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Teaching FAM

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I'm new to this board, but I thought you all might have some leads to help me.  I have been charting most of the time for a few years and have read a lot of books about FAM.  I really want to take a course that would prepare me to teach the fertility awareness method to other people, but I'm having a difficult time finding what I'm looking for.  Someone pointed me in the direction of http://www.justisse.ca/ , but I don't have the time of money for a two year program of study (maybe some day).  Someone else pointed me to an NFP group, but they only allow married heterosexual couples, so that rules me out.  I'd prefer a secular program, any way.  Does anyone have any leads on how to become a FAM instructor?  Thank you so much!



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Hi Buttercup! I'm in the same boat as you. I am deeply called to become a FAM instructor myself and help spread this knowledge, but neither do I have the time and money for a 2-year course. From my research (and I've been looking for about a year), FAM courses and instructors are quite difficult to find. I know of one or two FAM instructors who have started an official certification course (Sarah Bly of Ashland, for one), but those programs are also 2 years and cost about $4000. I have met some instructors who have become certified in other ways -- small clinics scattered here and there that offered a course years ago, but all my searches for current classes turn up empty. It's like you have to be in the right place at the right time. There are also regular certification courses for the sympto-thermal method in Great Britain. If I had the money for airfare...


Interesting, as I'm sure you've found, that NFP certification programs abound. I got in contact with Northwest Family Services to inquire about taking their course (40 hours and $500, then about 1 year of learning to teach under supervision) but sadly, I'm not married, and the values that they require you to teach are pretty strict. I got my hands on the massive "Art of Natural Family Planning" by the Couple to Couple League recently to try to feel out how it would be to go that route (of NFP training versus FAM) and it's quite different from FAM in a lot of ways. Different terms, rules, whole different philosophy.


Good luck in your search! If I come across anything, I will certainly let you know. It's nice to meet a fellow hopeful FAM teacher!

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Hi, I found your postings in an internet search. I was in the exact situation as both of you for a couple of years. I was wanting to teach FAM, but had no idea who to be trained by because  on one hand Justisse is a great program but it is solo study with a mentor in Canada and on the other hand NFP requires teachers to be Catholic. So I am going to direct you to a wonderful FA Teacher Training program here in the United States and I am currently a student!!! I am being trained through an organization called Grace of the Moon out of Ashland Oregon. The director accepts a handful of students at a time to work with long distance, but we are all integrated into the learning face to face because of the way the classes are designed and wonderful technology these days. Please check out graceofthemoon.com and contact sarah@graceofthemoon.com for more information :)

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Thanks!  I sent an e-mail.

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Originally Posted by justwhee View Post I am being trained through an organization called Grace of the Moon out of Ashland Oregon.


That's the program I wanted to do! It looked amazing, but it's also a 2-year program and costs about $4000. :-(

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Yeah, I see that now.  I'd love to find a way to afford one of these programs, but the chances are slim.  It's so discouraging. 



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i felt the same way at first, but found that a payment plan make it possible for me. if you beautiful women are serious about becoming a teacher and making a part time career out if it really think about it!! :) 

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Really?! I didn't even consider that option...How much do you pay at a time and how often?


I am so envious you are taking the course -- it must be truly amazing. How many hours a week do you commit to it? Also, just curious, how long have you been using FAM and what made you decide you wanted to be a teacher?

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The director of the program works with individuals to figure out their payments so please do ask her questions, ask her all of these wonderful questions! Also, a reason it's 2 years with GOTM is because the academic side is spread out in a way that colleges will not do. This way, training to teach FAM does not mean putting every part of our present life on hold for the training, rather this way allows merging the training into the things we are already fostering whether a family, or work, or another career, or other education. Definitely talk with Sarah to find out if this program is a fit for you. What I do know, is that our nation, and world, are in DESPERATE need of Fertility Awareness Education, from young females to women entering menopause. This education is not mainstream now, but imagine if we could raise our children in a world were FAM and NFP sympto thermal methods were ACCEPTABLE and AVAILABLE forms of birth control. As it is, these fertility awareness methods are advertised by mainstream with unfavorable and outdated effectiveness rates, when actually, as you know, when used correctly FAM is 99.4%-99.6% effective!!!! The studies that have found these high effectiveness rates link the success to couples who get correct and adequate training from a Fertility Awareness Teacher at the beginning of their practice. So that comes back to those of us who are drawn to this type of education proving there IS a huge need for those who feel called to become the teachers that are pioneers in making FAM into an OPTION, and OPPORTUNITY for women and couples who feel like its a fit for them. :) Whew, thanks for bearing with me through that, as you can see I definitely relate to your passion. Katie Singer author of Garden of Fertility is the woman who referred me to Grace of the Moon, and it has change my life at the exact time I needed a new direction. 

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Oh and I started charting my cycles when I read Garden of Fertility in 2009. I started following the FAM rules with my husband in 2010. We stopped charting for a year after that because I got confused about what my body was going and kind of gave up. The reason I gave up is becasue I did not have the support of a FA Teacher. The nearest NFP or FAM class was and still is 3 hours away from me and were could not afford making that drive for 3 different classes. So when the opportunity sort of fell in my lap, I jumped at the chance to be a teacher so that other women would not feel alone in understanding their fertility.I also had negative experiences on two different forms of birth control prior to charting. I went on birth control because I did not know, i had NO IDEA there were other options!! So, again I want FAM to at least be a promoted option just like birth control pills are a promoted option in our mainstream education, in text books, in sex ed class, from doctors, etc. BTW I love EVERYthing I'm learning in this program. I will find myself on study spurts that keep me wide awake and interested till 3 in the morning from time to time--all the info is just so interesting, and that NEVER happened to me for the classes I took in college. What about you? How long have you been charting and what makes you passionate to teach other women?

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Wonderful response, thank you!!! I see that she is accepting new students next summer, so I will definitely get in touch with her sometime soon. I don't know why I thought I would have to come up with $4200 out of pocket! How lovely to hear that she runs the program NOT like typical university classes where your whole life (and finances) are constantly swallowed up by studies. I can only imagine the amazing things you're learning...I do a lot of self study, but there's only so far I can go on my own. Many people have told me, "Oh, you don't need certification, just start doing it!", but after being in Sarah's presence and looking over the 2-year course outline, there's no way I am even close to possessing that wisdom!


I discovered FAM after 8 years of wishing so badly for an alternative to traditional forms of birth control, and when I started charting it was seriously one of the biggest miracles of my life. I've been charting since April 2011. Throughout my young adult life I have spent so many cycles making myself sick with worry if I was a day late over day 28, not knowing what was going on, just totally oblivious. I was scared of my body. To know that millions of other women were going through that same fear and confusion was mind-boggling to me...How could we all NOT know this?! Why on earth did no doctor ever tell us?! It's my deepest wish from my heart that I can be a carrier of this basic, essential, and sacred knowledge and make sure those who desire it and think it too good to be true CAN come to know it, and trust and love their bodies.


I always knew I would end up working with women somehow, and it's coming true...Now, I just gotta email Sarah!


How did you find out about the GOTM program?

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Hey Justwhee, I would love to talk with you more about the GOTM program. My email is caitlinette@yahoo.com. Hope you see this. :)

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Hey you can email me at redcoralfertility@gmail.com, I'd be happy to answer your questions about GOTM, etc. :)

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Hi Justwhee, I want to more about GOTM.  I'll send you an email too.




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