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Yeast Infection?

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Hi everyone -


I've not posted before but need some advice.  I am 39 weeks exactly today and have had some (sorry TMI) cottage cheese type discharge today.  I of course googled the crap out of it and most signs point to yeast infection.  I don't have any itching symptoms or anything like that.  I've never actually had a YI so I'm not sure what to expect. 


Thoughts?  Advice?  I'm thinking of just calling the midwives in the morning, but wanted to see if anyone had any wisdom.



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I'm sorry your dealing with this so close to the end of your pregnancy! I just had one coming on last week and for the second time was able to get rid of it using coconut oil. What I do is take coconut oil and place about a 1/2 tsp on plastic wrap and mold it into a suppository shape. I make about six or so and then place them in the freezer. Use one every night with a panty liner until things seem normal again. I hope this helps!
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Diluted apple cider vinegar is my go-to. You can pour some into your bath, or what I do is pour about an inch worth into a plastic bottle and fill the rest with water. You can then gently pour this over your 'parts' while sitting in the tub or on the toilet. This works great for me. 

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I would absolutely call your midwives asap. You really, really don't want an active YI when you give birth otherwise your baby can get thrush. When I had a late in the pg YI I took monistat when all the natural cures didn't work.

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I would call your MW asap, you don't want a yeast infection when your give birth, and a yeast infection can cause labour when your body/baby isn't ready.

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Oh  man, yes, treat the crap out of that!  I've birthed a baby while I had a YI (treated it ahead of time but he came immediately afterward, though it didn't start my labor) and I knew *I* was already sensitive to candida, but we ended up dealing with 8 straight months of thrush and have dealt with the consequences of a poorly colonized gut ever since. :(


Coconut oil suppositories might help, and I'd go on a REALLY good probiotic regimen, and raw garlic as well.  I wouldn't hesitate to just go the Monistat route that late in the game, either.

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I had YI with DS late in my pregnancy, too. I heard someone I believe on here talking about using garlic, and I did that. It really worked well. It caused a unique aroma, though. :P

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