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first appt/ultrasound on wed

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Tomorow is the first appt and ultrasound. I'm nervous to say the least.

The father and I have been doing fairly well talking...well until today. He told me today, just so I'm aware, that he might be choosing no contact with the baby.

So it's beed 4 years since I've been pregnant. What are questions to ask? I totally do not remember this stuff.

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Aw Murph12334 I couldn't read this without sending a hug2.gif


It's been nearly seven years since I had a baby, so I'm not too helpful on the questions front. As long as you feel comfortable with your care provider, I'd say that's the most important thing.


I'm so sorry the father is being such a putz. Is he going to try to dodge out of child support too? What a lot of stress that all is for you.


Please update about how your appointment goes.

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Murph     hug2.gif  I hope all goes well at the appt. and things work themselves out for the future.  My last PG was 8 years ago so I feel the same as you.

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appt wasn't too bad. Had the ultrasound and baby's heart is beating at where it is supposed to be. Measuring a few days behind, but not much. The father was there for the ultrasound. He said we'd talk at some point this weekend. It doesn't matter, I've decided I'm having the baby regardless of what he does.

Yes, he will be paying child support. He had sex to and this is his flesh and blood. Regardless if he wants it or not doesn't change the fact it's there.


oh and 1/2 the appt was cancelled since ob had an emergency csection she had to do, so I go in tomorrow

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I would have a list of questions that pertains to how many procedures you are willing to have (i.e. taking the "orange drink" vs juice vs other diagnostic methods to test for diabetes, (we have food intolerances, so this is a biggie for me), what their procedures are in terms of induction, c section, things like that)...make sure that the hospital (and staff pedi's) are on board for things like keeping baby with you, delayed cord clamping, delayed bathing, and things of that nature if they are important to you.  Basically you want to make sure that your practice supports your philosophies and that you trust that they will follow your wishes. 

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oh, i found this list, maybe it will help ;) 


I got it from the home birth mw i am interviewing, so not all of these things will be applicable to a hospital birth



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yeah...the practice i'm at now is two people and no midwives.  I went there not thinking i'd ever give birth again.  While they seem great, I don't think it's the practice for me with having a baby

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