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what causes ringing in the ears?

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and what cna be done about it? oldest ds has been complaining more and more about a high-pitched sound/ringing in the ears. somethign to see a doc about? he isn't complaining of pain. anything inexpensive that we can do naturally to make it stop/decrease? right now chiro care isn't an option :(

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Is he taking Tylenol/acetaminophen currently? Enough of it will make my ears ring. 

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When I get a buildup of wax my ears ring. Flushing with a bulb syringe & warm water fixes it. Also, loud music will cause tinnitus.
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Tylenol type products will cause ringing.  I also dealt with/am dealing with ear ringing and partial hearing loss due to a course of antibiotics I took a few months ago.

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Believe it or not, I had tinnitus for years! It went away when I eliminated corn from my diet. I was doing an elimination diet for other health issues, but surprisingly the ringing stopped, too!
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While it doesn't cause tinnitus, caffeine is notorious for exacerbating it.  


Using headphones can exacerbate it as well.


I have terrible ringing in my ears, a veritable symphony of high pitched and low sounds.  Caffeine is the primary irritator for me, though it never goes away.

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