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Switched from midwife to md care, freaking out

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I'm freaking out and trying to hold it together. I had midwife appt today. When the midwife finally comes in she says 'you know you've been switched to md care. We didn't expect to see you again.' What?!?! No actually I didn't know that. She measures me and I'm measuring ahead for the first time and I've lost weight. So I ask her what this means for labor and delivery. Well, they're done with me. She expects the dr will want to induce next week. Next Week!!! Omg. Well I called peri's office and asked for clarification. What does this mean for my care, what does this mean for labor/delivery,etc. I'm waiting for a call back. Ugh.
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Holy crap.  Way to keep you in the loop about your own healthcare.  Cripes.

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Wait, why were you removed from midwife care?  I would be freaking out too.

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I've been seeing a dr as well as the midwives. I have GD that is almost non responsive to insulin, it's been a huge struggleand this is the first week I've had an tire day with numbers in an Acceptable range. It's also the first week I'm measuring ahead. I'm not too surprised an induction nay be in my future, but why are ppl making decisions for me and forgetting to tell me. I have OCD and have managed it well this entire preg but today is really pushing me.
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Are they worried about a bigger baby?  When is your due date?

They should have obviously told you though.  I don't think measuring ahead is a big deal.

I've been measuring all over the board - mostly way big, and having had polyhydramios last time, it could have been a concern but my midwife is pretty sure that's not the issue this time.  I'm also ganged up on for having big babies, for gaining a lot of weight, etc.


Hang in there. 

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Whoa, Faithsstuff, I'm sorry to hear that! Even with the MDs and midwives working together in a single practice, it's my understanding that if somebody has to transfer a patient's care to another provider, the patient needs to be informed in writing--at the very least, when the clinic calls to remind you about your appointment! 


Did they explain the rationale behind the potential induction? At this point in a pregnancy, the measurements aren't as accurate an assessment of the baby's growth as they were between about 20 to 34 weeks. I've been anything from 3 cm behind to 2 cm ahead at my prenatal visits and my midwife has never been worried. 


Many hugs and lots of support to you!

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Oh no, faithsstuff!  How stressful!  What a totally unprofessional way for the practice to behave!!  I hope you get it all sorted out soon, and get some good deep breathing in in the meantime...

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holy crap! How awful of them not to warn you!! I would be pissed! Why didn't she pull the md aside for a couple of minutes and bring him/her in to meet you?? I always measure ahead and that's without GD! Everytime their measurement and u/s's have always been OVER estimated. *hugs* I can only imagine. Grrr. I'm angry on your behalf! Hope you get a level headed md that's not going to go med happy just because of the GD. Good luck and keep us posted.

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Ugh, faithstuff, that really sucks! I'm so sorry you are going through this and having to deal with cp's that seem not to take patient communication or peace of mind seriously. It's hard enough being this close to delivery without someone you are supposed to trust throwing you this kind of curveball. I hope you get answers about what this all means for your care and delivery soon and have a chance to digest everything! Hugs
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and also, jaw.gif


Wow, that is unprofessional on so many levels.  You should have to agree to switch over, first of all.  Second, you should be consulted on the whole induction IDEA, they have alot of nerve to plan it without an explanation.  Finally, measuring a little different from the norm is hardly a big deal, especially when you seem to be having better numbers.  I'd be so p*ss*d I would probably not come back until I was pushing.  If I stayed at that hospital AT ALL.  Ooooh fries me, especially after all the putting up with number taking and watching what you eat and everything, you're doing fine and they just went, oop, you don't meet our quotia, bye.  Extra hugs and I'll be praying you and your family can figure out what to do about this.

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OMG. I can't believe your practice did this w/o your knowledge. Hugs, mama!

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This is horrible, so sorry! I would definitely get them to explain in detail why an induction is absolutely necessary for your or your baby's best health outcome. Do you think maybe they switched you over specifically because they decided they wanted to schedule the induction? If someone told me suddenly that my baby would be here next week, I'd be freaking out too. hug2.gif

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