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Just, wow!

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I thought I'd share this- and maybe in a few weeks when we're all trying to establish breastfeeding, it'll be helpful.



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Oh! Flooded with tears right now. Thanks for sharing. What a great way to put everyday struggles into perspective!
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I read this a while back.  Incredible!!

Here is a tip that might come in handy if you are hoping to establish a good supply.  A good friend of mine, Diana West (she's co-author LLL's Making More Milk, The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, etc.) told me recently that there is current research showing that a very high percentage of prolactin receptors are laid down (I think that's how it works) in the first hour after birth, which directly affects milk supply.  She told me that, whatever else you do, you need to nurse baby within that first hour after birth or, if for whatever reason that's not possible (baby is removed or not ready to nurse or whatever), then pump.  The important thing is, empty whatever you can from your breasts within that first hour.  My second and third were nursing shortly after birth but my first and last were taken to NICU.  I had more trouble with my supply with those two.  Since I can't really know what will happen with the birth of this baby and want to be prepared, I'm taking a hand pump in my overnight kit so that, should the baby not be able to nurse, I can at least pump in that first hour.  I don't want to count on the midwives getting a pump to me within that first hour after the birth, should baby not be able to nurse.

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Thank you for posting this! It also made me cry. What a wonderful mom she is.

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How did I miss this thread? That's an AMAZING woman and story! Good tip to keep in mind for me here very soon, guen, thanks for sharing!

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