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So, hubby and I are expecting our 3rd child, our first boy.  I have been against circumcision from the start for our little man, but didn't want to make it a big debate between me and hubby.  I expressed my concerns and let him marinate on them a bit. 


He had the typical responses - he didn't want our son to be made fun of or for it to get infected if we didn't have the procedure, etc.  I shared what information I had found that countered his concerns and just let him think about it.  I told him that I respected his thoughts, and that we would keep discussing it, but that my concerns and wishes hadn't changed. 


Today hubby brought it up and agreed that we should not circumcise our son!  joy.gif I am 38 weeks day after tomorrow so I couldn't be more happy that he agrees with me at this point, and that our son will stay in tact!!  YAYYYY!!!!


I just had to share this with a community of people who would understand why this is such a big deal to me. <3

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Congratulations! I am very pleased to hear that your son will not have to go through such a terrible procedure. When it comes to circum cised males i believe the best way to bring them around to your view of thought is to educate them about just how important the foreskin is, so that they will (hopefully) not want their sons to be missing the same thing. Remember though, that sometimes american hospitals will 'accidentally' do it so i would reccomend that you follow them around like hawks. Truly, an american hospital is a dangerous place for a baby boy, but once you get out of there you will be effectively home free and free for you as well as your little blue bundle of joy to bond , grow and have a wonderful lifelong relationship together.

He will thank you for keeping him intact later on, because he will know just how much you cared for him and how much effort you put into protecting him. When that day comes i suspect it will be one of best days you will have.

Good luck to you and that cute little baby boy you have sitting inside you now.
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