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What alerted you, if anything, that you may be carrying twins or more?

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Just curious if any of you suspected you were pregnant with twins or multiples before your U/S confirmed it. This is my 3rd pregnancy and I feel I may be pregnant with twins. Am I crazy?
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I have felt sure it was twins TWICE before. I dont know why except that I showed early (due to bloat i guess?) but it was my 4th and 5th babies that I felt was twins. This time I felt sure it was just one baby...never had the thought that it might be twins...that was until now with my uterus growing to be huge. Obviously as stated in the other post I dont know yet....but I had NO instant thoughts about twins until a bit later. Whereas before I felt it right away and was wrong. My instant intuition is obviously wrong lol.

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Thanks Martha! I cat wait to hear what your US results are. When is it?
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I dont even have it scheduled yet. LOL. Waiting on a note back from my midwife. :)

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Update when you find out the date! I will mark it on my calendar. Lol!
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Early on, exhaustion so bad I thought I had mono.  Sleeping 13 hours and waking up too tired to get out of bed.  


Also, a vivid dream I had about someone opening up my uterus like an oven door and pulling out a baby too early, then pulling out a second.  The interesting things about this:  I not only had twins, in the end they were born very premature.  However, in my dream the second baby was a girl.  I felt so sure I was having a girl that I bought some dresses.  But I had two boys.  ???


Throughout, craving milk like a person who hasn't drunk in 3 days craves water.


By five months, looking like I was eight months pregnant.

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Vocal minority... Thanks for sharing! It's crazy you mentioned your dream. The other night I had a dream... I was at my sonogram apt and as soon as the tech started the ultrasound BAM twins on the screen. Then it switched to me lying in my bed feeling my stomach and I felt something coming out between my legs. It was one of the babies and I started freaking out cause I knew it was too early but I reached down to touch and next thing I know a perfectly healthy baby was on my cheast rooting to nurse. But the other one stayed in there. It all felt so real.

I have been extremely tired. I can't handle doing too much during the day at all and I want to sleep all the time.

A few things this pregnancy that I haven't experienced with my last two is excessive hunger, excessive nausea and vomiting and my nipples hurt so bad I can't stand it sometimes. I never had breast pain with my son or daughters pregnancies.

Thanks again for sharing! redface.gif
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The first unusual signs that had me suspecting...at eight weeks, I could already palpate my uterus, which typically isn't palpable until at least 10 weeks.  At 9 weeks, acquaintances in several different instances were asking if I was pregnant again.  I was also experiencing intense supine hypotension, which I had never had even full term with any of my other pregnancies.  But most of all, I began feeling distinct movement at 12 weeks, with one jab on my lower right hip area and the other way up on the top left of my tummy.  Knowing the size of a 12 week babe and the short little cord, and the 19 cm size of my uterus, it was just impossible for one little bean to move like that.  Sure enough...

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I suspected it last time, and I wasnt. This time, it hadnt even crossed my mind as a possibility and Im carrying two. No earlier pregnancy test, no different symptoms. I was super exhausted, and I could feel my uterus way way early, but other than that, I'd have not had a clue. (I had a super early us and thats how we knew)

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a belly pooch at 6 weeks, voraciously hungry, and tested dark positive early with a high beta!

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I didn't suspect a thing. Actually, we kept getting double yokes in our eggs that summer I was pregnant -- both my husband and I -- and joking about how it totally meant that it was twins. But we didn't really think that. Went in for a regular ultrasound which is done here in Sweden in otherwise unremarkable pregnancies sometime between week 18-20 and that's when we found out about spontaneous, two-egg triplets (released two eggs, one split). 

In hindsight, after having a symptom-free pregnancy with my dd1, I might have been clued in by the nausea -- it was manageable, but still there -- and the enormous appetite. But I just figured that maybe it was a boy this time and I was reacting differently to the male hormones. 

I am so in awe of women who have dreams for feelings about these things. I'm more like Martha83, no women's intuition whatsoever. But I'm trying to train it up! It will be so interesting to find out if it is twins for you two, Tracie and Martha :)

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In the beginning, everyone was convincing me that it was twins because I was showing early. At my 16 wk appointment, I wasn't measuring bigger so I laid the idea to rest. Yesterday was my 20wk appointment and I was measuring 5cm ahead. Then we got the u/s to confirm it. But nothing about my pregnancy made me think twins. This has been a lot easier than my first pregnancy.

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Thanks for sharing everyone! I'll know on Tuesday. My apt is at 1:30 MST so I'll be sure to update you all as soon as I know.
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I have twins and triplets and 4 singletons. I would never had suspected twins until at least 18+ weeks. I have been sicker, bigger and more exhausted with one baby than 3. 


Oh, and I never measured bigger until the second trimester. Two grains of rice (or skittles, or even grapes) arent going to make your uterus measure very much bigger than one. Its when there is two oranges and soccer ball sized babies that I was way bigger. :)

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I had really wanted twins with my first pregnancy but when she got bigger I was sooo thankful for only one in there! Then we got pregnant again and we kept saying the whole time "one healthy baby... no multiples" even on the way to the ultrasound. And of course it was twins. No other symptoms that would have made me even think twins and the whole pregnancy was about as easy as my singleton just a bit bigger toward the end.

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anxious to hear how your ultrasound goes today! :)

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I didn't really suspect, but looking back a lot of things make better sense now. This is my second pregnancy, so I assumed that my showing earlier, larger uterus earlier, symptoms earlier, etc. were just because it was a second pregnancy, but now yeah maybe because of the twins too. I was actually less hungry this time until recently than my first pregnancy now it is the same as last time which is hungry every 30 minutes basically, so that wasn't one for me. So yeah, even though twins run in the family, it was quite a surprise!
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Hey all! I had my ultrasound and the tech said just one. My uterus is tilted which explains why I can palpate it earlier than you should and the extra hormones causing exaggerated symptoms? I have a "pregnancy cyst" (Sorry, I forgot the technical term) on each overy. They're very common during pregnancy and help with hormonal support for the baby throughout the pregnancy, but most women who get them only have one, I have one on each side. Lol! So thats my update! I'm extremely happy I have a healthy babe in there. Thanks for sharing everyone! smile.gif

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Glad to hear there is a healthy baby in there! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy, Traci!

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Nothing!   In hindsight, it sure explained why I was walking around sporting a baby pooch at 5 weeks and having symptoms on overdrive.  Surprise, triplets!

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