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Working Out

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What's everyone doing?  How is it going for you?



I initially went down to prepg weight, but gained back about 5lbs.  I've been working out and lost that, but am working on getting in shape.  Prepregnancy weight for this pregnancy is 120lbs.  I was 125 before my 2nd pregnancy, and 112 before my first pregnancy (but I was a string bean with zero muscle mass!).  Ideal weight for me is 120-125 *if* I have a good amount of muscle on me as opposed to the pooches of fat that have seemed to congregate around my hips, butt, and thighs.  


I'm doing P90X- it's an 1-1.5 hours per day of either cardio, yoga, or strength training.  Yesterday I did Plyometrics (cardio "jump training") and man that kicked my butt!  Today I'm supposed to be doing yoga, but it's 1.5 hours and I'm pretty preoccupied with chores and everything.  It's 5:30 and I've finally gotten a chance to eat my lunch!


I'm 5 weeks postpartum, and am going back to work this Saturday.. I'm hoping that working won't screw with my workouts!  I work on my feet, so that's a plus, but I tend to eat a plethora of CRAP at work (I work with college kids, no wonder) so here's to hoping I can cut that out.

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Still 14 lbs over PPW.  I'm weighing 156 right now, PPW was 142 with a good amount of muscle (I lifted weights and worked out a lot.)  I went down to 130 during the 1st trimester due to HG.


I'm going to the gym 3-4x a week starting this week with 60 minute workouts.  Right now I am just doing cardio, but with the OK from the MW that I can lift, I will be back to starting weights as well, though I reckon I'll have to do a session with a trainer, as I have no idea what I can lift right now and don't want to injure myself by trying what I used to do Pre-Preg.  On the "days off" I try to walk at least 1 mile (usually more) with baby in the Mei Tai.  But we can't walk from our house (we live rurally and too many scary loose dogs) so I have to drive to a hiking trail or into town to walk around the lake.  It would be so much easier if a car wasn't involved every time I wanted to walk...


I haven't lost any weight since 1 day PP.  It's pretty stressful, I think I lost .5lb/week with DD in the first few months just from nursing.  This time, not.  I'm severely hungry all the time.  It's the opposite of pregnancy.  I think during pregnancy my body thought I was starving with the HG, and now refuses to let any weight go.  I hate postpartum body.  I just hate it.  It took me 2 years to get back to PPW with DD1, so I am hoping it won't be longer this time.

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I'm with WCM. I dropped to just 2lb above PPW after birth, but have *gained* 5lbs since. I don't own a scale, but MIL does so this is how I know. It's one thing to stall, but gaining sucks. Unfortunately, that's how my body seems to work (happened the last two times as well). I didn't lose weight until dd4 started nursing not quite as much and eating some solids. I'm still holding out some hope that I can at least get to my PPW and not gain. Or... at least get the belly to shrink. The part between my belly button and ribcage seems to be happily large and jiggly. I would at least like my boobs to be larger than belly :/ (and my boobs are huge!).

I didn't decide to change my life with activity (gym, running, etc) until dd4 was sbout nine months old, so this is new territory for me.

What do you mamas do for leaky boobs (or the chance thereof)? And because I'm well-endowed without milk (DD), with very milk-full boobs will my normal sports bras be too compressing? Could it lead to clogged ducts? I could wear a not-as-tight sports bra for lifting weights or the elliptical, but I need compression for running (love my Enell!!).
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Judy - I am NOT well endowed by any means, but I have an oversupply + overactive letdown, &I get plugged ducts easily. I try to nurse and pump to empty before I work out.. It helps. I have full breasts by the end of my workout though, so it doesn't seem to impact my supply at all.

I only got through 1/3 of yoga today.. I'm pretty flexible though so I don't think it's that necessary for me.. In this program, anyways.
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I just started working out last week. Luckily, we live pretty much right next door to the rec center so that makes it super easy to get my workouts in. My workout routine is lifting 3 or 4 days a week and running sprints at least once a week. Last night I tried Zumba since they offer it at the rec center. Holy crap, that kicked my butt! I think I'll do it once or twice a week if I'm not too sore from lifting. It's some killer cardio. If only I didn't feel like such an idiot trying to figure out all of the moves! And, weather permitting, I'm going to try to hit up the motocross track as much as I can before they shut down for the winter. Motocross is a major full body workout!


I'm 180 right now, which is still 15 lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight of 165, and 20 lbs over my super-lean, fit weight of 160. I could be one of those people who hangs onto those last ten pounds while breastfeeding, so weight isn't really a goal for me right now. I wouldn't mind fitting in my jeans again soon, though! Mostly my goal is to race desert early next year and one race in particular that I broke my wrist racing two years ago. It's kind of my big mountain to climb! 

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Well, I had intentions of starting to workout this past Monday but that didn't happen. I have also gained 5 lbs back. Boo. 


I really need to start up again. My preference is workout videos. I have a bunch (Jillian, P90X, Insanity Workout, Zumba, etc.) Now, if only I could stop eating the brownie cookies and potato soup I made this week and get off my ass...

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I am 7 lbs above pp weight, but not that worried about it. Last time, I couldn't keep weight ON when DS was 6 mos and an active baby. I was reading something recently about forgetting about the last 3 lbs if you are actively BF because it will literally be stored in your boobs. Of course YMMV If there is any extra weight Hanging around before nursing...

For bras, I only use a compression one for when it is needed. Yesterday, I worked out in a snug ish nursing tank, but I was weightlifting. I think if you nurse well beforehand and dont keep the bra on forever, you should be okay.

I do want this moving comfort Fiona bra, because the strap can be unlatched for nursing and it provides great compression. It seems I get to working out and DS wakes, then I have to nurse.
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Carson- I have several of the Moving Comfort Fiona bras! They are the absolute best. I am a 34D when not pregnant/nursing and they are amazing. I have a larger one for pregnancy and nursing and it is equally perfect. Love how adjustable they are!!

Now I need to workout! I had high hopes of running with babe in my Bob stroller. I have the infant seat adapter. But I have a car seat HATER. So that plan is out. I haven't started back at crossfit yet- waiting on my 6 week checkup since I did have a csection.

I am 1 pound away from my pre-prey weight but yet very far from fitting in my pants. How annoying! I am 140 now but truthfully should be 130. So there is work to do!
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Ugh, I need to get on this, too. How do y'all find time, though? Between caring for 2 kids FT in addition to working from home FT, I barely feel like I have time to shower.

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Mamanf- how do you like insanity? I'm thinking of moving onto that after my 90 days of p90x.

Honestly I work out when baby naps or is quietly alert. I work out at home. I may join a gym near my home and just leave baby and a bottle with DH. My older two know when I'm working out and leave me alone. I have my 2yo go to the potty beforehand so I'm not interrupted. they like to come out into he living room and mimic what I'm doing.. It's not bad! And my schedule is packed. Gymnastics twice a week for the girls, plus OT for DD1, plus homeschooling, plus cooking and cleaning.. But working out is very important to me, so I make sure I make time for it!
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I go to the gym 3 times a week.  I plan it with DH beforehand.  I make it known that it is extremely important to me and go from there.  Sometimes it is impossible but that's why my goal is 3x a week, because out of 7 days there should be at least 3 I can go!


I use Altheta sports bras.  I am very large chested.  PP I am a 36D.  During pregnancy a 38DDD, nursing a bravado L+++ which is about a 38F?  The Althleta ones are from when I was nursing DD1, so right now they are very compressive, but that is good.  It's just an hour so I don't worry about blocking a duct.  Also the straps are velcro so you can take them down to nurse easily before you leave the house.


Leaking, I don't mind, I think people would just think it is sweat anyway...I wash the bra when I get home so it doesn't matter to me.

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PS...I am sooooo jealous of those of you who are 5lbs (or less) over PPW.  I have no idea how you did it this fast!  You are like Hollywood supermodels or something :)

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I just had my 6 week checkup with my OB/GYN and weighed in 15 lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight. I had not weighed myself since my last appt before her birth, I was surprised because I am fitting into my pre-pregnacy clothes. Don't know where the weight is, I gained 25lbs while pregnant.
Regardless, I have just been walking with DD and my dog. And have taken a few slow jogs, nowhere near my pre-pregnacy pace but way faster than when I stopped running at 32 weeks. Have not ventured to a gym to do any lifting, just push-ups and planks in the living room!
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Ugh.  I fell off of my workouts a week into them.  I'm 10lbs over the weight I was when I was discharged from the hospital.  SERIOUSLY?!?! Accchhhgh..

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Turns out I'm 10lbs heavier than PP weight, which is funny, because I definitely fit into all my old clothes... other than the things that fit me snugly PP around the boobs! lol.gif I think I'm just going to count all 10 lbs as extra boob weight (4 cup sizes extra!) and milk. (; 


Now I gotta get this dumb skin tighter around my belly! Any tips/workouts to do that specifically? 

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I have found Pilates to be great for tummy toning. But the skin either will get better or it won't. Workouts don't repair overstretched skin, sadly.  


I haven't been on a scale in a while, but i need to schedule my post-partum check. So I will be next week sometime. Yay. I'm looking forward to getting the all-clear, but I have NO idea when I would work out. Too much juggling...  There is a mom/baby yoga class, but I have 2 other kids home during that timeframe.

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Skin... After I had two children and lost all the weight, the skin eventually tightened back up FOUR YEARS LATER. So you will either be one of the lucky ones where it snaps right back or you won't. Just like MK said above. 


I haven't started working out yet. I've been awful. I've been baking WAY too much - and eating what I bake. LOL Whatever. I don't care right now. My baby likes the extra comfy cushion. luxlove.gif

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