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Originally Posted by TheDivineMrsM View Post

I wouldn't buy many nursing bras in advance. Wait and see what size you need after about a month pp. 


I wore a lot of zip-up hooded sweatshirts, button-front pj tops, or wrap-front shirts for awhile. They worked for me =)

oh yes, you cannot buy these before hand! You should have one waiting for the engorgment period--I am a bra-less kinda gal, but when my milk came in I NEEDED some support the weight of the milk was too sensitive. SO, get something for that--2 sizes bigger than what you are currently--SERIOUSLY--that WILL happen.

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Originally Posted by nhklh View Post

I have massive boobs.  Nursing tanks simply don't/can't work for me because they're just not made to take what I've got.  Same with the sports bras most women here like.  I wore maternity bras almost the whole time I BF'd DS2 (3y5m).  I had some special breastfeeding tops, but always ended up just yanking the whole front down because it was easier.  Anything that opens under bust is no good for me either because that underbust seam sits at nipple level on me.  I had one BFing top with buttons and it drove me crazy - far too fiddly so it was relegated to pyjamas, and I just never did up the buttons.

Proof positive that what works for one won't work for another--I have massive boobs, too--I am currently a 38G/H and when the milk comes in---holy shit! really. This is why I like bravada tanks because I could get a 40F/G and it worked. Now, it certainly doesn't perk up my breasts the way a normal underwire bra does and I do feel frumpy in it, but as far as the first months go while everything is still adjusting they were great for me. I feel like at least in the size 40 the F/G is VERY generous. I have been wearing my tank now since it can be used for maternity, too, and I AM still nursing my 3y4m old DD {even though nursing tanks are not necessary now--which is again, totally oppostie NHKLH--haha}, but I think my milky breasts will fit in to this still just may be a bit busty, but not uncomfy.

Also, the sports bras at target provide zero support for me--I just buy the biggest one xxl--and it actually covers my breasts and stops them from dangling, which was what was painful when milk came in for me the first time and they are super stretchy so I can just pull my breast out the top easily and it doesn't compress at all.

So in other words.....you will find what works for you! It may be something someone here suggested or your very own thing ; ) It can be tricky for some to figure out and easy for others--we don't all get the same challenges in parenting and you can't fortell which ones will get selected for you and you kiddo beforehand ; ) 

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