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Trying to relactate after 2 months of not BF

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I am going to attempt breastfeeding again. When my son was born I bf for the first three months. I don't feel like my milk ever fully came in and most of the time he would nurse for just a little bit and then take a bottle. When I pumped,  the bottles were about 1/3 breast milk and 2/3 formula. BF was my first choice but I didn't produce enough to keep him healthy. At three months I got so discouraged that I stopped. Even with a good pump I was only getting 1.5 oz total after 45 min. He would nurse but only for a few min and then get upset because he was so hungry. I feel bad and want to try again.  I can still get some (a few drops) when I express and I started taking  Fenugreek again tonight. I am still on birthcontrol so I can't let him nurse and I can't get off the bc until he is breastfeeding enough to not need it. Any ideas? Is this even possible? I was sooooo stressed out last time from not having enough that I am scared now. I really, really want this to work so any thoughts would be helpful.

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I've been nursing for three months now and only breast milk. Its been hard to feed on demand. The rule is always massage your breast in a circler motion and drink water before every feed. Drinking water as much as you can. If your not working then you really don't need the breast pump because your going to drive yourself nuts. The amount of milk you were pumping was normal. It starts to increase as you continue to breastfeed. The more you breastfeed the more your body produces. 

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Some birth control pills decrease milk supply. Can you use a different form of contraception instead? It would be a good idea to talk to a doctor and see if you need to change your pill to a different type to give you the best chances of breastfeeding. You should also see a lactation consultant (IBCLC) because if there is a problem on baby's end (poor sucking, tongue tie, etc) then that will also hurt your supply. Really the LC would be the best person to help with everything: how to reestablished as good a supply as possible, how to get baby to nurse longer/more often/more efficiently, what birth control options are best, how much fenugreek you need, how/when/if you should pump, etc. She can also keep a close eye on baby's weight to make sure there is growth and enough milk and she can actually measure how much milk baby takes in a nursing session. I pumped exclusively for ten weeks before DD would nurse and we NEVER would have made it if I didn't get support from a wonderful LC.
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Is it safe to let him try to nurse while I am still on the Microgestin? He always latched great and I think he would again, he still turns in to nurse before I get the bottle to him. I have an appt with my OB/GYN in a few days but if I can let him nurse now I would. Any one know? I did find and article that said to take Microgestin with Domperidone for a month then quit the microgestin and start pumping.  I am only getting a few drops when I express so DS wouldn't be getting anything anyway, but the simulation might help?

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I would contact a pharmacist to confirm that. Pharmacist have more knowledge of meds than regular docs do. I know for a fact that birth control affects breast milk because it affected mine with my first child. My milk dried up and i was so disappointed.  Every morning or throughout the day eat oatmeal. Oatmeal is a natural milk producing agent. Also, try mothers love milk plus and importantly a lot a lot of water.

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I would look at the Dr. Newman site for relacation advice. When my supply was low I used fenugreek and domperidone while working with an IBCLC at the local hospital. Pumping and hand expression are not great informers on supply so don't let that cloud what you think your are providing your baby. Have you tried a lactaid or sns? We used an sns so that my son would stay at the breast longer and keep it stimulated.

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I agree that pumping isn't a reliable indicator.  Babies are much more efficient.  My baby is at a great weight and doubled birth weight by 2 months.  But when I pump, even with a good pump, I get less than an ounce after a long session using both breasts.  Also I never leak and haven't been able to self express but I know baby has a good supply based on other factors.

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