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Hospital birth after a homebirth?

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I LOVED my homebirth and I feel like it's crazy to have a hospital birth after a homebirth but ... I didn't like my midwife  - enough that I don't want to go back to her. I live in an area where there really is only one homebirth midwife and her practice is almost 2 hours away. And we can't afford to pay out of pocket. 

I'm just so nervous about having a hospital birth! Even though my hospital claims to be very mother/child/natural birth friendly, I'm worried about not feeling free and relaxed the way that I did at home. And they probably won't let me have the red raspberry leaf tea popsicles that were a godsend during my homebirth, right? 
On the other hand, maybe it will be nice to have a day or two at the hospital afterwards with nurses taking care of me? 

Does anyone have positive natural hospital birth stories/encouragement? I read 'Homebirth in the Hospital' and another similar book, but both seemed to make having a natural hospital birth seem like such a struggle. Should I be prepared to fight every step of the way? 

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Does anyone have positive natural hospital birth stories/encouragement? I read 'Homebirth in the Hospital' and another similar book, but both seemed to make having a natural hospital birth seem like such a struggle. Should I be prepared to fight every step of the way? 

I think it probably really depends on your physician and your hospital.  


I was prepared for such a struggle and fight to get the natural birth that I wanted that I was really shocked by how easy it all was.


I prepared a birth plan and provided it to my doctor about a month before my EDD.  She looked it over and said "Looks pretty standard to me" (note: this was a physician, NOT an OB.  I went to a low-risk practise made up of MDs, no OBs). No issue with having a doula, no issue with not wanting the eye ointment, etc. etc.


I laboured at home and arrived at the hospital at 5.5cms.  They did not have a room for me, so I had to stay in triage.  I'd only gotten about 1 hour of sleep the night before, so I really just wanted to rest. The nurse asked me how my pain was and I told her the pain was fine but the nausea was awful.  I layed on a stretcher and after taking a zofran for the nausea was able to sleep a bit.  Two hours later, I was wheeled down to the maternity suite.  It was a beautiful day and the room was bright with a beautiful view overlooking the river valley.  My doula immedietly filled the tub, and I climbed in.  I stayed there for a couple hours, the doctor came in to check on me but never made me get out of the tub to be "checked".  The nurse occassionaly checked on baby with a doppler.  The nurse and my doula were very encouraging.  My DH stayed close, but I didn't want him to talk to me.


When I really started struggling and asked for an epi, the nurse and doula talked me down.  We agreed that they'd check me, and if I wasn't past 7cm I could have an epidural (I'm sure they both knew this was transition and that I was well past 7cm).  I was checked and was 9.5cm.  The nurse and my doula helped me to move around in various positions to get the rest of the way to 10.  4.5hrs after getting to the hospital, I was ready to push.  Again, the nurse and my doula were both great, really helpful with encouragement and helping me change positions.  I did love love love the squat bar on the bed.  I could rest between contractions but get up and giver' when one hit.  The doctor came in and broke my bulging waters and DS was born a few pushes later.  He was immedietly put on my chest where I was able to hold him for a long while before he was weighed, etc.  The nurse then helped me to latch him and he nursed for a good 20 mins.  Eventually, I was stitched up (well, this might have been going on during the nursing, holding, measuring but I don't remember exactly) and moved to our room.  I had to stay 2 nights as I was swollen from the stitching (tore internally, but not externally) and couldn't pee.  DS was in my room the whole time and only left to be bathed once, and DH and I went with him.


My birthplan was respected.  The only intervention was having my water broke, which was not insisted on but I consented as the doctor didn't really want to get sprayed.  lol.  I had no IV, I was free to move as I wanted, I was naked from the time I climbed in the tub.  I didn't want to eat but I was given apple juice mixed with water, no issue there.


Sorry, you probably didn't want a whole birth story, but I got started and couldn't stop!  I did have a great experience.  It was SO good that I want a homebirth this time for fear that the next one won't measure up.


  If you do go the hospital route, I suggest that you tour the hospital and ask specifically about their policies, and try to get something in writing.  I also suggest you try to have a doula.  If you can't afford a certified doula, often doulas in training work for free or for an extremely reduced fee. 

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I had a great experience with my unmedicated delivery with a Doula in a hospital setting.  http://thebarnettfam.blogspot.com/2011/10/hes-here.html


you can read most of our story here on my blog post.  I was induced with pitocin, which was not part of my hope or original plan, but the goal was still met... med free hypnobirthing delivery with my husband, doula, family and a best friend present.  They were extremely supportive!  but, i highly recommend having a doula that has delivered at your hospital to have that added confidence and advocacy in a traditional medical environment.  I was blessed that my doula is a labor and delivery nurse at my hospital and she was incredible at knowing and presenting options and being a great advocate.  


you can absolutely have the birth you desire in that setting!

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Late to this thread, but it applies to me as well, except for me, I do love my midwife, I just have a bilobate placenta which my midwife told me at the last appt that Idaho law will not allow her to do a home birth. So, I am faced with a hospital birth now & I am due May 2...

My daughter was born at a birth center which was essentially like having a home birth. It was such an amazing experience.

I have been a bit of a nervous wreck since I found out I can't have a home birth, but I am coming to terms with it & staying positive. I have decided to keep my focus where it needs to be... on baby, & take it in stride, if it comes. I am against drugs & vaccines & circumcisions & all, but it is my birth experience & my baby & unless there is a medical emergency, they will respect my wishes. & my midwife said she will finish out the last of my care & transfer care when I go into labor, so she will essentially be with me, even during labor & delivery, so I know she will advocate for me.

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