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CT scan

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does anyone have experience with a CT scan w/contrast? my doctor recommended i refrain from nursing (my daughter is 16 months old) for a few days but other sources have said it's fine to nurse.
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I would follow your doctor. Contrast can cause allergic reactions.


Also,  if possible, ask the doctor if you can do MRI instead of CT . If you must you mus but if you have a choice , MRI is better because there is  no radiation exposure.

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I can't be more specific without knowing what contract your facility uses but Hale's lists the common ones as an L2 (small number of studies have not identified any risks). They further point out that the contrast media referred to are used for children.

If you can find out the name of the contrast you'd be having I'm happy to look it up for you.
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I caleed - they use Ultravist. If you could look it up for me that would be great. Thanks!

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It's an L3 because there is no research available. The notes say that other contrast media in the same family have a low transfer rate to breastmilk and no oral bioavailability.
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When I was in the ER at 2 days PP they wanted to do a CT (wild goose chase, essentially) and I declined because of not being able to nurse for 48hrs.  The doctor wasn't happy with me.  A nice male nurse on the next shift woke me up with printed out papers (he searched online) from studies (I think from the American College of Radiology) showing that it was okay.  It named a few different drugs, I think the one you listed was one of them.

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