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I'm new here!

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HI, I'm new.


I'm a mama of an 11yo boy and an 8 yo girl, and expecting number 3 at the end of feb!  We're planning a home birth (my other two were also home births), and getting co-care with a CNM.  Unfortunately I seem to be having some preterm labor issues, so for the time being I'm on bed rest.  So I have lots of time on my hands all of the sudden.   I had been a full time student, but now that's all on hold.  I feel frustrated with all this, but that's another topic.  Anyway, hi mamas!

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Welcome mama!  Sorry about the PTL.  Sounds scary.  Hopefully you will get past this and make it to 37 weeks so you can have your homebirth!  

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Sorry to hear you're on bed rest.  I'm sure your care provider has given you lots of good info, but PTL is something I'm a bit concerned about this time (I'm underweight and haven't been with previous pregnancies) and I found this thread super helpful.  




Hope you're enjoying some good books or movies during the day!  :)

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Welcome to the DDC! So sorry about the bedrest. Wishing you a long and healthy pregnancy.

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Hi Mama!


I'm sorry to hear you are dealing with pre-term labor concerns.  I was put on modified bed rest due to dilation/effacement without contractions so I can relate.  I am also in school full-time and had to significantly modify my course and future plans.  Sending lots of "stay-put-baby" vibes to you.  The link Odinsmama posted is very helpful.  Welcome!

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Welcome to the group!!  Sorry to hear about the PTL - best wishes to you!!

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Welcome!!! Hoping baby stays nice and snug for a while longer! *Hugs*

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Welcome! Bed rest does not sound fun, but if it helps keep the baby in, that's what you need! There's plenty to read on MDC to keep you busy :)

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Aloha, sending you prayers and comfort.

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Welcome to the group! Keep us posted on how you are doing.

Mothering › Groups › February 2013 Due Date Club › Discussions › I'm new here!