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chamomile tea and breastfeeding

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recently, I saw a post by someone that said chamomile tea could decrease milk supply.  I have never heard this from anyone including Susan Weed and Aviva Romm.  I am an herbalist... could someone tell me why this would be?  What are the physical reasons, or the chemical constituents that would create this problem.  Thanks.

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Hi Lovely Mothering Readers!


This is Aviva Romm here. For those of you who don't know me, I am homebirth midwife x 25+ years, an award winning herbalist and author, and a Yale trained medical doc. Oh, and most important: A mom to 4 now grown homeborn, homeschooled kiddos. I've known Mothering Magazine since it was a baby!


Chamomile: totally safe during breastfeeding and in fact, traditionally used to help momma relax, which is great for let-down. No specific breast-milk building qualities. Even up to several cups/day as a tea is fine, and it can be used in tincture form for tension, anxiety, IBS, and sleep problems.


Wishing you abundant health!

Aviva Romm, MD

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