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OT Help! Kids activities at adult/family party...

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So, DH and I are having a couple of his good friends over on Sunday.  They are each married, with 2-3 kids apiece, for a total (including us, with no out-of-the-womb kids yet) of 6 adults and 5 kids.  The kids' ages are 3.5, 5, 5, 7 and 10.


We need an activity!


Here is our situation:


-We have basically no toys in the house.  It's not filled with sharp objects, but it's not the most "kid-friendly" place either, at this point.

-We have a decent sized yard, but it will probably be too chilly to really use it.  We do have enough space to accommodate an activity inside, though.

-We have a TV and we have a Wii, but only 2 controllers, and I don't really want to occupy them that way.

-Parents/adults can certainly engage the kids too, but it would be nice to have something for them to do with minimal supervision for a while as well.

-Especially because DH is a huge kid lover and ends up diving in and becoming "Uncle Jungle Gym" at family parties-- so without some sort of activity, by default, he'd end up playing with the kids, and this is supposed to be more about him hanging out with his friends.

-I'm hoping for something that would be engaging for everyone on some level-- hoping the 10 y.o. (and possibly 7 y.o.) won't think it's too babyish.


Moms and hostesses and hostess-moms-- help!


My BFF has a sandbox in her backyard and filled it with toys on her daughter's first birthday-- that worked pretty well to happily occupy the 3-8 year-olds that were there.  But we have nothing like that, so I'm at a loss.

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Kids in that age range usually will do pretty good with puzzles or coloring/activity books for a while.  Those are pretty cheap, too.  My kids will sit for hours if someone does a "craft" with them.  There are so many cute and easy craft ideas online with paper plates, construction paper, and some glue.  


You could always ask the parents to bring a couple of the kids' favorite toys to play with while they are there.  


Play-Doh is always a big hit in the 3-5 yr range, but it can be messy!  


Hmm... when I babysat, I used to have a big "prize bucket" of cheap stuff from the dollar store.  The kids always loved getting stickers and little action figures and would play with them forever because they were "new."   Most kids really aren't that picky.  Dollar Tree also has some cheap dress up stuff that they might like,  if you are thinking of buying anything.  


When in doubt, turn on the Disney's The Lion King station on Pandora and let them have a dance party, lol.  Or any kind of upbeat music.  My 2 year old is always begging to listen to polka music, haha.  


We just had a birthday party for my nephew and the kids ranged in age from 2-8.  There really wasn't any activity planned, the kids just played.  Kids are so good at being imaginative.  If you don't mind them playing with your pillows and blankets, they can make a living room fort.  


Maybe borrow some kid books with lots of pictures from the library?  My kids love "reading" new books.  (I have a 4 yr old and 2 yr old).


Before I had kids, I was always nervous to have my nephew come over because I didn't have any toys.  It was amazing the kinds of things he would find to play with!  We always had a good time.  Kids are experts at just playing.  :)  I remember when I was a kid, all the cousins would go to the grandparents' house for holidays and we always had the best time even though there were no toys at all at their house.  We just had active imaginations.


Hmm... I hope that helps!  It's hard to have an organized game with kids of that age range... If I think of anything else, I'll be sure to post back!  

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Crafts are what I was thinking...  Trying to think of something cool and different that they may not have tried...

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We went to a BIG party once and the hostess had found giant pieces of cardboard and attached them to a fence. (this was outside) she had paint and brushes and the kids painted for the entire party. Granted, we need to hose my son off when we got him home, but he had a blast. 


You might not want paint in your living room, but stickers and some giant piece of paper would serve a similar purpose. 

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I agree. Stickers and a huge tub of markers will do wonders! And forts are always a big hit, my kids can play in a "new" fort for hours, as long as you have large blankets (that aren't to heavy or it'll just keep falling apart) and maybe a few small flashlights. It is a large age range, so it will be hard to accommodate all of them. I would be very surprised if the parents didn't bring some things for them to do too. When ever we are going to someones house who has no children, I always have DS3 bring his army men and hot wheels, and that works great. 

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Okay, I know we don't *have* to buy anything (or much), but what do you think of this?



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