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Last Minute Change to Unassisted Birth

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I'm in a delima here. I have planned a homebirth with a midwife, midwife's assistant, doula, and babysitter (for 3 year old). However, tomorrow I will be 42 weeks.  My state has a law that midwives can't do a homebirth after 42 weeks.  I'm feeling the pressure to go to the hospital from my midwife now.  She's having me get a biophysical profile done tomorrow, and now has me worried.


She emailed me tonight wondering if there's a problem and that's why I haven't gone into labor yet. Now she has me scared that there's a problem with my baby or my body. My dates are accurate.  I've tried the breast pump, nursing 3 year old, brisk walk, bouncing on a ball, acupuncture. They've caused all day contractions, but they go away once I go to sleep. 


I really don't want a hospital birth, induction, etc. I really want a homebirth. I don't know if she will be willing to come help me have the baby if I wait for a homebirth or if she'll just leave me hanging.


I'm not in anyway prepared for an unassisted birth, but can it be done? I'm in need of all encouragement and suggestions at this point as I'm really feeling pushed for a hospital birth.



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hug.gif It sounds like you know in your heart that going to the hospital is a bad idea and your midwife is scaring you into it so she doesn't get in trouble. The 42 week cut off is not something carved in stone for every woman and baby. It's just a basic standard (which, for some midwives and doctors it's 41 weeks, showing how arbitrary the cut off is). Some babies stay in longer, that's what they need. I personally wouldn't be alarmed if I went past 42 weeks unless I noticed a drastic decrease in fetal movement or if my blood pressure was suddenly very different or if there was other odd, out-of-the-blue symptoms. Even then I would simply get checked out and see what's best after that. I highly doubt there is anything wrong with you or the baby, it very much sounds like your midwife is trying to cover her ass and she's using fear tactics to achieve that. Don't let her bully you. If you do decide to have a UC then gather some supplies like chux pads, dental floss, sterilized scissors, things of that nature. Do a search in this forum for supplies to get more ideas. Watch UC videos on YouTube, read UC stories, meditate, build a nest for yourself where you'll give birth, enlist a support person or two who can be there in case you need a helping hand or you're scared and need reassurance (maybe a mother or motherly type person?), and know that you CAN do this, that your body is designed to do it, that your baby works with your body to bring on labor when he/she is ready and not a moment before, that if you listen to your body and instincts labor will more than likely go smoothly and your baby will be healthy.
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You can definitely do it. Don't let yourself be pressured into the hospital. Dates aren't always right, and some babies just cook for an extra long time.

(I'm in a similar boat-had a midwife homebirth planned until 37 weeks and now due to various circumstances am having my 2nd UC)

Best of luck mama. Do what feels right to you.

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Congrats on your pregnancy and soon-to-be-here baby!

I'm not sure what you can do about retaining your midwife, as she really *does* have to follow state law. Perhaps she can recommend an OB who would follow your birthplan as closely as possible (i.e. let you labor your way, give birth with no meds and little to no interventions, and will put your baby on your belly or chest immediately and/or delay clamping, etc.)

Dates for conception and birth are not perfect, but as you get up to 42 weeks and beyond, the chances rise for complications. Having a midwife or OB around you in a complicated situation is the best approach. Unfortunately, your midwife may not be able to be there (can she come to the hospital with you?).
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OP, how did things go?

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Hoping everything turned out wonderful for you!!
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I hope baby is here and you had a beautiful birth!

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I did a search to see if there were any updates anywhere. There was this post/thread on 11/10/12 that said she had a 2 week old and had been co-sleeping since day one, so - hopefully - she was able to have her home birth.



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