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Csection Birth SUPPORT THREAD for Tammy! Information on pain relief/nursing/rest

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This thread is for Tammy who is going to be having a beautiful baby by csection next week. Sometimes life throws us curves and despite all holistic, natural and medical means, her daughter has decided to show the world that she is the boss and prefers to lie transverse! ( we just hope that this rebellion is not going to carry on after the birth... heeeheeee)

So lets support Tammy by offering her some sage wisdom from those of us who have been there and done that for before, during and after her C/B. Plus this will be an excellent thread as a reference for others who may find themselves in this situation.
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Well Tammy, with all my other advice on the other support thread -- I offer this : Allow your family and friends to pamper you. Try not to do to much. Relish in just being in your baby moon with your baby. Take meds as needed, rest when needed, nurse when babe is hungry, and have a good boppy or two for support.

I always make up a basket to carry around with me that is light weight that has diapers, wipes, nursing pads, cream, burp cloths, baby change of clothes, and pad and pencil. This way I didnt have to go all over the place getting this or that. Also I had a list of people that offered to help and I called them, I did this after the second baby andd didnt with the first. I didnt want to impose. But this last time if people offered to do something, I said sure!
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walk, walk, walk!

Walk, walk, walk!
That was the advice given to me from some C-Section buddies of mine and boy were they right! Walking will help recovery go so much faster!
Be careful not to over exurt yourself, however.
I slept on the sofa bed for the first couple of weeks. I had relatives bring me the baby in the first few days, and kept everything I'd need nearby [diapers, wipes, burp cloths, etc...]
I would definately have to say though, WALK as much as you can! C-Section momma's I know had a longer recovery time when they didn't walk as much.
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You are so right! I did walk as much as I could with my last birth. I always "planned" and took pain meds when I knew I would be doing laps in the halls.

The sooner you move the better you will feel even if its awkward and painful at first. And always get help -- don't try to go things alone!
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Thanks for the thread, OTF. I appreciate you thinking of me, and I think you're right that having all the recovery advice collected in one place will make it easier on other mamas in the future.

Oh, and we don't actually know the sex of our baby to be. I've been switching pronouns back and forth so we wouldn't be calling the baby "it" all the time. Lately I've been stuck on "she" because Little Bean is already demonstrating willfullness and obstinance, which are characteristics that I associate with little girls.

I'm happier than ever that we decided not to find out the baby's sex - we may have had to pick our baby's due date, but at least there's one big surprise still waiting for us.
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Thanks all, for the advice on walking. That's the one thing I've heard over and over again, so I will drag myself out of bed as soon as I possibly can and start touring the halls.

I'm wondering what to do when we get home. We live in a two story house. Our bedroom is upstairs. I have chronic insomnia, and really need to sleep in my own bed if I'm going to get anywhere near the amount of rest I'll need. Plus, we're planning to use a co-sleeper that attaches to our bed.

How long until it's okay to do stairs? I was already planning to take at least a several day "lying-in" period with my baby, but if walking right away is going to be so important, I guess I'll just end up pacing the hallway between our bedroom and the nursery.

Any thoughts?
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here's a couple of things that helped me that I wanted to suggest, I wish I had more advice for you..HTH and have a beautiful birth mama!

Have food made ahead & frozen for PP

Be sure someone is able to be around at all times in the days following the birth to help you. Take a nap every day and rest as much as you can. Take your pain meds when you need them.

I found using a stool to get in and out of bed really helpful when I came home.

nursing on my side laying down was the most comfiest, and the football hold.

As everyone else has said, walk,walk,walk as soon after your birth as possible..the sooner you get up the better. Be sure to not sit for long periods of time aftwerwards if you can help it

The birth ball was my *chair* after going home, as all our furniture was hard to sit on (or rather get up off of!)
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Stairs? Well, ummmm, you will definitely be climbing mountains to recovery.
Personally I could get in and out of the bed so I spent a lot of time in a lazyboy. It was easy to get out of and it slept Jack and I well. I am pretty tall so the bed was pretty far from my butt and it was hard for me to roll out. One thing I remembered over and over and your incision will remind you is to use your legs and upper torse and not your mid section to pull youself up and move around

I highly recommend getting sutures instead of staples. I just felt more put together, they make a nicer looking scar and you dont have to worry about getting stables out or them doing funky things to you.
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I am a bit ignorant about caesareans so no advice. Just wishing you a speedy recovery! Good Luck and kiss your baby for me!
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Here is my advise:

1) The doctors don't give you many pain pills when you go home. If you need more demand them and have someone ready to go to pick them up every other day (they only gave me 20 at a time and I took 2 every 4 hours). I took them for 2 weeks - I don't respond well to pain!

2) Have lots of help. Your dh will be tired as well (since he will have to do more). We got lots of help with food, the house cleaning, and my mom watched loved holding the baby while he slept so I could nap.

3) Take stool softners at the hospital and until you have a BM. It will help. The first BM after birth is so not fun!

4) I did everything I was suppose to and still got infected. If I had it to do over I would make sure they gave me antibiotics during the section (in the IV).

5) Don't feel bad if you have a hard time like I did. Everyone responds differently to pain and meds. Just get lots of help and know that it does get better. Recovery took me 3 weeks because of the infection but I we all got through it fine!

Good luck! Let us know how it goes.


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Its hard living in a two story house...
When i was in one with my first i had a cooler upstairs with treats and stuff and drinks...

ITA make sure you have enough pain pills...everyone responds differently...with my first i took mine for months becuase i had infections and the same with my second...
i hope everything goes smoothly
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Originally posted by Dawnalex
Its hard living in a two story house...
When i was in one with my first i had a cooler upstairs with treats and stuff and drinks...
The cooler idea had already crossed my mind. My stepmom will be coming to stay with us right when we come home, so between her and DH, I'll have lots of help in the early days. I figure we'll put the baby monitor into early service, since that will let me communicate with people downstairs without getting out of bed or shouting!
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HI Tammy.

I just had a c/b 12 days ago. I also live in a 2 story house. Could you possibly get one of those sm. refrigerators--they're about $70--and stock it with water and juice so you don't have to go up and down? I know I got sick of asking dh for things continually. But some things that helped have been...

a fruit tray and a veggie tray in the refrigerator so there are always cut up snacks. Dh would just bring me the tray to nosh on and take it away when I finished.

Hopefully you have a bathroom upstairs. Make yourself drink a lot. Not only does it keep you hydrated, it will force you to keep getting out of bed. (IMO, the hardest part is learning to get up w/out using your stomach muscles.)

Walk-but try to limit the # of times you go up/down the stairs. I think the first couple of days I went up/down maybe 3 times a day. Now it's about 10. The stairs were really hard on me, but see how you feel about them after the first or second day. They may not bother you.

a rocker. Again I don't know the layout of your house, but the glider or rocker was my best friend while trying to soothe my little guy, and comfy to sit up in.

Above all, don't do too much too soon. Let people help you. Definitely wait until the 2nd or even 3rd wk. to start picking up the house...let someone else do that stuff. The more energy you conserve, the more you'll have for your wee one Take a walk outside if you have a good sling, and someone to go with you. I've been getting pretty punch drunk with cabin fever lately.

I wish you LOTS of luck and a speedy recovery. Can't wait to see your birth story!

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Originally posted by TexasSuz

4) I did everything I was suppose to and still got infected. If I had it to do over I would make sure they gave me antibiotics during the section (in the IV).
Tammy - I did not have a c-section but I did not have the birth (or 10 days following) I had hoped for because my dd was born at 34 weeks. Anyway, regarding antibiotics -- yes, you don't want an infection, but watch out for thrush. Have some probiotics on hand and try to go light on the sugars and carbs right after birth to keep the yeast at bay if they give you abx.

Good luck with your new little one!

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I'll further ditto the walk as soon as you can . It makes all the difference in the world and I know I felt so much better and a bit more "human" being able to walk around and go to the washroom, ect... I think putting real clothes on as soon as I could made me feel better in the hospital. I just wore an old t-shirt and shorts, but it felt good.

When you're home, don't feel bad about taking it easy! I tried to be superwoman because I felt so great and did so much all at once when I got home, but really, I should of been just nestling in, enjoying the first days. If I had of known my son was going to be the type never to sleep, I would of, lol! Oh, and cosleeping is the best! (I can't remember if you're planning to or not) That way there's less getting up. This time I have the crib side car'd to the bed for ease and extra space since our bed isn't big enough for all of us.

Keep a basket handy to where you are of things you'll need; extra water, nursing pads, extra diapers, tissues, washcloths, ect... I also liked having lots of pillows around. I didn't care much for the boppy as it irritated me too much, but lots of people do like them. The football hold is really good for nursing when sitting and I used it for quite a while. Of course laying down to nurse is nice too. I still prefer to nurse my son that way as it's restful.

I ditto having meals ready and frozen. Also if people offer help, take it! I was embarassed about it at first, but after a while, it was nice when someone came and did dishes or straightened up for us.

We have a split level house, so I too had to deal with stairs. Just take your time on them when you need to use them and hold on if you need to. I know it probably wasn't pretty watching me go up and down stairs, but I didn't care!

ok, those were pretty scattered thoughts and not a whole lot new. I think the most important is to think positive!! It's a beautiful thing to give birth no matter how the baby comes out. If you're flowing with positive energy, things will go so much better. Best wishes!!!!
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Tammy, I have no c-birth experiece, but I just wanted to wish you a magical, powerful, beautiful birthing experience...

You Go Mama!
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I also agree -- walk, walk, walk! I did stairs as soon as I got home from the hosp., but I took them 1 very slow step at a time and I did not carry ds up/down until I felt sure on my feet. My first 2-3 days home I only went up/down once/day, but after that, I felt well enough to do them multiple times. (I have an 80 year old 2-story house with steep steps, so I understand your concern!) I like the fridge idea ... I just couldn't stand being captive in my bedroom, so I came down when I felt like it and napped on our very comfy sofa.

Bf ASAP. I had a horrible time in the hosp. and wasn't allowed to bf (or see/hold) my ds for over 4 hours. Do everything in your power now to make your wishes known. We had a really hard time establishing a bfing relationship. Be prepared ... sometimes 1st time mammas w/ c/b's don't have milk come in for 5-6 days (me among them -- ds was born on Monday night -- my milk came in on Saturday night). Have an idea in your mind how you will handle this if your dc has problems due to this (supplement, donated bm, sugar water, etc.).

I tried nursing laying on my side, but that was a very painful position for me until about 6 weeks pp. Use the co-sleeper to pull yourself up to sitting if need be and have lots of pillows handy. Football hold is key. I found that sleeping on my back with a pillow under my knees was the most comfy.

Take your pain meds. as you need them. This is not a time to try to be heroic. If you are in pain, you will not be in optimal condition to care for and bf your baby. And don't lift anything heavier than the baby.

Take the stool softeners and gas pills. Trust me. You might want to have some gas pills on hand at home, too, as I had gas for weeks. And I took home my leftover stool softeners and used one or two while home.

Get as much help as you can and don't be shy about asking for help when you need it! You won't be able to do laundry or vaccum, or do many other cleaning things for quite awhile. Get your dh up to speed (if he isn't already) and let others help you as much as possible. Let people cook for you and/or bring you meals.

As for hosp. bag ... I had packed for what I thought was going to be a v/b. In retrospect, this is what I found I used the most following my c/b: if you have to share a room, you might want eye shades and a walkman to block out your roommate's noise and light; your own toiletries and at least your own nightgown will make you feel better; slippers (they give you some in the hospital, but I liked my own better); if you bring your own clothes/jammies, bring at least one set for each day/night you'll be there -- I have never sweat as much as I sweated those first 3 nights pp (sorry if tmi!); granny panties (although I also liked the mesh ones from the hosp.); loose clothing to go home in (maternity pants work great -- you won't want anything rubbing against your incision); nutritious snacks -- I was constantly hungry -- I ate whatever I wanted starting about 12 hours after surgery with no ill effects; a phone card (you can't use cell phones in the hosp.) and a list of everyone you need to call with numbers (actually, I had my mom do a lot of calling for me); and your own pillow.

I think you asked on the other thread about hep. B -- my ds is 5 mos. and still hasn't received a dose. Not a biggee unless your dc has problems, then you might want to consider it. DS did received Vit. K and the eye ointment, basically b/c I was too tired to argue about it.

HTH! Good luck and post when you can!
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See if there is a lactation consultant in the hospital and ask for help mastering the side lying position. That way, when you get home you can bf w/o sitting up. And rest - get folks to do stuff for you- you deserve the time to heal.
Best of luck and let us know how it goes.
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ditto all the advice to walk! BUT (and it's a big BUT) don't overdo things. DON'T climb stairs for at least the first week, if not two weeks. Don't pick up anything heavier than baby. Really. Abdominal surgery carries a high risk of adhesions, which for me were very painful. Doing too much too soon increases your odds of getting adhesions.
Follow your doc's advice.

Have a small pillow to clutch to your belly. Makes it much easier to get up from a seated position, and the pressure helps with the pain. Definitely have a belly pillow for the ride home - IME car rides are really painful after surgery.

Here's a list of post-lap suggestions from an online endo support group I frequent, most of which also apply after c-section (I've edited out stuff that doesn't apply at all):

1) Bring a pillow with you. Their pillows will suck so while you're lying there waiting, it will make you comfy. Then, on the way home, you can hug it to your tummy when you go over bumps in the road. Later, you can hug it when you have to laugh or cough.

2) Ask for the anti-nausea medication in your IV. I always hurl during recovery, but this means I only hurl a couple of times (and "normal" people won't at all).

3) Bring your own maxi pads. They will give you pads, but they will be the grandma kind that require a belt! Bring pads you like and have a box at home--you'll need them, not just pantiliners. Don't be surprised to have heavy bleeding for a while, and spotting for a few days. I bled for 2 weeks and then got a light AF -- but the blood should turn brown after a while.

4) Ask if they want you to give yourself an enema the night before. They told me to pick up the basic $2.00 kind in the store and do it the night before -- that way I didn't have to poo the first day or two at home, which meant I didn't have to strain too hard, always a plus!

5) Don't be surprised to find they partially shaved you. It will look weird, but it happens...

6) Bring comfy socks!!!

7) Ask your DH to get the post-op instructions from your nurse/dr. You may be too out of it to remember everything (or anything).

8) Get the dr. to talk to your DH after the operation, or plan to call her in a day or two to find out what happened. I know my dr. talked to me right after, but I swear she was speaking a foreign language...

9) Lay in a stock of comfort food (pudding, mashed potatoes, chicken soup, just easy to digest and eat stuff) and entertainment (magazines, videos). Plan on lying around and vegging for at least two days.

10) However--it will help if you get up and walk some, as that will get that gas pain moving out. Just don't plan on doing anything strenous, not even laundry. Be good to yourself!

11) Ask DH to understand if you get weepy or weird--it takes a while for the anesthesia to get out of your system and it can make you emotional. Plus, you just went through major surgery, even if they did send you home right away!

12) Wear a loose dress to the surgery -- even sweats will be too tight around your tummy right afterwards. You'll be pretty bloated and tender for at least a week, maybe more.

edited to add - since they give you abx, try to lay off sweets and dairy for a while to avoid thrush/candida/yeast problems.
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stafl's post reminded me...if you're "fluffy" you might have more luck bringing your own maternity panties. Those mesh ones dug into my sides and it did not make me feel good. Luckily I had some granny maternity panties in my bag, so I wore those the whole time we were in the hospital.

DITTO on the bf advice. I didn't bf right away, and not nearly enough when in the hospital, and by the time I got home, our son was dehydrated and lethargic. We spent one very scary night wondering if he was going to make it and what we were doing wrong...my milk didn't come in until the 9th day. So bf every chance you get!

p.s. don't forget to have someone take a picture in the OR once your baby is out...it's still a cute pic, even if it's a c/b!

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