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Herbal teas or other suggestions to help children

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Hello everyone.


I am sure someone here knows of some good, safe herbal teas/remedies for anxious children and for just helping children sleep.


I bought them traditional medicinals (I believe that's the name) with a pic of an owl on the front.  2 of my girls like the tea, the other doesn't.  Any other suggestions?  I've given them Calms Forte also and they fall asleep so much more quickly now.


Thanks for all your help!!

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My kids like plain chamomile (a little gentler & sweeter than the Traditional Medicines tea you speak of - we've had that too).  And twinnings has a lovely chamomile with a touch of apple flavor.  


Both chamomile and mint teas blend nicely with apple juice - either hot or cold, and that might even work with any slightly stronger teas they don't care for.


I've had the kiddos use the Rescue Remedy sleep spray.  We also liked the calms forte too (especially helped dd1).  

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Ok, I didn't know if I should be sticking with the teas that are made just for kids or if it doesn't really matter in the long run.  I don't want to give them anything too strong.  They are 9, 7, 6, and 2 year old twins.  I haven't given the twins anything b/c I thought they might be too young, but I wish I could give my 2 year old little girl something.  She wakes a few times a night, while her brother sleeps very well.


I'm pretty new to the herbal thing.


I started drinking Yogi tea, the bedtime one (I get really anxious at night for some reason--though I'm ALWAYS a nervous wreck anyway) and it REALLY helps.  I take the calms forte and that also seems to help.  My oldest dd especially seems to have inherited my nervous personality, so if there's anything I can do for her to help her, I will.

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We use the Tradional blends too, but Mountain Rose Herbs has some kid-friendly ones on their site .

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I do avoid giving my kids herb teas that have a lot of more uncommon herbs, but there's plenty of single herb or simple, common herb tea choices they like that are fine for them - mint and chamomile being the most common, and also relaxing.  (So I don't give them our cold or breath-easy teas dh & I might drink - I'd get kid versions of those if I wanted something with that quality, but I might add plain nettle to mint tea for them, and give them plenty of fruity and other herb teas. )



I do and have given my 2 y/o plain (slightly more diluted) chamomile and mint teas.  My kids like them cold as an alternative to water, and hot to help warm up in the winter.  I'll brew them short (so only a minute or 2) and pour in her cup and add a bit of ice.  I've given the kids traditional medicinals teas at 2 y/o too, so I think that would be likely to be okay (unless there's a caution on the box that I may have forgotten about).

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