 View Post

It varies by store - whether maternity is carried in store or not.

You can search on their website to find out which stores do carry maternity, not all stores have it onsite. I stopped by the one with that section on my way home and was disappointed with what they did have. They had a ton of jeans, but not a lot of shirt options. But, it really helped to try pants on.


I will say that seeing the skinny jeans on the hanger made me laugh. The way someone had hung them up, without folding the waistband, the pants looked like a funnel with the huge panel at the top and the tiny legs at the bottom. I didn't try those on because I don't like tight pants, but they were funny looking. 


Last thing, I've had a few things from Motherhood for past pregnancies and their clothes do not hold up. You would think that doesn't matter for maternity clothes, but the last thing you want is a shirt to rip out on a seam when you have a month or 2 left. Their clothes are so poorly made for what they charge that I've avoided buying anything from them this time around. I don't know if their quality has improved in the last 6 years, but I'm not wasting my money to find out.

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I'm in a similar boat - just hit 21 weeks and am FINALLY sucking it up and going shopping tomorrow for some maternity clothes. I've been getting by with one old maternity skirt that's a size too small (muffin top - eek) and one pair of non maternity jeans that are (well, were) a size too big. it's ridiculous. My last baby was born in August, so by the time I was getting bigger the weather was warm enough to get by with yoga pants and skirts. Heavenly! I just bought/borrowed a few maternity shirts and was good to go the whole summer! But this time around, knowing that I'll be getting bigger in cold weather, I've GOT to find some warmer options!


I'm 5' 7" and have a pretty long torso, and I don't seem to get very big in general when pregnant. This is a blessing and a curse! With my last pregnancy, I went to 42 weeks and never experienced a single random "OMG you're huge" type comment. But in a way I would have appreciated a bit of sympathy there towards the end 2whistle.gif


With this pregnancy, I've yet to have a stranger ask me about being pregnant (though it seems like this might be a predictable topic of conversation among mommies at the playground, if you know what I mean). I'm beginning to WANT someone to notice! Last week I noticed a mom at the library who looked REALLY pregnant... While DD was oggling the Elmo videos, the pregnant mom ran into a talkative friend and I eavesdropped a little. The conversation went something like this:


Mom friend (very sympathetically): "OMG you look FANTASTIC honey! HOW ARE YOU FEELING??!????"

<and I'm thinking "wow I guess pregnant mom must be really far along then">


Pregnant mom: (sighs pitifully) "Oh, I'm ok, but I can't believe I'm only halfway done!" etc etc...

<and I'm doing the math....... thinking "wha! this mom is just as far along in her pregnancy as I am?! she has friends treating her like she's in the throes of the third trimester already, and here I am still just looking paunchy and having to tell people that I'm pregnant?!">


I dare say I'm a little jealous of that pregnant mom.

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I know exactly what you mean, Lightforest. I have had prolonged morning sickness, and with all the discomfort, I am halfway through and wish sometimes someone would just notice. It is so nice when people who are in the know ask me how I am doing and give me some nausea support. But once in a while, a seat on the NYC subway would be awesome. Instead I am just trying to make sure no one shoves me in the tummy while everyone's pushing to get off the train. Oh well, I plan to totally suck it up in the last two weeks - I assume I will show by then. If not, I am going to get one of those t-shirts that has a big arrow pointing to my stomach saying "It's a Boy!"...or get a pillow and stick it under my clothes! (lol - Just kidding :)


In actuality, I have been trying to get pregs for a loooong while, so I am thrilled to be having these problems.

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Meggsy I don't envy you having to commute in NYC trains while pregnant - especially during the sometimes horrid first trimester when you feel like absolute crud and the rest of the world just assumes you have a hangover! We just moved out of NYC a couple of months ago (miss it terribly!) and pregnant + subway = not fun! I think it may be especially difficult as the weather cools and you're more bundled up. It will be harder for any stranger to notice whether you're pregnant. Another good reason to dress in layers - and when you're waiting on the train platform, unbutton your coat and let your belly poke out. I did find that being heavily pregnant brought out some compassion in my fellow New Yorkers, and this was even more the case once DD was born. New Yorkers loved seeing a sweet new little baby coming down the street joy.gif


And I agree - these are great problems to have winky.gif

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Lightforest, I totally agree - New Yorkers are great once they pop out of their commuter bubble and I have a feeling I am gonna pop pretty soon. Fortunately, my nausea is abating so I think I will feel a lot less of a need for a seat on the train (once they are up and running again!)

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