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low PAPP-A

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Hi all, I had my 12-week ultrasound today and everything looked good (yay!). amazing to see the little one moving around in there. the only thing was that my PAPP-A measurement came back low and the dr mentioned that it could lead to slower growth of the fetus but that in fact the lower measurements are more common in diabetics and probably would not be an issue at all. i'm choosing not to worry about it since the dr didn't seem worried and because i don't think i can do anything about it anyway - i asked if it was diet related, or related to low blood sugar (i've been having some lows lately and am working on correcting my insulin doses) but she said no. she will schedule me for extra growth ultrasounds though. anyone have any experience with this?? she said my risk for Down's is very low but I am more worried about the fetal growth issue. thanks ladies ... xoxo to all
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Hi there,


I had low papp-a with my previous pregnancy... and actually a false positive result for down syndrome as well. I did end up having early dilation and was put on bed rest with her which the low papp-a could have been predictive of.

With this pregnancy (Due May 23rd) I just got flagged for low papp-a again as well as another positive screening for down syndrome. I think some people just have funky lab results...


Depending on how low your papp-a is, I would see if you could schedule a level II ultrasound to look at placental function in the second trimester. Also- "Fruit of the Woumb" Health board run my Dr. Kenneth Trofatter is an excellent source of low papp-a information.  

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Thanks so much for sharing your experience, jeliphish. I know that they have me scheduled for monthly ultrasounds, because of the diabetes and now, I imagine, because of the papp-a level. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and trying to listen to my body. I will definitely check out the board - I really appreciate it!


Thanks again and all the best for your pregnancy - keep us posted!

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Hi Everyone, Im new to the group, have a EDD 23rd May and had my 12 week NT scan two days ago.  The ultrasound was perfect and I felt so good after seeing our little bean jumping around in there.  Then the doctor phones me later that evening to advise that my ultrasound delivered 1 in 500 chances (low) but coupled with my bloods, I have now been elevated to high!!  1 in 230!  Needless to say I feel confused and anxious.  DH and I have decided to do any tests that was recommended by the doc - and we are now preparing for an amnio in 3 weeks time.  I declined the CVS based on its higher risk, and the fact that I felt I was rushing my decision to have it (given only 24hrs to decide).  So I passed on that and have accepted the amnio. 


Its been really comforting reading these forums about low PAPP-A bringing the house down, and often falsely.  So many women (and I have also noticed a proportion of PCOS like myself) have had this result skew everything. 


Leaves me confused and anxious.  Trying to stay positive!! 

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Stay positive Ladydi! and thanks for sharing your experience. GOod luck with the amnio, keep us posted!

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Hi Everyone, had my amnio on Wednesday and the FISH results were back by Thursday night! Very pleased to report that all was fine. My high risk was Downs and that test result was conclusive that there was no Downs, full results back in two weeks. Major relief. Hope this low PAPPA doesn't come back to bite me any other way but will keep DDC posted.

Now I'm tempted to know the sex! DH not in approval so will need to keep working on him. smile.gif)

Hope you're all going well
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