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Have you all carved your pumpkins yet? We haven't, but mostly because I haven't quite gotten the hands-free time to wield a knife, what with holding the 2 month old as well.


*BUT* I thought it would be fun to put together a pinboard on the Mothering Pinterest account of carved pumpkins.  So, hit me with your best Jack-O-Lanterns!  I'm living vicariously through you.


If you are already on Pinterest, you can tag Mothering (http://pinterest.com/mothering/) and I can repin from there. 


Here's a couple of our from several years back:



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Ooooohh!  My sister has a pumpkin carving party on Sunday. I'll get some pics and post them after we're done. orngbiggrin.gif


We need a pumpkin smilie!

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My wife carved this one for me because I'm a big Wicked fan. (Click on photo to see bigger.)




Here is the whole autumnal display.



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Sorry, I can't help! Pumpkin carving is such an American thing.  Actually, Halloween in general doesn't get much action here.


I've never seen a carved pumpkin in real life, but I got this really great watermelon on my FB feed the other day (sorry, it's all I've got to add! Sheepish.gif)




Adina, Pokey - yours look great.  I especially like them illuminated from behind! 

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Okay, I know more of you have carved pumpkins now!  Whatcha got?

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This is my favorite! I wanted something not so Halloween-ish. Then my sis cancelled her pumpkin carving party :( and I got lazy busy and didn't get my carving done. But we can pretend I did it, right? orngbiggrin.gif




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Cynthia - I'm happy to join you in pretending you carved that beautiful pumpkin.  Good job!

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